Partners in Crime

In this section there are the labels and also the agencies that have a collaboration relationship with Timpani allo Spiedo 'zine. In fact, they send regularly me their releases also in physical formats, and that's why you can find on these pages many reviews of albums coming from these labels/agencies. Plus, it's nice noticing that the collaboration with some of them is very longtime, like in the case of Art Gates Records, while is very younger with other ones. Let's take a look:

Art Gates Records (Spain) - various metal genres, also the most extreme ones
Godz of War Productions (Poland) - black/death metal
Mythrone Promotion (Poland) - thrash/death metal/grindcore
Satanath Records (Russia) - extreme metal
THC DIY Productions (Italy) - hardcore punk
Anubi Press (Italy) - extreme metal
Imperative PR (UK) - extreme metal but especially brutal death metal
Qabar Extreme Music PR (Bangladesh) - extreme metal/hardcore punk
Suspicious Activities PR (USA) - extreme metal
Sentient Ruin Laboratories (USA) - black/death metal/experimental
La Caverna Records (Colombia) - death metal
Selfmadegod Records (Poland) - death metal/grindcore
Moribund Records (USA) - black metal
Ex Nihilo Music (Canada/Chile) - black/death metal
Rockshots Records (Italy) - various metal genres
Dusktone (Italy) - black metal
Witching Hour Productions (Poland) - black/death metal (still no reviews)
VladPromotion (Poland) - heavy/thrash metal
Frantic Mule (Italy) - various metal genres, also the most extreme ones
Lavadome Productions (Czech Republic) - death metal
Insane Voices Labyrinth (Italy) - metal webzine

If you would like to add your label/PR agency in this list, please go to the "Webzine history & Contacts" in order to contact me, so also you can be a partner in crime with Timpani allo Spiedo!!!

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