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In this section you'll find the links to two FB groups runs by me.
The first one is called "True Metalheads de Roma" and, as suggested by its name (" Roma" means "...of Rome" in Roman dialect), it is about the metal scene of Rome and of its suburbs. I founded this group in October 2014 with the aim to create unity between the Roman metalheads, supporting our local scene and also going to the local gigs. These ones, in practice, are even occasions to meet us all together in a single time with the possible consequence that the gigs become big parties between friends in the sign of the metal music!
Obviously, feel free to subscribe to it if you would like to know the Roman metal scene, and the link to reach it is the following:

Instead, if you are into bands such as Blasphemy, Bestial Warlust, Revenge, Diocletian, Beherit and similar crazy demons, then I think that a group simply named "Bestial Black/Death Metal" is fit for you!
The purpose of this group is self-explanatory and I created it in June of 2012 because bestial black/death metal was and still is my favorite metal genre! So, if you want to keep yourself updated on the International bestial black/death metal scene, the only thing you can do is to subscribe to this group, whose link is this one:

Both the groups are quite active, especially "True Metalheads de Roma"... but they need to be even more active with new subscriptions, like yours! So, JOIN US!!!

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