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Psychoneurosis/Herida Profunda/Suffering Quota - "In Fear We Trust" (DIY coalition, 2019)

Bands: Psychoneurosis/Herida Profunda/Suffering Quota
Title: In Fear We Trust
Genre: Grindcore
Time: 13.46 min
Release date: 4th October 2019
Vote: 75/100

This split between three grindcore bands has a very particular meaning. In fact, “In Fear We Trust” is unfortunately to be considered as the last release of Psychoneurosis with their late singer Sonia, just the man that reformed them after many years of silence. Some months ago a crowdfunding for Sonia was started in order to help him to fight his pancreatic cancer, and also I contributed to this initiative by donating 4 €. Even though the crowdfunding was a big success, Sonia (R.I.P.) isn’t among us anymore. So, I believe that a nice review about his last gestures in studio as a singer are mandatory, so here you are this split called, indeed, “In Fear We Trust”, that see, in addition to Psychoneurosis, Herida Profunda (already known on these pages) and the Dutch quartet Suffering Quota (that in 2017 published a split with the tremendous grindcore machine My Minds Mine from The Netherlands, too). Be prepared to listen to something very devastating!

Released in all the possible formats available by an incredible plethora of labels in a classic hardcore punk tradition (they are too much to be all mentioned but I can mention a few like WOOAAARGH or 783 Punx), “In Fear We Trust” starts just with Psychoneurosis. They destroy everyone and everything with only two songs. The first one, “Believe What I Say”, is a fantastic Extreme Noise Terror cover, made more demented by the absurd and schizoid screaming vocals of Sonia, that is a crust punk/d-beat poundering slaughter with a great guitar solo (the only one throughout the split) almost at its end. Instead, the second song, “Where Are We Heading?”, previously released into their debut album “The Fall of Humanity”, shows the traditional grindcore à la Napalm Death of the band.

The massacre continues very well with Herida Profunda (named after a song of Vitamin X… and, anyway, these are ones of the most intense bands I’ve ever seen live!). Contrarily to the other bands, this Polish quartet opted to offer a live version of their songs since they were recorded during their show at the 2018 edition of the 161 Fest in Krakow, Poland. Raw but well recorded, their four tracks are short (two of them last only almost 40 seconds), furious, dynamic and a bit metallized, finding surely their peak with their anthem “Alerta 161” (already released in their 2015 split shared with Hellbastard), that starts with the singer that engages the attendants with antifascist choruses. In brief, Herida Profunda confirms with authority all the good things they made in the recent past and it seem that they will record all the tracks here present for their second album.

Last but not least, Suffering Quota, that recently had to cancel a show because their singer was seriously sick (fortunately, he'll come back just with their gig along with Gewoon Fucking Raggen), ends this split with the fireworks by presenting two tracks, spewing forth a sound very different from the other bands but always rooted in the most ferocious grindcore. In fact, they plays an amazing death/grindcore with crust punk influences, a sound perfectly sinthesized in their first song “Rage” (already released with the title of “Anger” for their 2018 second album “Life in Disgust”), a title that is self-explanatory. At the contrary, “Bastardized Yesterday” is the longest track of the split because of its four minutes of lenght, that opens and ends in a strangely slow and melodic way while in the middle there is a death/grind madness as few others in which there is an outstanding vocal department that gives a lot of chaos to this number. So, I think that just this last song, so various, unpredictable but also incredibly violent, is my favorite one of the entire split.

Few bullshits, this split, that I received through the Italian agency Anubi Press, features eight tracks per only 13 minutes that are a pure anthem to the purest intensity and brutality, showing three bands united under the banner of grindcore but showing three different ways to conceive it. But the regret for the decease of Sonia is very strong, also because there are no news, since the early days of January 2020, about Psychoneurosis, that in 2019 became a quartet with the addition of the bassplayer Jedrzej, so I don’t know if they will continue to play. But, for sure, the spirit of Sonia lives very strong into his songs! And we mustn't forget that, by wish of the same Sonia, a lot of the money resulted by the fundraising, as you can read on the FB page of the band, will be (or already has been?) donated to the Sosnowiec Hospital, where he was hospitalized.


1 - Believe What I Say (Extreme Noise Terror cover)
2 - Where Are We Heading?
3 - Power to the People
4 - Holy Books
5 - Remembrance Day
6 - Alerta 161
7 - Rage
8 - Bastardized Yesterday



Sonia - vocals
Laski - guitars
Jedrzej - bass
Janek - drums

Herida Profunda:

Ed - vocals
Jedras - guitars
Smalec - bass
Jachu - drums

Suffering Quota:

Gerald - vocals
René - guitars
Stiff - bass
Martin - drums

Herida Profunda:
Suffering Quota:
Anubi Press:

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