Tuesday, October 1, 2019

No More Lies: videoclip for "Amici non ne ho"!

Hey brutalbangers,
after Definite, also No More Lies have now a video on Hardcore Worldwide, the famous YouTube channel completely specialized on hardcore punk and related genres!
In particular, the Roman quartet No More Lies, that in 2018 supported nothing else than Raw Power in a very brutal gig, made a promotional video for "Amici non ne ho" ("I have no friends" in Italian). This song, taken from the split "Patto col Diavolo" that the band shared in 2018 with their compatriots Rebel Crew from Milan, shows some of the typical features of No More Lies: a bit of hardcore punk, a bit of Oi! (i.e. the engaging gang choruses), a bit of melody, and the cut-throat screams of Fabrizio "Il Marinaio", ex-Payback. In simple words, something that's perfect to singalong as well to mosh!
Below is the video:

For more infos:


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