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Hell Brood - "Logico Contorto" (Self-released, 2018)

Band: Hell Brood
Title: Logico Contorto
Genre: Death/Grindcore with various influences
Time: 20.05 min
Release Date: 11th January 2018
Vote: 75/100

Hey brutalbangers,
after the intriguing review about "Cvlto" of the Italian post-hardcore band I Maiali, Marta Rose comes back on these pages with a new fantastic article!
Today, in full fukken Christmas eve, you'll have to read her new review about the second album of a very interesting band from a small Italian town called Gabicce Mare. Their name is Hell Brood, that I had the honour to see on stage some months ago during a grindcore/hardcore punk festival at the Bencivenga Occupato squat. So, in this review you'll find some photos of them shot by me during that crazy night. And veeeery probably I'll put Hell Brood in the new and third playlist of Timpani allo Spiedo 'zine named "Come on, burn my ears!", so stay tuned!
Now, let's start to read this review by Marta and...


One of the impressive things about good music is that, although a band could have many different influences, its sound is strangely unique.
When I first started listening to the Hell Brood, these two words, strange uniqueness, came to my mind. We’re talking about a death/grind band “da balera”, a Sunday project, as they stated in their biography! The band is made up of four members and they all come from different small cities. Sometimes, the good thing about living in a small city is that it pushes you to be more creative and maximizing the use of your imagination. And this is the case, as they have fully succeeded!
Although we could say that their sound is a mixture of death/grind, there’s no doubt that there are many more influences that have completed it. And you must be very open-minded to conceive such a particular lethal cocktail, an explosion of growl and scream vocals combined with electro, death, grind music!
If you want to appreciate their sound, you MUST be able to be ready for anything. Listening to the Hell Brood is like going on a life journey, there’s a path ready for you but as you walk there, there are many interferences and distortion that will come to your way! And that makes it even more intriguing!
The project was born in 2010 but they released their first album, “Lie Road”, in 2013. Since I’ve started listening to the album, I’ve thought about one thing: the album is unique. I was impressed by the way they were able to mix grind and death with electro music. The result was a combination of sounds, interferences and noises, wow!
Almost all the songs of the “Lie Road” album, except for “My Name is Oblivion”, are very short, as it is very typical for a grind band!
But now let’s focus on their second album, "Logico Contorto", released in 2018. This time, their project is completely different from the previous one!
The sound is sick, twisted, logical twisted (“logico contorto”), a living oxymoron. This time as well, they have mixed different kind of genres, even if the common thread is always death and grindcore. Since the first seconds of the album, we can hear a powerful Slayer guitar playing. It is evident that in the first songs their sound is more similar to the Slayer, but then it changes through the entire album, just think about the fourth track, "Louisiana".
The style of the growl singing reminded me of Nile and Napalm Death. A weird twisted infernal sound, a banging attack of sickness!
The songs are written in Italian. "Cosmico cadere", the second track, starts with a repetitive guitar riff but then the song’s sound changes, alternating screams to jingles!
The fourth track, "Louisiana", is one of my favorites songs of the album. It starts with a slow intro, almost a nursery rhyme and then it explodes in all its delirium. At some points it reaches a schizophrenic singing.
The following song, “Tempi andati alle ortiche… signor preside”, the fifth one of the album, is a dialogue between a child, who plays and is teasing an adult, the school’s headmaster. Who knows, maybe one member of the band has experienced a similar situation while he was at school, and decided to send the song to who once was his headmaster!
The sixth track, "Senso dell’opposto", presents a powerful Slayer guitar as it is the case of the first track, "Bianconiglio nergattaccio". In these tracks we can feel the thrash influences of the band, even if the singing is different, hence their uniqueness!
The seventh track, "Eutànasia", has a constant growl singing, except for the chorus, that is screamed.
The last three songs of the album last less than two minutes each. "Orizzonte lungo la via", the eighth track, starts with a drum solo; the song’s sound is different from the other tracks, as it is the case of "Louisiana".
This year the band has released a 6-track split with the Subhumans Hordes, another important grindcore/hardcore/death metal band born in Novara, Italy!
Trying to translate Hell Brood’s music into words is hard, because it’s not just a matter of music. It’s about conveying their weird and twisted ideas and their sounds. So, in order to really get their hidden essence, you MUST listen to them and let you abandon! Trust me, it’s worth it!


1 - Bianconiglio nergataccio
2 - Cosmico cadere
3 - Nel domani
4 - Louisiana
5 - Tempi andati alle ortiche... signor preside
6 - Senso dell'opposto
7 - Eutanàsia
8 - Orizzonte lungo la via
9 - Se non son morti non li vogliamo
10 - Giungla


Santo - vocals
Rocky Redz - guitars
Claudio - bass
Joe Rivière - drums

FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/hellbrood/
BandCamp: https://hellbrood.bandcamp.com/

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