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Gruzja - "I iść dalej" (Godz ov War Productions, 2019)

Band: Gruzja
Title: I iść dalej
Genre: Experimental Black Metal
Time: 28.49 min
Release Date: 27th February 2019
Vote: 90/100

There is a band in Poland that made the promotional video for a song taken from their first album, and the absurdity is that that video is very fukken strange because it's full of amateurish porno footage! Simply thanks to this detail, you can already understand how much these Gruzja are bizzarre... but you have not seen anything yet! So, welcome to this review about "I iść dalej", the first album by Gruzja, that was released in early 2019 by Godz ov War Productions, a label able to support not only traditional extreme bands but also some stuff in the sign of the total madness. And believe me that Gruzja, whose main singer wear on stage a suit and tie but with an iron cross in the forehead, surely belongs to the "total madness" category!

Now, there is need to say that the tracklist of "I iść dalej" is incredibly various beyond every imagination, and it becomes slower, sicker and more experimental song after song. Another feature that characterizes structurally the album is that its odd-numbered songs are usually the faster ones while the even-numbered tracks are slower. And if all this wasn't enough, the final song is totally different, in terms of musical genre, from the rest of the tracks. What do you say now? Did I put a lot of curiosity in your mind?

Yes or not, you have to know that the opening song "Gruzini" "deceives", in a certain sense, the listeners by crushing them through a brutal black metal à la Marduk with vaguely thrash metal influences here and there but, after two minutes of complete assault, it becomes a single-riff, obsessive and moderately slow tempo. A similar structure is about the second odd-numbered song, "Opuść mnie" (below you can watch its obscene promo video!), whose slower part is a mid-tempo with dissonant tunes thanks to a second guitar. Instead, the third odd-numbered song, "Jego głos", doesn't presents stormy blast-beats nor a slower side but only a raw and fast attack closer to Hellhammer.

As about the even-numbered songs, the first of them is "Moja Ratyzbona", a severe and heavy track showing two important things about the Gruzja's sound: a great versatility, in terms of vocals, since they range from the usual urticant screams of the main singer to bestial growls, and without forgetting some clean vocals (that are more frequent in the slow songs than in the faster ones), which here have a somehow epic flavour; and the inclusion by Gruzja of little but strange details as abrupt spoken female voices, like in this case. With the second even-numbered song, "Manam", the album starts definitely to be really crazy because this track has a doomish approach with whispering vocals, more atmospheric parts, and "drunken" riffs played with the tremolo arm while the two final minutes of "Manam" are more melodic and powerful but presenting a sort of noise in the background, a detail that makes surely more interesting and deep this song. And the 6th number is called "Ilu nas było?", that extremizes "Manam" in some ways since it's so doomish, psychedelichaunting and disturbing also thanks to very particular clean vocals. Fuck, usually I prefer the fast songs but, in this case, I have to do an exception because "Ilu nas było?" is my favorite song of the album!
But what's about the final song? It is just the titletrack and is an absurd instrumental made of techno/industrial (or whatever is the precise genre) sounds. Listening to an album that starts ultra-violent and ends in a totally unpredictable way through a different genre, well, is really fuckin' estranging!

After all these bullshits, my conclusion is clear as the sun: Gruzja are so bizzarre and creative to offer a recognizable and original sound. And the nicer thing is that, even though the songs of this debut album are very different, Gruzja creates never a mess because they sounds always homogeneous, in a way or another. This because their kind of experimental black metal, be it violent or atmospheric, majestic or dissonant, is gloomy and demented in every case, also thanks to an expressive and peculiar vocal department... but it's so peculiar that it seem that Gruzja have even 4 different singers into the line-up! But now I've had enough of all these fukken compliments since "I iść dalej" is only a debut album. And also since I would like to know if the unpronunceable "Jeszcze nie mamy na was pomysłu", the Gruzja's second album released always this year by Godz ov War Productions, is even better than the first one!


1 - Gruzini
2 - Moja Ratyzbona
3 - Opuść mnie
4 - Manam
5 - Jego głos
6 - Ilu nas było?
7 - I iść dalej


Limbo - vocals
Stawrogin - vocals
PR - vocals
Dominik - vocals
Artur Rumiński - guitars
Bartosz Lichołap - drums

Godz ov War Productions:

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