Monday, September 24, 2018

Desekryptor/Draghkar - "Desekryptor/Draghkar split" (Blood Harvest Records, 2018)

Bands: Desekryptor/Draghkar
Title: Desekryptor/Draghkar split
Genre: Death Metal
Time: 7:44 min
Year: 20th April 2018
Rating: 70/100

After the melodic HC punk madness by Satanic Surfers, today it's the turn of a devastating split between two of the most exciting new death metal bands that are infesting nowadays this genre: Desekryptor and Draghkar, both from USA.

Released by Blood Harvest Records, the split starts with Desekryptor, that in 2017 released the acclaiming "Chasm of Rot" demo. Their song into this split, "The Ceremony of Cleaning Corpses", is a total massacre in the sign of a chaotic, dark, cavernous and blasting death metal with deep growls, a painful dissonant sequence and some doomish passages also with freezing black metal arpeggios. In general, this ultra-violent approach reminds me a lot of a lesser technical version of Ascended Dead. Maybe, some parts are too cacophonus due to a gloomy production but nothing really able to seriously compromise the song.

After that, there is the side of Draghkar, a band whose debut demo "World Unraveled" (2017) was reviewed just on these pages. In comparison with it, there is need to say that BW and co. have abandoned their sinister death metal influenced very much by the Finnish masters of the genre. So, you can find in "Stealing the Keys to Nothingness", their song into this split, a sort of thrashing death metal with few black metal touches and the agonizing growls of the guitarist and leader BW. I would have liked to hear a better use of the black metal influences because here they are shortly hinted. Lyrically speaking, BW told me that "Stealing..." represent a prequel to their new conceptual EP "The Endless Howling Abyss", that I'll surely review in the next days to come. And in fact, "Stealing..." is about a "howling abyss" and the keys to lock it.

In brief, this split has only two songs (average lenght: almost 4 minutes), and you know that's very difficult  to judge in a right way a band through a single track. Anyway, what's I listened here is good and promises nice things for the future. Meanwhile, if Desekryptor still must release something new after that split, there has been a sort of revolution into Draghkar, as you'll see soon. So, stay tuned...and stay DEATH FUCKIN' METAL!!!


1 - The Ceremony of Cleaning Corpses (Desekryptor)
2 - Stealing the Keys to Nothingness (Draghkar)

Desekryptor's line-up:

PA - vocals/guitars/bass
ES - guitars/bass
TS - drums

Draghkar's line-up:

BW - vocals/guitars
DK - guitars
ES - drums

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Desekryptor's Facebook:
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Blood Harvest Records:

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