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Sabotage - "The Order of Genocide" (Self-released, 2019)

Band: Sabotage
Title: The Order of Genocide
Genre: Thrash Metal
Time: 16.31 min
Release Date: 3rd August 2019
Vote: 72/100

Ultimately India is shocking the metal world underground with unhuman bands such as Tetragammacide and Kapala, that have a lot of fun by raping the listeners' ears with a noisy and very particular way to intend the bestial black/death metal. But, in according to what the Bengal agency Qabar Extreme Music is sending me in these times, India is able to offer also something more than that lethal black noise. This is confirmed by post-hardcore acts like Death by Fungi and Pacifist (that will be reviewed in the next days to come) but also by a thrash metal band named Sabotage, that are very young since they were founded only in 2017 but their "The Order of Genocide" EP shows a great self-confidence. So, let's go today to discover the Indian thrash metal movement!

The titletrack, that opens the hostilities, is very useful to know already the Sabotage's style. The song starts through a slow and gloomy intro opened by an acoustic guitar and, then, this quintet attacks the listeners with an aggressive and intense Bay Area thrash metal devoted to the old masters of the genre, with the angry but quite clean vocals of Anund Mulgund that reminds me a lot of the vocal style of Phil Rind from Sacred Reich. After a while, here comes a fantastic guitar solo that, played as always by the lead guitarist Yash Pujari, shows some oriental melodies, and I think that this is a good way to make personal enough a classic thrash metal which, without them, could be a bit anonymous. So, judging by the titletrack, the EP must be good throughout its duration. And that's it!

In fact, the rest of the songs follows the formula expressed by the titletrack but each of them have their own personality, so Sabotage know perfectly how to make interesting their music until the end of the EP. In this sense, I have to mention "Failed is the Law", that contains a solid breakdown with more modern tunes. Instead, "Bloodthirst" is very Metallica-influenced and features engaging groovy mid-tempos, more melodic vocal lines and, especially, an endless guitar solos with a great melodic taste at a fast pace, that close the song with the fireworks. But, for me, the last song, "Public Enemy", is the better episode of the EP because it is alternated between scrapping breakdowns and demented outbursts of raging violence (surely the faster ones in the entire list!) à la Nuclear Assault. In addition, after a solo, the song is closed by a fading, very heavy breakdown that's totally perfect to slam into the pit!
After two singles released in 2018, Sabotage (that's also the name of a historic heavy metal band from my country, Italy) did very well to self-release this "The Order of Genocide" because it was finally time for them to unleash their fury and their skills in a more consistent production. So, the result of these efforts gave life to an EP showing a good old-school thrash metal able to be very aggressive and melodic, in according to the different situations, but with some interesting features like the oriental guitar solos, and without forgetting the socio-political lyrics that sometimes (like in "Public Enemy") deals with Indian issues, so Sabotage personalizes their style also in this way. And another important feature comes from the fact that Sabotage sounds so intense to bring to me the will to mosh again and again, and this is very fukken good for a band of this kind! So, thrash maniacs, it's time to dig the Indian thrash metal!


1 - The Order of Genocide
2 - Failed is the Law
3 - Bloodthirst
4 - Public Enemy


Anund Mulgund - vocals
Cyril John Thomas - rhythm guitars
Yash Pujary - lead guitars
Rahul Bhatt - bass
Malhar Banushali - drums

Qabar Extreme Music:

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