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Abatuar - Perversiones de muerte putrefacta" (Dunkelheit Produktionen, 2017)

Band: Abatuar
Title: Perversiones de Muerte Putrefacta
Genre: Black/Death Metal with Grindcore/Noise elements
Year: 1st April 2017
Time: 30 min
Rating: 80/100

Extreme metal from Panama? Oh yeah!!! Panama, evidently, has it own extreme metal scene and, in a certain sense, it has been recently discovered by Dunkelheit Produktionen, a German label known into the underground for its support to ultra-extreme and rotten metal bands coming often from exotic countries like Malaysia, Sri Lanka and, indeed, Panama. So, it's needles to say but "rotten" is a term very perfect to describe the debut album titled "Perversiones de Muerte Putrefacta" by Abatuar ("slaughterhouse" in Spanish). This is the solo-project, born in 2013, of Cadaver, a singer/drummer helped for this production (preceded by a compilation edited in 2015 by Dunkelheit where there are the two previous demos of the band) by two session musicians; Tony Freire (rhythmic guitar/bass) and Jr. Sucre (lead guitar), spewing forth one of the most heinous and crazy albums of this 2017...nay, of all times!

If you remember the last album by the German duo Goatblood (released by the same Dunkelheit), the style of Abatuar is very similar: a black/death metal full of a killing bad taste and very contaminated by grindcore. But, if I don't like the (anti)-music of Goatblood, I adore Abatuar. This because Cadaver and co. have created a noxious mix between Blasphemy and Sarcofago with the total and itching madness of Colombian cult bands like Parabellum and Reencarnación along with a violence so excessive and bestial that the music is able to reach seriously levels of pure chaos. You can find all this into 12 very intense tracks (average lenght: 2 minutes) characterized incredibly by a good variety and where are listenable also scrappy punk/HC influences (like in "La Bestia, el Monje, el Cura y el Loco" and in "Ordalías de Hierro Fundido").

The vocals of Cadaver make more absurd the assault of Abatuar because he combines suffocated screams with a series of inhuman growls so disgusting that they don't seem coming from this world. Then, the lyrics deals with gruesome themes so to vomit mega-bestial verses like "total extermination/hunger genocide/devouring human meat/tongues of children as a food" or "rebellion is death/the reason is imposed by extermination" (both these examples are taken from that delirium known as "En la Necrópolis del Totalitarismo"). I think that this kind of brutal lyrics have some connections with the recent past lived by many Latin-American countries that were under very violent dictatorships, with the result that these lyrics, in my opinion and in a similar way to the aforementioned bands from Colombia, are more frightful than the usual ones about Satan, zombies and the likes. In addition of all this, Cadaver sing always in Spanish, an idiom adored by me not only because it is very similar to my language (Italian) but also I think it is very passionate and malign, if used for the extreme metal.
If you think that all this belongs completely to the reign of pure delirium, you have to know that Cadaver has also a very singular style to play the drums. In fact, Cadaver uses often a very particular fast pattern in ride-style since the opening track "Los Efectos de la Gangrena y Putreffación", showing at the same time a good rhythmic variety also if he drown the listeners in a bloody sea composed principally of blast-beats, especially into the most violent and chaotic song of the entire album, "Acompañados a la Tumba" (no, this isn't a cover of Reencarnación!). This good rhythmic variety is listenable, for example, in songs like "Adoctrinamiento Colectivo Genocida" where there is a fantastic final part full of excellent drums' variations while I have to mention absolutely "Sacramento Antropófagico" for its even atmospheric break dominated by malign whispers before a totally abrupt and devastating restart in blast-beat.

This album characterized by a very atomic violence ends with the 4 minutes of "En la Necrópolis del Totalitarismo", where there is a long outro consisting of brutal scenes of a mass extermination with frightful screams of terror by women and men before an atmosphere of silence and desolation lies on the last traces of humanity. I've never listened a more effective outro than this to close an album made of a pure Latin-American bestiality managing also to offer a good variety through few elements. The existence of 'zines like Timpani allo Spiedo is due to this kind of very extreme raw and no compromises bands like Abatuar!


1 - Los Efectos de la Gangrena y Putrefacción
2 - La Noche de los Muertos Vivientes
3 - La Bestia, el Monje, el Cura y el Loco
4 - Decapitación Letrinal
5 - Relaciones Necrofecales
6 - Adoctrinamiento Colectivo Genocida
7 - Deidades Sepultadas con Restos Humanos
8 - Sacramento Antropófagico
9 - Ordalías de Hierro Fundido
10 - Descuartiza al Hijo de Puta
11 - Acompañados a la Tumba
12 - En la Necrópolis del Totalitarismo


Cadaver - vocals/drums
Tony Freire (session) - lead guitar/bass
Jr Sucre - rhythm guitar

Dunkelheit Produktionen:

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