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Nekro Drunkz - "Lavatory Carnage" (Moribund Records, 2016)

Band: Nekro Drunkz
Title: Lavatory Carnage
Genre: Death/Grindcore with Thrashy elements
Year: 26th August 2016
Time: 23 min
Rating: 74/100

Here you are another grindcore band and another album reviewed a bit out of time since the day of release of "Lavatory Carnage", third studio album by Nekro Drunkz, two total madmen coming from the most nauseating sewers of Oregon. I follow their abominable gestures since the excellent sophomore album titled "Absolute Filth" (Moribund Records, 2015), containing even 33 tracks included a cover of the infamous The Mentors, with which Nekro Drunkz have released recently a split for Hells Headbangers Records. Well, these self-proclaimed "Tyrants of the Toilet Music" are back in 2016 with "Lavatory Carnage", another good album also if it is comprised of only 18 songs.

Nothing has changed compared with "Absolute Filth" but I think "Lavatory Carnage" sounds dirtier than the previous album with the result to give to the music of Nekro Drunkz an aura now more stinking 'n' disgusting. Specifically, Nekro Drunkz plays their classic death/grind à la Repulsion/Impetigo with tracks short even also 20 seconds but always marked by many tempo changes, as shown perfectly into songs like "Razor Blade Rimjob". All this is characterized also by frequent thrashy raids sublimated especially into the devastating "Asshole Casserole", thundering solos in Autopsy-style but listenable only starting from the 12th track (the same "Lavatory Carnage", that's one of my favorite numbers of the album), ultra-death metal riffs taken from the golden years of the genre, and a vocal performance where these two guys (known also for their militancy into the scoundrels Cemetery Lust) literally vomits genuine delicacies ranging from choked screams to inhuman vocals similar to a sink clogged by Satan in person in a very goregrind-style.
"Lavatory Carnage", ended by a 3 minutes-song like "Extreme Scat Slaves" (its last minute is all dominated by a porno sample with an absurd lounge-jazz musical background!), is all here. The atmosphere, full of stinky perversions and bile, is perfect and the music of Nekro Drunkz is always direct but dynamic at the same time. But this is an album surely more homogeneous than "Absolute Filth" (that offered a better variety) while I think "Lavatory Carnage" needed more songs because 23 minutes are few for a true album. Anyway, now you have to know that an 8-song EP by Nekro Drunkz titled "Sleaze Metal Slaughter" will be released very soon through the US label Headsplit Records. Are you ready for another toilet torment? FUCK YEAAAH!!!

1 - Violent Eruption of Assorted Excrement
2 - Razor Blade Rimjob
3 - Shit Terrorist
4 - Gangrene Gang Bang
5 - College Co-Eds Pooping
6 - Asshole Casserole
7 - Interred in Turd
8 - Kaustik Kum
9 - Puss Blood Buffet
10 - Treacherous Anal Warts
11 - Window Peepin Freak
12 - Lavatory Carnage
13 - Aroused by Menstrual Stench
14 - Tongue in the Toilet
15 - Temple of Blowjobs
16 - Gapin' the Misshapen
17 - Canniballistic Cunnilingus
18 - Extreme Scat Slaves


Crystal Seth - vocals/guitars/bass
Disgustor - vocals/drums

Moribund Records:

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