Thursday, October 15, 2020

Come on, burn my ears! #11

Hey brutal bangers,
it's incredible but "Come on, burn my ears!" celebrate just today its first anniversary! In fact, its first episode was exactly released on 7th October 2019. I remember that I was very excited when I opened this playlist not only because it was a totally new thing for the 'zine but also because, with it, I offered for the first time a "sonic" way to promote the bands reviewed, so to let the readers to listen to them in a row. And now "Come on, burn my ears!" has arrived at its 11th appointment, beyond every expectation of mine!
No other words are necessary, so let's discover already the tracks and the bands featured in this playlist, that is the following:

1) Milksnake - "R U Ready"
2) Intoxicated - "Walled"
3) Ad Vitam Infernal - "Rise! Our Souls..."
4) Moonshade - "Eventide"
5) Exit - "The Power, the Hate, the Greed"
6) Netherblade - "Reborn"
7) Kommando Baphomet - "Necrology"
8) Zora - "Social Fakework"
9) Steinbock - "Whole Lotta Rosie" (Ac/Dc cover)
10) Cultum Interitum - "Funeral Womb"
11) Citizen Rage - "Silent Army"
12) Sadistic Drive - "Neurosyphilitic Lunacy"
13) Poison Wind - "Branch Covidians"
14) Lined - "Devil"
15) Thrasherwolf - "The Vortex"
16) Galera - "Boia"
17) Gruzja - "800 ZŁ"
18) Culto del Cargo - "Massa contro il muro"
19) Doomraiser - "Chimera"
20) Beast Within the Sound - "Resistance"

Playlist YouTube's link:

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