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Enemynside - "Chaos Machine" (Rockshots Records, 2019)

Band: Enemynside
Title: Chaos Machine
Genre: Thrash Metal
Time: 34.32 min
Release Date: 25th October 2019
Vote: 80/100

Once upon a time there was a thrash metal band called Enemynside, that in 2018 managed to be into a grindcore night to support nothing else than Cripple Bastards. Well, Enemynside had absolutely nothing to do that night but it seem that I found them really interesting if today I am here to review their very fresh fourth album, released in October by the Italian label Rockshots Records, already known on these pages through the death/thrashers S.R.L.. So, here you are "Chaos Machine", an album that keeps high my interest about Enemynside because it's truly good. And now let's start to discover why it's so good for my broken ears!

Firstly, there is need to say that Enemynside are some veterans of the Italian (and Roman, in particular) thrash metal scene but they still have that big passion which leads them to create great songs characterized by a palpable rage, and this is a fantastic thing you can feel through all the 9 songs (+ outro) of "Chaos Machine". But, contrarily to bands like Toxik Attack or Cruentator, Enemynside are more than pure rage. In fact, they plays a US thrash metal combining not only the old-school with more modernist solutions but also a lot of aggressiveness with plenty of melodies, that can give a real dramatic feeling to the music. In addition, their melodic skills are expressed by the vocals of Francesco Cremisini (one of the original members of the band along with Matt "Thrasher" Bellezza), who is able to create memorable catchy lines with his voice incredibly close to the one of James Hetfield, as I already said into the live report about that grindcore night. Another fundamental feature of Enemynside comes surely from the guitar solos, that, present in every song, shows always a great imagination and also, again, an enviable melodic taste.

Now, there is not a great variety throughout the album because it's stylistically very homogeneous and the songs are often structurally quite predictable but all this doesn't precludes to Enemynside to give birth to remarkable numbers. Of them, my favorite ones are, at least, "Deadline", that has some moments full of a contagious groove; and "No God in Kolyma", which is really dramatic, vocally intense and also, in comparison with the other songs, pleasantly unpredictable in terms of structure. But "Deadline" and "No God in Kolyma" are only two songs of an album containing also, for example, "Suffered Defeat" (that's mostly a mid-tempo), "The Terror" (consisting of riffs more complex than the usual) and also an instrumental and acoustic track called "Devoured", that closes the album in a strongly dramatic way (it lasts only one minute and 20 seconds circa, not almost 4 minutes as stated by Metal-Archives!).
Even the lyrics of "Chaos Machine" deserves a mention because, by using the label's words, they are focused "on the sentiment of being trapped (both physically and metaphorically) by the world's social injustices, control systems such as religious institutions and political authorities, totalitarianism and dictatorship". At this point, it isn't a case if 3 songs, entitled "Frozen Prison Cell" (promoted also as a single through a promotional video that you can watch below), "The Terror" and "No God in Kolyma" are part of a sort of mini-concept about the Soviet totalitarianism and the gulags.

The Roman thrash metal scene has few bands such as Reverber, Tractors, Asphaltator or the same Enemynside (that are the oldest of all them) but, fortunately, they are all very good. And Enemynside shows to be "very good" again through an excellent fourth album like "Chaos Machine". But, after all, if they ultimately managed to support not only legendary Italian bands like Necrodeath but also famous international acts like Angelus Apatrida, well, Enemynside have to be "very good" by force!

1 - Faceless
2 - Black Mud
3 - Suffered Defeat
4 - Frozen Prison Cell
5 - Deadline
6 - System Failure
7 - The Terror
8 - Shitstorm
9 - No God in Kolyma
10 - Devoured


Francesco Cremisini - vocals/guitars
Matt Bellezza - guitars
Andrea Pistone - bass
Fabio Migliori - drums

Rockshots Records:

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