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Sodomized Cadaver/Sudden Death/A Taste of Fear (Rome, 18th March 2018)

Bands: Sodomized Cadaver/Sudden Death/A Taste of Fear
Location: Traffic Live Club, Rome
Date: 18th March 2018

After a lot of fuckin' time, there is a new LIVE REPORT on these brutal pages! I think that I couldn't choose for a better live gig than the one that I attended on 18th March 2018 at Traffic Live Club in Rome to write a new article of this kind! In fact, today you will read the demented deeds of three bands: A Taste of Fear, Sudden Death (both comes from the area of Rome) and Sodomized Cadaver from Wales! The Welsh madmen, just along with the first two aforementioned bands, have ended an Italian mini-tour from 16th to 18th March in which they terrorized places like Cassano d'Adda (near Milan) and Pescara with the final date in Rome Caput Mundi. And believe me that their tour has been ended in the right way through a totally bestial show!

Ok, let's start with the opening act: A Taste of Fear. Coming from Rome, they are a young band formed in 2014 by well known musicians in the Roman scene like the bassplayer Michele Attolino (Mechanical God Creation, The Foreshadowing) or the guitarist Emiliano Pacioni (Lunarsea). Contrarily to the common standards, A Taste of Fear have debuted in 2017 directly with the album "God's Design" (Time to Kill Records) without releasing before any demos or something similar.

If I remember well, A Taste of Fear played only 5 songs but we are talking about very long songs able to reach also the 7 minutes of lenght (like the same "A Taste of Fear", the closing track of their album). The band annihilated the ears of the headbangers with a technical death/thrash metal strongly characterized by the whipping guitar solos of Emiliano, that created also a deafening wall of feedback between the various songs, and, in addition, even Michele played a solo with his bass. At a certain point, in the middle of their show, A Taste of Fear invited on stage the thunderous Luis Maggio to sing with them with the result to bring forth to a duo of ripping vocalists along with Stefano Sciamanna, the singer of A Taste of Fear. This was a promising starter to introduce the exhibition of the same Sudden Death!

After 30 minutes of massacre, A Taste of Fear left the scene for a fast stage change. And so, here comes Sudden Death! Luis Maggio with his endless dreadlocks; the guitarist with kid face Alessandro Di Mitri with his absurd white t-shirt with the image of Goofy in plain view; the tattoed Pietro Sabato (also in Lectern, an excellent Satanic death metal combo à la Deicide that recently released their third album in only 3 years!); the session bassplayer with glasses Giuseppe Ciurleo from Escatology (that has temporarily substituted the original bassplayer Daniele Marrocco) and the big and bald drummer with evil face Andrea Pro, a real veteran known for his militancy into Corpsefucking Art and Infernal Angels and also only former member of Sudden Death: this is a band still out there since 1997 and always active to play an endless series of live gigs around Italy with a discography composed of solely 3 full-lenght albums, included the last one, "Monolith of Sorrow" (Deadbang Records, 2014).

Very different from A Taste of Fear, the sound of Sudden Death lies on a brutal death metal with some slamming parts and clear US influences from Cannibal Corpse, Suffocation and Brutal TruthThe levels of intensity and violence during their show were so high that, even though by invitation of the same band, there have been moments of genuine moshpit. But the sad thing is that, after that Luis invited the audience to mosh one answered the call! Fuck that, what a fuckin' ultra-intense show also thanks to the expressive and explosive Luis Maggio!

So, the air, now warmed up very well, was perfect for those 4 Welsh madmen called Sodomized Cadaver! I have to admit that, until some days before this live gig, I didn't know them, despite they already have played with a lot of monsters such as Cryptopsy, Malevolent Creation, Venom, Exhumed, Behemoth, Avulsed and others. But they are very young and released only two EPs from 2014 to 2016 along with the compilation "Verses of Vorarephilia" (Immortal Souls Productions, 2017) that reunited both the EPs in a single CD. This quartet, temporarily orphan of their guitarist Raymond Packer greatly subsituted by Alex Houlder from Anoxide, is notable for the presence into the line-up since 2017 of that exploited man of Ollie Jones. For who knows nothing about him, he is the singer of the historic British grindsters Extreme Noise Terror (GULP!) and also the only former member since early '90s of Desecration. As you will read very soon, Ollie has done everything on (and UNDER) the stage during that night!

Sodomized Cadaver played their putrid and raw brutal death metal with an incredible ferocity through 10 songs, basically alternating blasting explosions of pure mutilating fury with doomish zombie-laden passages very fit to create a revolting and disgusting aura. I found also fantastic the short HC-grindcore shrapnels played between some songs during which Ollie interacted with the public. Apart a vocal performance that can be considered ABSOLUTELY demented with his suffering screams, his gestures and expressions, I have to say that he interacted literally ALWAYS not only with his same band comrades but also with the audience for an unusual death metal show with a punk-HC no rules attitude! Some examples? Like when he offered some wine to the attendants, inviting them to drink it! Or like when he...even got offstage to "dance" with some headbangers! Or like all the times when he used the mic as a hard and then flabby...penis (as you can see in a pic below)! Or like when a headbanger with tattoes in the head offered some...pasta to Ollie during a break between the songs! And don't forget when Ollie hit the wire in front of my phone because I was taking some totally...eeer...blurry photos to him (see below)! And also Sodomized Cadaver invited Luis Maggio to sing with them the last song "Raped by Ebola" for an end where the two singers let to the headbangers to scream into the mic like possessed with the result that I screamed a...voiceless "DIEEEEE!!!"! Wow, what a funny and demented show!

So, can I say something else? Well, this live gig was little, so the attendants were "few but good" (citing an expression used by Stefano Sciamanna during the show of his band) since they were, if I am not mistaken, 30 circa. Each band has even better than the previous one with the absurd peak reached by Sodomized Cadaver. Now, they are working on their debut album "Morbid Tales of Mutilation" (even though, by reading the biography of the band through their FB page, it should be released in mid 2017...) while Sudden Death are preparing an EP. That's all, folks, and see ya in another holocaustic live gig!







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