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Destinazione Finale - "In bilico nel reale" (DIY Co-production, 2019)

Band: Destinazione Finale
Title: In bilico nel reale
Genre: Hardcore Punk
Time: 18.23 min
Release date: 11th December 2019
Vote: 95/100

Hey old-school hc kids,
some weeks ago the Italian label Calimocho Autoproduzioni DIY sent us 6 interesting releases belonging to the hardcore punk spectrum and the first one we reviewed is this "In bilico nel reale", debut album of Destinazione Finale ("final destination") released in a gigantic co-production that engaged the following realities: Calimocho Autoproduzioni, Zas! Autoproduzioni, Passione Nera Records, Lanterna Pirata, Punti Scena Records, Disastro Sonoro, Barrio 315, M.A.D. Productions, Radio Punk, Malapaga Records, Massimo Dolore.
Destinazione Finale, that ultimately replaced their bassplayer Jacopo, already replaced by the new entry Nicco, are an Italian quartet from Tuscany whose sound is pure hardcore punk rooted in the classic Italian tradition, so bands like Negazione (a band whose "Lo spirito continua" was, indeed, covered by Destinazione Finale), Indigesti and the likes come easily in mind.
But this is only my intro, because the album has been enthusiastically reviewed by our beloved Francesco Bazzurri, so please read his fantastic review and let us know if you like this band. 

"Brevity is virtue", said someone. Because brevity, speed and instantaneousness are well known characteristics of our society. We absorb information reading few lines on social networks, we assimilate content watching videos that last few minutes. We no longer have pause to deepen more, caught in the daily frenzy. Then the message must arrive quick and disruptive.
This work of Destinazione Finale, Italian band from Tuscany, named “In Bilico nel Reale”, is a little jewel that tell us quickly ideas, sensations and present situation loading the weapon of H.C. 13 tracks, 13 bullets exploding in our heads, blowing mind first, then repairing synapse corrupted by the void of this bad times. What is “In Bilico Nel Reale”? It’s like walking suspended on a wire of madness that cross the Reality, it’s like telling with oniric detachment a different thinking. This is the intent of this great band. We fell also this message in the LP’s artwork, a surreal drawing that remember us pictures of Juan Mirò, but with much more violence.
Every storm begins with a little single raindrop, try to be this raindrop” says the first track, declaring the intention to undermine everything to arrive to the final destination.
Then “Niente Rimane” opens the dance with an orthodox H.C. sound, hard and pure, that turns into a 80’s thrash metal variation, ending with a refrain of accusation: “alone against myself, I don’t learn nothing”.
Next track, “Polvere negli occhi”, has an incipit that remember Black Sabbath doomed echoes but then became fast pointing to a sentence very clear and effective: ”any voice speaks, any ear hears” . Pure Nihilism!
Fourth track, “Condotta Sicura” throws into the moshpit shouting : “against all, against nothingness” while the next one ,”Nella Cessazione” ends the assault. But it’s only the quiet before the storm.
Sixth song , “Impatto imminente” goes down like an avalanche of powerful music overwhelming our ears.
And, after an impact, in the next track, “Nel Rilfesso”, the band is ready to explode, reaching the objective with a grinder simil-stoner riff.
Next one , “Appiattimento Emotivo” starts remembering "Symptom of the Universe", then stops turning into a perfect H.C attack.
Inesorabile Silenzio” arrives after but it is confirmed like the hardest piece of the entire work while “In Bilico nel Reale” , the title track, have interesting doom influences and a chaotic ride that marks the style of these boys.
Concluding, I say that I really love this LP, its minimal duration brings you to multiple listenings, and every time you can feel much more interesting and deeper aspects. There is a lot of job done here, there is a great charge and a superb creative energy. And a great satisfaction for the listener!


1 - Intro
2 - Niente rimane
3 - Polvere negli occhi
4 - Condotta sicura
5 - Nella cessazione
6 - Impatto imminente
7 - Nel riflesso
8 - Appiattimento emotivo
9 - Inesorabile silenzio
10 - In bilico nel reale
11 - Lago di luce
12 - Destinazione finale
13 - Fragile realtà

Ivan – vocals
Alex –guitar
Ja – bass
Ste –drums


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