Thursday, February 28, 2019

Toxik Attack - "Assassinos em Série" (Helldprod Records, 2019)

Band: Toxik Attack
Title: Assassinos em Série
Genre: Thrash Metal
Time: 37.55 min
Release Date: 31st January 2019
Rating: 82/100

In these last days I literally fell in love with this Portuguese thrash metal squad called Toxik Attack. But why?

Firstly, because they play old-school thrash metal. But, with a fantastic moniker like Toxik Attack, it was obvious that their genre was that! Secondly, because theirs thrash metal is simple, wild, savage and incredibly unstoppable in its fast and furious slaughter. Believe me, it's so unstoppable that, in the album, the only moment in which they don't play fast is into "Seita do Punhal"! Thirdly, because their singer Nico666 has a strange way to sing that's totally crazy and out of control, so to range from raw growls to banshee high pitched screams and, in addition, he manages to create very imaginative vocal lines. Supported by some gang choruses more typical for the thrash metal genre, I think without any stupid doubts that his vocals are so recognizable to be the real point of force of Toxik Attack. And, last but not least, the band spew forth such intensity that their songs are totally perfect for the wildest moshpit, and this is always a huge compliment for a thrash metal band!

Now, there is need to say that, despite their debut album "Assassinos em Série" ("Serial Killers") is ONLY fast and always faster throughout its duration, it is characterized by a good variety. For this, 3 songs comes to my mind: "Loucos pelo Old School" for its epic melodies influenced by classic heavy metal; the same titletrack, that contains an awesome instrumental section with the bass in the spotlight; and the closing "Pentagrama de Sangue". This last one is maybe the most particular number in the list since its "religious" and chapel-like intro with organ, and also since its more accentuated devilish atmosphere determined even by plenty of suffering vocals in the background while Nico666 sings, sometimes in a very creepy and trembling way here.
Released one month ago by their compatriot label Helldprod Records, "Assassinos em Série" is a fukken must have for every thrash metal maniac in love with bands like Slayer, Kreator, Destruction, Razor and also more contemporary acts like Deathhammer (especially in the crazy vocal department), Perpetrator and the early Inculter. For me, this album is so fast and furious to represent the thrash metal genre in its most quintessential and no compromise '80s brutality. Maybe, the band has to play some mid-tempos in order to increase even better the effectiveness of their music, but this is a simple suggestion, not a real flaw. Anyway, my favorite numbers are "Loucos pelo Old School", "O Sanguinário", "Morte Tóxica" and "Pentagrama de Sangue". At this point, it only remains for me to invite you to the album's release party that will be on 16th March 2019 while a week later (22th March) Toxik Attack will be part of the Extreme Metal Attack Fest XVI (flyer below), that's promoted by the same Helldprod Rec. And, last but not least, on 26th May the band will support nothing else than the legendary Agent Steel in their exclusive gig in Portugal for this year. How many cool shows for Toxik Attack, don't you think?

1 - Thrash Maldição
2 - Seita do Punhal
3 - Loucos pelo Old School
4 - Prazer de Matar
5 - Assassinos em Serie
6 - O Sanguinário
7 - Morte Tóxica
8 - Detidos pelo Metal
9 - Pentagrama de Sangue


Nico666 - vocals
Perigoso - guitars
Zlayer - bass
Ruizao - drums

Helldprod Records:

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