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Sudden Death - "Stillborn" (Art Gates Records, 2018)

Band: Sudden Death
Title: Stillborn
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Year: 25th May 2018
Time: 14 min
Rating: 72/100

There are plenty of bands called Sudden Death but there is only one with this name coming from Italy, more precisely from an area near Rome. If you remember well, I already talked about these Sudden Death through a live report published 3 months ago while today you'll read the review about their very fresh new EP "Stillborn", released under the auspices of the Spanish label Art Gates Records. It's always nice when a label from abroad supports the Italian bands, especially when they have a lot of experiences and also an excellent reputation in the motherland as, indeed, Sudden Death.

Now strong of two new guitarplayers called Giuseppe Ciurleo (ex-Escatology) and Pietro Sabato (Lectern), Sudden Death have spewed forth an EP with 4 tracks+intro. The music into it can be described as a US brutal death metal in the vein of Cannibal Corpse and Suffocation. The tracks are well structured and dynamic so to range from blasting explosions to some slamming parts able to be very slow as well to give to the listeners a zombie atmosphere as in "The Right to Kill".

While the vocals of Luis Maggio offer the usual brutal death metal alternation between growls and screams (I have the impression that he's more effective on stage than in studio), I think that the most interesting features of the band comes from the guitarwork. In fact, the lead guitar lines are frequent enough, especially during the slower parts in order to give more atmospheric vibes in a quasi-black metal sense. In addition, Giuseppe is also good to play some guitar solos, that aren't so common in the genre played by these 5 angry guys.
Hence, after the closing song "Too Dead to Fuck" where there are some female sex noises during its final seconds, "Stillborn" (whose I have the physical promo CD thanks to Ivan Magdalena of Art Gates Rec) can be considered a kind of test bench for the new guitarplayers, so I am very curious to hear the way in which the Sudden Death's style will be in the future productions to come, when there will be surely a better chemistry between Giuseppe as well Pietro with the entire band. For the moment, enjoy this slab of deadly metal, but now I hope that this act will be more prolific because it's incredible that they published only 4 releases in 21 years of existence!


1 - Intro
2 - Flood the Ground
3 - The Right to Kill
4 - Stillborn
5 - Too Dead to Fuck


Luis Maggio - vocals
Pietro Sabato - guitars
Giuseppe Ciurleo - lead guitars
Daniele Marrocco - basso
Andrea Pro - drums

Art Gates Records:

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