Saturday, April 28, 2018

All My Sins - "Zov iz Magle" (Miner Recordings, 2018)

Band: All My Sins
Title: Zov iz Magle
Genre: Melodic Black Metal
Year: 31st January 2018
Time: 13 min
Rating: 80/100

Some months ago, the EP "Lunar/Solar" by All My Sins impressed me so lot that I put it into my 2017 TOP TEN releases, as a great example of blasting but poetic black metal. And now this Serbian duo, helped also this time by the session drummer Nemir, is back with the single "Zov iz Magle", whose two tracks were recorded during the same sessions of their upcoming debut album "Pra Sila - Vukov Totem". I think that All My Sins are striking the iron while it's hot because also "Zov iz Magle", released by the Serbian label Miner Recordings, is very FUCKIN' impressive!

The single is opened by the same "Zov iz Magle", that will be into the aforementioned debut album. Lasting almost 8 minutes of lenght, this song is able to be melodic and evocative also during its furious blast-beats. But it's mostly a mid-tempo number where Nav Cosmos alternates very well his usual Immortal-esque screams with the suggestive clean vocals by V that reminds me a lot the US pagan black metallers Northern Cold Vengeance (now Northern). I strongly believe that this new feature represented by this kind of clean vocals is useful to add more poetic and even epic tunes to the entire music of All My Sins.

Completely different is the following song: "Sa Dna". Released only for this single, "Sa Dna", in my opinion, is a REAL MASTERPIECE! It's a pure black metal ballad where All My Sins reach incredible levels of poetry starting from an acoustic intro. After this, there are also whispering vocals, clean guitars and engaging basslines. In addition, I love so much the open-ended, just in full emotive explosion of the track, in order to leave open the next magnificent and unknown landscapes of the concept-album that All My Sins are preparing in these last times.

So, V, Nav Cosmos and Nemir did it again! Even though I don't understand any fukken word in Serbian sang by the band (but you know that I love when the bands sing through their own languages), "Zov iz Magle" impress me everytime that I listen to it. Its poetry is awesome, its fury is awesome, its simple touches of keyboards are awesome, the way in which the songs are structured is awesome...DAMN, everything is awesome here! No other words, I can't wait to listen to "Pra Sila - Vukov Totem"!


1 - Zov iz Magle
2 - Sa Dna


Nav Cosmos - vocals (screams)
V - guitars/bass/keyboards/vocals (clean, choirs, whispers)
Nemir (session) - drums

Miner Recordings:

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