Saturday, October 5, 2019

Night Gaunt: very first line-up changes since the foundation!

Hey brutalbangers,
today I must give you a sad news regarding Night Gaunt that, throughout the years, are become one of the best Italian doom metal bands of these last times, also because, for example, they toured in the UK and shared the stage with bands such as Black Oath and Abysmal Grief.
But the sad news is that an important chapter of Night Gaunt is ended since the bassplayer Araas and the guitarist Zenn (Go! Fest organization), as announced through a post recently published on their FB page, are now out from the band. It's remarkable to underline that these are the first ever line-up changes of Night Gaunt since their foundation in 2013. So, now only Gc (vocals/guitars) and M. Tystnaden (drums) represents the current core of Night Gaunt.
I hope that this Roman band will find notable replacements as soon as possibile. And I hope that Araas and Zenn will continue their own musical career with other new projects.

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