Friday, September 21, 2018

Satanic Surfers - "Back from Hell" (Mondo Macabre Records, 2018)

Band: Satanic Surfers
Title: Back from Hell
Genre: Melodic Hardcore Punk/Skate Punk
Time: 30 min
Year: 10th August 2018
Rating: 89/100

13 years! So many fuckin' years have passed since the Swedish skatepunkers Satanic Surfers released their last album "Taste the Poison" (Bad Taste Records, 2005) before ending their path in 10th February 2007. Fortunately, they were back stronger than never in December 2014 and, after many sold out shows especially through Germany, they have recently released a comeback under the auspices of Mondo Macabre Records, a sub-label of Regain/Blood Harvest Rec. Let me say already that we're talking about a comeback so devastating that Satanic Surfers seem to be again young and wild as in 1995 such is the intensity of their new hooks!

In fact, you must prepare to listen to a 7th album with 10 songs that will leave you breathless! This is due to a totally furious but melodic hardcore punk in which raging speed and very good technical skills are perfectly combined for a style that's very peculiar and still fresh also since Satanic Surfers are able to surprise the listeners in EVERY second!

For example, the riffing is really hysterical and unpredictable by showing even important heavy metal influences also for the many guitar solos, so there is an excellent interaction between the two guitarists Max and Magnus. Another example is given by the bassplayer Andy, that often create his own lines in order to make more intense and deeper the entire assault. Obviously, the tentacular drummer Stefan (the newer member of the band) along with the historical singer Rodrigo (reinforced at times by some imaginative gang choruses...and you have to think that once he was even the drummer!) are no less of quality! All together they have written well structured songs that are longer if compared with the classic hardcore punk standards, if you consider that some of them (like "Self-Medication" and "Madhouse") last 4 minutes and little more. In addition, I realized that the first five songs are more direct and faster, while the last five ones, even though they are generally always fast'n'furious, have anyway a more dynamic approach thanks to some mid-tempos.
Of all the songs, I would like to mention the following: the same "Self-Medication" (less manic in terms of speed and more melodic than the usual also thanks to a strange but fantastic deceleration with great line vocals by the singer), "All Gone to Shit" (surely the most violent number of the album), "Paying Tribute" (that ends through a funny rockish way), and "Pato Loco" (that, full of incredibly catchy riffs, is a half instrumental with few guttural vocals). Actually, the entire album deserve to be mentioned track by track because all the songs are very good. My only complaint is about the same titletrack since it's not so spectacular to end the album but, obviously, this doesn't seriously ruin the experience.

Nothing else to say! This comeback show a band that is at the highest level of its game by playing a furious, ultra-energetic, melodic, ruvid, technical and unpredictable hardcore punk in according to an old-school but fresh way! So it's true: Satanic Surfers are again young and wild as in 1995! Hence, if they are still so good in studio, I can't imagine how they can be fantastic on stage, so I can't wait to see them live here in Rome but, meanwhile, the German fans must know that Satanic Surfers will tour again in Germany from 31st October to 4th November.


1 - The Usurper
2 - Catch My Breath
3 - Self-Medication
4 - All Gone To Shit
5 - Ain't No Ripper
6 - Madhouse
7 - Going Nowhere Fast
8 - Paying Tribute
9 - Pato Loco
10 - Back From Hell


Rodrigo - vocals
Max - guitars
Magnus - guitars
Andy - bass
Stefan - drums


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