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Verano's Dogs+Tibia (Rome, 23rd June 2018)

Bands: Verano's Dogs/Tibia
Date: 23rd June 2018
Location: Trecentosessanta Gradi, Rome (Italy)

Between 22nd and 23rd June of 2018 there have been two very intense live gigs at the fantastic punk club Trecentosessanta Gradi (or 360): the first one was very hardcore punkish with a main act of the calibre of Insanity Alert, 4 funny and totally crazy crossover thrashers from Austria; instead, the second one was more extreme metal-oriented and contained in the bill only two Italian bands, included Verano's Dogs. For simple questions of time, I reviewed here the second gig mentioned but, surely, you have to expect, in the future days to come, also a nice live report about what happened on 22nd June, so please be patient, ok?

As first thing, there is need to say that the slaughtering extreme metal night scheduled for 23rd June was essentially the release party of Verano's Dogs to celebrate the very recent release of their debut album "Summoning the Hounds", published under the auspices of the Polish label Metal Age Productions. So, for this occasion, Verano's Dogs (Verano is a famous Roman cemetery) offered a discount on the album for the first 20 paying attendants, in order to let them to pay it 5 euros instead of the regular 10.

Additionally to this good news, there was also a bad news before that night: due to serious reasons, the band that was supposed to open it, the brutallers Exhume to Consume, was unable to be present, and this means that the second band in the bill, Tibia, became automatically the opening one. I was very curious to see Exhume to Consume because they consist of members coming from Sudden Death (please read the review about their new EP "Stillborn" as well the live report about them published some months ago). I wish a speedy recovery for the bassplayer of Exhume after his street accident.

So, let's start with Tibia! Contrarily to the previous gig that I attended, this time their singer Daniel Casari had no technical issues with the mic, and this allowed to him to unleash well all his fury while the band played its intense blackened hardcore very good to alternate atmospheric downtempos with blast-beats explosions through scrapping hardcore punkish moments.

Despite this, the absurd thing is that Tibia seem to be doomed to a perennial misfortune! I am saying this because, firstly, the drummer played with a such ferocity to destroy his snare just during the first minutes of the show, replacing it already with another one without any problems. Secondly, the band, at a certain point, have played in 4 elements instead of 5 because the guitarist Randie found himself with a...broken string of his guitar when he was playing! Apart these incidents, the performace of Tibia was truly devastating with the result to be appreciated a lot by the audience, provoking also a good moshpit among the most manic bangers. Anyway, it's incredibile that almost every gig of the bands of Daniel are condemned by an absurd series of troubles (please see also this live report about his Onryo)! At this point, I am seriously wondering why...

Surely, the exhibition of Verano's Dogs has been more regular! Now strong of the new drummer Curz, this trio played a lot of tracks taken from "Summoning the Hounds" such as "Mind Necropolis" or "Deadly Whispers", spewing forth a stinking and raw old-school mixture between death metal and grindcore which reminds me of Autopsy and Terrorizer. For the occasion, the band invited on stage the two guest vocalists that have participated to their album: so, we saw in action Alex (from the deathcore act The Juliet Massacre) as well Demian (from the HC maniacs Scheletro), that offered outstanding vocal annihilations along with Hulderich, the screaming singer/bassplayer of Verano's Dogs.

But a funny thing able to give something surreal to their gig is just about Hulderich: in fact, he was so happy while he was playing to scream and shout with a contagious smile in the face, also when the band was trying to play, with an adorable chaos punk way, a song...they didn't remember so well! And the moshpit? It happened only during the final minutes of their show between 4 moshing heads - 2 girls and 2 men (included me).

Differently from the ultra-demented night with Insanity Alert, the release party of Verano's Dogs has been more "relaxing", even though always in the sign of pure fun and good music. Now there is need to say that, on 11th July 2018 at 360, Tibia will support the British anarco-black metallers Dawn Ray'd. Instead, Verano's Dogs are going to participate to the 6th edition of the Ostia Palusa DIY Fest, a 3 days (from 29th June to 1st July) festival with free entrance in Ostia (in the province of Rome) and a lot of good bands, included Scheletro, Affluente, LVTN and many others.

Other gigs, other chances to see on stage kickass bands!




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