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Black Blood Invocation - "Black Blood Invocation" (Vonfrost Records/Deathrune Records, 2017)

Band: Black Blood Invocation
Title: Black Blood Invocation
Genre: Occult Black/Death Metal with Bestial influences
Year: 11th Februaru 2017 (Vonfrost Records)
          16th June 2017 (Deathrune Records)
Time: 18 min
Rating: 71/100

After the black/speed metal machine Terr√∂rhammer, today I'll review another Deathrune Records release. In fact, I'll talk you about the debut demo of Black Blood Invocation, two beasts called Xexanoth and Nyogtha (this one is very active in another acts like Cult of Eibon) that were united in 2014 directly from the infernal sewers of Greece. Precisely, their demo was originally released on the evergreen tape format under the blasphemous auspices of the young and prolific Canadian label Vonfrost Rec, and then reissued on CD format by, indeed, Deathrune Rec.

If you like the most obscure extreme metal, then this demo is just made for you! In fact, after the intro "Impious Liturgies to Baal", you have to expect a raw black/death metal with a very fuckin' dark and ritualistic atmosphere, exemplified at its best in the closing track "Baphometical Prayers", whose final moments, connected with its first ones in according to a circular scheme, are characterized by a doomish tempo with malign keyboards and whisperers. In addition, this atmosphere is increased a lot by deep growls that seem to come straight from the pits of Hell.

But, to say the truth, this demo is also made for the maniacs who love until audial torture the bestial black/death metal √† la Blasphemy, as listenable here and there and, as you know, I like a lot these bestial outbursts! Despite this relevant influence, the music of the band isn't so violent and noisy because, for example, the guitar solos, fundamental for the bestial war metal, are here completely absent while the various songs follow an obsessive structure with the result to repeat often a same solution/riff more than the usual, in a similar way very close, in my opinion, to the early Embrace of Thorns, another fantastic Greek band. But it's also true that the 3 songs (each of them lasts always around the 5 minutes) of the demo are mostly fast (the real blast-beats are few, anyway) with some occult doomish tempos, so also the fans of violence will be satisfied.
Said all this, the debut demo of Black Blood Invocation is very good to combine the occult side of black/death metal with its bestial side. I have to say that the main riff of the songs tend curiously to be similar but this isn't a great problem also because everything here is made to give to the listeners a tangible evil atmosphere. In brief, Black Blood Invocation are perfect for who adore different bands like, to say the least, Blasphemy, Embrace of Thorns, Rotting Christ or Harvest Gulgaltha. Meanwhile, let your souls be possessed also by "Atavistic Offerings to the Sabbatic Goat", the new EP of this promising Greek band, released on tape only 2 months ago by the Swedish label Helter Skelter Prod..


1 - Impious Liturgies to Baal (Intro)
2 - Black Blood Invocation
3 - Ceremonial Worship of an Ancient God
4 - Baphometical Prayers


Xexanoth - vocals
Nyogtha - guitars/bass/vocals

Vonfrost Records:
Deathrune Records:

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