Monday, November 27, 2017

All My Sins - "Lunar/Solar" (Black Death Productions, 2017)

Band: All My Sins
Title: Lunar/Solar
Genre: Black Metal
Year: 15th January 2017
Time: 21 min
Rating: 80/100

By listening again and again to the rawest black metal bands from Portugal, I was almost forgetting that black metal is also able to deliver pure poetry! The poetic force of this genre is strongly shown today by All My Sins, a Serbian duo born in 2000 that, after two demos between 2002 and 2004, literally disappeared from the scene until their comeback with "Lunar/Solar", an EP released at the end of this year by the Polish label Black Death Production. And already now I say to you that "Lunar/Solar" is became one of my favorite discs of 2017!

The EP starts with "Jeka Prve Kiše , and we are already in a world of poetry. In brief, this is an intro for keyboards and acoustic guitar that draws nocturnal scenarios. After that, here you are "Pod Mesecom Prastari Hrast" where All My Sins express, throughout this song, a blasting black metal full of majestic melodies, emphasized by the classic screams in Abbath-style of Nav Cosmos. But, then, there is the song that I consider one of the best black metal numbers written during these last 10 years: "Pomen Usnulom Suncu".
In it, there is every feature by All My Sins since, first of all, the intro is acoustic while the first part of the song is all dominated by a mid-tempo where the bass plays excellent lines. Instead, the second part is a storm of blast-beats and melodies of a rare impact also due to the refined work of the drums by the session musician Nemir. More than that, both the parts are connected by an acoustic section that really deliver PURE poetry also thanks to a fretless bass solo (I think it's the first time that a fretless bass is mentioned in this 'zine!), played by the guest B.B.K. Necro Doctor of the black/speed metal band Terrörhammer, able to move seriously the listeners in a in-depth emotional way...and we are talking about a song of almost 9 minutes!

Finally, there is "Zbogom", an evocative acoustic outro with a short whispering vocal part and some keyboards on its last seconds in order to end amazingly this EP.
I think that you will understand that I love this "Lunar/Solar". This because All My Sins are very good to mix perfectly the old-school Norwegian black metal with a lot of melodies, poetic nocturnal atmosphere, emotions and a songwriting that doesn't accept any power outages so to create also a masterpiece like "Pomen Usnulom Suncu". I finish this review with the news that All My Sins will release in January 2018 their single "Zov iz Magle", a preview of their upcoming full-lenght album whose release is scheduled "somewhere in 2018". If "Lunar/Solar" is so beautiful, I wonder how will be fantastic this debut album!

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1 - Jeka Prve Kiše
2 - Pod Mesecom Prastari Hrast
3 - Pomen Usnulom Suncu
4 - Zbogom


Nav Cosmos - vocals/bass
V - guitars/bass/keyboards
B.B.K. Necro Doctor (guest) - solo fretless bass ("Pomen Usnulom Suncu")
Nemir (session) - drums

Black Death Productions:

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