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Perversor - "Umbravorous" (Pulverised Records, 2018)

Band: Perversor
Title: Umbravorous
Genre: Black/Death/Thrash Metal
Time: 31.59 min
Release Date: 10th November 2018
Vote: 90/100

It's a looong time that there isn't a Chilean band on these pages, even though you surely know how much I love the Chilean extreme metal. Fortunately, today Chile comes back with a band that amazed me so lot with their second album "Anticosmocrator" (Hells Headbangers, 2015) that I bought it in its CD format during an Italian gig of Impiety happened two years ago. Well, after that album, Perversor spewed forth a split called "Perverso Dios Chivo" along with their compatriots Istengoat and, a year after, the long-held third album, "Umbravorous", that totally confirms all the good done three years before. And they did it with the same quartet, that now is stable even since 2009, a very remarkable thing in an underground metal world where the members of many bands go in and out of them.

Now, if you think that Perversor have quited down after that barbaric apocalypse of rare proportions such as "Anticosmocrator" (that I reviewed through, well, you are in the wrong way! In fact, the style played by Perversor is exactly the same: a bestial, furious and no compromise combination between black, death and thrash metal. In this fatal mixture, every kind of melody is banned, the fast(er) tempos reigns tyranically over the ears' listeners so to present very very few decelerations, the riffs are often awesome but never spitting out a fukken guitar solo in any case, and where the vocals by War is Snake are feral series of cavernous growls alternated with diabolic screams. In brief, this style is very typical of the South American extreme metal tradition, taking a lot of inspiration from bands like Sarcófago. But what I mostly love about Perversor is that, even though their levels of violence and intensity are really unhuman, they never lack of imagination and variety, and this feature allows also to them to give life to plenty of really inspired solutions.

To prove this, especially the second part of "Umbravorous" is more than enough. So, I must absolutely mention the three favorite tracks of mine into the album. The first one is surely "Somnambulus", the longest track in the list since it lasts almost 4 minutes, in which there are hardcore punk influences that makes even more intense the entire assault, and whose end is literally an inferno of tortured vocals. The second song, influenced a bit by hardcore punk too, is the following "The Excrements of Infinity are the Vices of Divinity", where there are very effective drum patterns... and you don't know how much I ADORE the way in which War is Snake screams the same title of this number! Finally, the album ends with what I consider its BEST song: "D.M.T". The reason because it is my favorite track of all is simple: in it, you can find the ultimate peak of violence and chaos like in no other song of "Umbravorous"... and the nicer thing is that the songwriting is always excellent and full of memorable riffs!

No other stupid bullshits! Imperative PR did very well to send me this album some months ago. And the legendary label from Singapore Pulverised Records did very fukken well to release "Umbravorous" before digitally in 2018 and then in vinyl format in February 2019 while the US Headsplit Records edited its cassette version in December 2018. Ok, substantially "Umbravorous" sounds like a version of "Anticosmocrator" with a cleaner production. Despite these similarities, this new album, especially with "D.M.T", is a big step for Perversor towards new and abominable levels of ultra-violence and intensity, and this is incredible if you think that "Anticosmocrator" was of a rare non-stop ferocity!


1 - Deadly Poison and Black Fire
2 - Umbravorous
3 - The Dwell
4 - Formidable Destino
5 - Military Industrial Complex
6 - Somnambulus
7 - The Excrements of Infinity are the Vices of Divinity
8 - Virtual Antropophagy
9 - Merchant of Spirits
10 - D.M.T


War is Snake - vocals
Abominable - guitars
Morbest - bass
Knernet - drums

Imperative PR:
Pulversied Records:
Headsplit Records:

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