Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Hellfire Deathcult - "Black Death Terroristic Onslaught" (Deathrune Records, 2018)

Band: Hellfire Deathcult
Title: Black Death Terroristic Onslaught
Genre: Bestial Black/Death Metal
Year: 1st April 2018
Time: 28 min
Rating: 72/100

"Militant Raw Death Worshipping Bestial Chaos": this is the "simple" definition choosen by the extermination squad Hellfire Deathcult (coming from Chicago, Illinois) to describe their sonic delirium. What they released under the blasphemic auspices of the Spanish label Deathrune Records is a second album that keeps everything it promises since its title "Black Death Terroristic Onslaught"!

In fact, this new opus shows a colossal violence from start to finish! I am saying this because, for example, the drummer is able to play an endless series of hammering blast-beats with no fukken mid/slow tempos throughout the 10 tracks (without including the intro "Black Congregation ov Sepulchral Darkness") of the album. Instead, the cavernous guitars suffocates again and again the listeners through black/death metal riffs but without playing, in any cases, a single guitar solo. And this holocaust is completed by a vocalist surely coming from absurd dimensions due to his (or its?) very dark, asphyxiating and slow growls in the vein of bands such as Temple Nightside or Vassafor. At this point, I think that you understood very well the kind of music played with so ferocious hate by these 3 demons: a bestial black/death metal in its rawest and purest form in a way that reminds me a lot of Black Witchery and Genocide Beast.
Sure, the band isn't creative and their songs are very similar but, in exchange, "Black Death Terroristic Onslaught" lasts only 28 minutes. In addition, I believe that the spectral vocals of Perverse Ritual Necromancer would be better appropriate for acts with a more doomish approach (like the aforementioned Temple Nightiside) and not for more blasting bands like Hellfire Deathcult. But, despite all this, the levels of evil, violence and depravity puked by them are remarkable and very fit for every maniac of the WAR FUKKEN METAL!!! And speaking about war metal, there is need to say that Hellfire Deathcult will play at the "Temple of Ascension vol. 1", a festival, scheduled between 16th and 18th August 2018 in Edmonton (Canada), with legendary bands of the calibre of Blasphemy, Revenge, Profanatica, Diocletian, Antichrist, Deiphago, Black Witchery, Goatpenis and many others, for a bloodbath of colossal proportions. Fuck, I wish I could be in Edmonton only for this planned massacre!


1 - Black Congregation ov Sepulchral Darkness
2 - Holocaustic Warfront
3 - Satanic Nuclear Devasation
4 - Death Conquers All
5 - Bestial Invocation ov War
6 - Blood Lust Ritual
7 - Terroristic Onslaught
8 - Hellstorm Chaos Battalion
9 - Baptized by Hellfire
10 - Anti God Kommando
11 - Triumphant Death March


Perverse Ritual Necromancer - vocals/bass
Apocalyptic Genocidal Desecrator - guitars
Warhammer Sodomizer - drums


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