Monday, October 7, 2019

Come on, burn my ears! #1

Hey brutalbangers,
finally today I decided to give life to "Come on, burn my ears!", the playlist of Timpani allo Spiedo 'zine!
I don't know if the playlist will be on a monthly basis or something else but, anyway, its first episode, that you can play at the right of the blog, features 20 tracks per 20 different bands.
I tried to create a playlist various as far as possible, since it ranges from the most violent black metal to more doom metal-oriented styles, from melodic death metal to grindcore, and without forgetting a little of hardcore punk and related genres.
Of the bands, most of them were already featured here by reviews and/or by news while only the Polish black/thrash metal horde Warfist is new on these pages but the review of their third album, that I received in physical format from Godz ov War Productions, is surely on the horizon.
You'll find many bands coming from my country, Italy, but, obviously, also some acts from around the world have their own good space.
Said all this shit, the first playlist features the following bands, in according to their exact order:

1) Cripple Bastards - "Non coinvolto"
2) Sepolcro - "Amorphous Mass"
3) Pandemic - "Deaf Nite"
4) All My Sins - "Vetrovo kolo"
5) Kalt Vindur - "Fiery Storm" (W dolinie śmerci)"
6) Fankàz - "Break Your Chains"
7) Last Rites - "Jukai"
8) Shockproof - "Human Breed"
9) Bloodsoaked Necrovoid - "Quintessence of the Colossal Cosmic Entity"
10) Warfist - "Death by the Cleansing Fire"
11) Definite - "In This Place"
12) Wolfsblood - "Serpents of Our Lives"
13) Sumera - "New Pope No Hope"
14) Anifernyen - "Eldritch Moon"
15) Black Therapy - "Dreaming"
16) No More Lies - "Amici non ne ho"
17) Malauriu - "Behold the Damnation"
18) Nifrost - "Varden"
19) Split/Cross - "Rat Cult"
20) Thecodontion - "Erythrosuchidae (Vermillion Digigrade)"

Playlist YouTube's link:


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