Monday, November 12, 2018

Abysmal Grief/Night Gaunt/Suum (Rome, 2nd November 2018)

Bands: Abysmal Grief/Night Gaunt/Suum
Location: Defrag, Rome
Date: 2nd November 2018
Price: 7 €

On 2nd November 2018, at the cultural association called Defrag, there was a fantastic night in the sign of doom metal, with headliner a band of the calibre of Abysmal Grief that, as I hope you know, is recently promoting their last album "Blasphema Secta" (Terror from Hell Records, 2018). To support them, there were 2 very good bands from Rome, that offer two different but always effective ways to face this kind of metal: Suum and Night Gaunt.

The first supporting band was Suum, which I already saw some months ago always at the Defrag when they supported Hounds. In comparison with that occasion, they changed 2 musicians out of 4 that belonged to the original line-up but what is remained the same is their music, that can be considered as a truly classic, gloomy, spectral and heavy doom metal close to bands like Candlemass and Saint Vitus, as expressed perfectly through their self-released debut album "Buried Into the Grave". In the first minutes of their show, they had some technical issues regarding a literally "popping" bass line but nothing serious since, then, everything went in the right way. Additionally, there is need to say that their singer Marco Veraldi is an old acquaintance of Timpani allo Spiedo since his militancy, in the past, in more death metal-oriented acts like Land of Hate and A Buried Existence, both reviewed (through very fukken long torturing articles!) on these pages.

The other supporting band was Night Gaunt, seen by me for the first time 3 years ago at the now defunct Sinister Noise when they opened for Black Oath. Taking their moniker from the dark creatures dreamed by H.P. Lovecraft during his tormented nights when he was a child, this band plays in a more dynamic and evil way in comparison with Suum, also because they are able to spew forth some (few, anyway) putrid death metal accelerations that I love so much. Throughout their exhibition in which they promoted their new second album "The Room" (that the Italian label Terror from Hell Rec released just on 2nd November), a scenic smoke was used a lot. I must confess that it was really amazing seeing the guitarplayer Zenn while he was playing this slow metal, despite he is one of the guys involving in the ultra-speed orgies of the Go! Fest activities!

And, finally, here they are: ABYSMAL GRIEF! The scenery was very fukken nice, considering that, to mention a few, there were many candles on the stage, and without forgetting the famous bloody dripping little statues of the Virgin Mary. Very effective also with the addition of the scenic smoke! And I must also talk about the costumes used by the band members, as you can see through these pics. In other words, Abysmal Grief, masters of the so-called "Italian dark sound", have celebrated a true ritual that, at a certain point, provoked even, during their last songs, a very short mosh because the attendants just in front of the band (included me) gone crazy...and this in a doom metal night!

So, I repeat: there was a fantastic night at the Defrag, that was full of people and also of friends of mine. Fuck, I adore the gigs at this place since the prices of the entrance are always popular but, at the same time, the headliners can be Italian bands with an International fame, so the average quality of this kind of shows is often very high. And do you remember the time in which Necrodeath played at the Defrag? Well, who put on that gig organized also this one with Abysmal Grief! And who is he? Marco MetalFabbro! So, congratulations to him (and to the bands, obviously) to putting on this great night!







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