Friday, February 26, 2021

Torn Fabriks - "Mind Consumption" (Firecum Records, 2021)

Band: Torn Fabriks
Title: Mind Consumption
Genre: Thrash Metal
Time: 20.46 min
Release date: 11th January 2021
Vote: 90/100

Hi, my worshipped scum! I love the sound of thrash metal early in the morning! After the alarm went off, I put my personal playlist on and I feel a beneficial discharge of pure adrenaline getting me out of bad, ready to scream: “Good morning fucking world! I’m here again!” I grew up with this metal genre, I begin at thirteen years old with "Handle with Care" by Nuclear Assault and I love the period between 80’s and 90’s. So when I had for the hands the new portuguese thrash metal band Torn Fabriks, I recalled the past through their debut EP "Mind Consumption" (Firecum Records, 2021), a shard of evil, great and evergreen thrash metal work where old school sound coming round again and revived similarly to other “modern” bands like Iron Reagan or Lich King.

Something interesting about Torn Fabriks: this band, in according to the presskit in my possession, is a "product of the covid-19 pandemic health crisis and lockdown measurements imposed by portuguese authorities". These three high level musicians, Ricardo Santos, Paulo Soares and Jorge Matos, "shared some riffs and ideas between them, just for fun". But this joke had an evolution being a project with serious intention. A work that consists in an old school thrash metal songs à la Exodus!
They open the evil dance with "Respect", perfectly in line with the glorious past times: fast and furious track, with a bit of pause used to charge a powerful guitar cavalcade performed with an high kind of technicality. "Idiocracy Layers", track number two, tears and rips in the beginning like Wolverine’s claws and then explodes like an old 22,000 lb “Grand Slam” earthquake bomb, demonstrating that old style can still cause heavy and pleasant damages. "Face it", the third song, hits very hard with guitar and drums in perfect combo (someone said "shoryukeeeeen"? [Street Fighter reigns haha! - Flavio]). "Felt the Treason", "Evil Eight" and "Bring Me Down" (that was also released as a promotional video) end this first production adding the remaining magic powder to make this album a little masterpiece.

In conclusion, what is "Mind Consumption"? It’s a "message about the danger of being brainwashed by the tentacles of a masonic and illuminated octopus that overwhelms us with its nefarious mind controlling methods, transforming humanity as insignificant beings, evidencing the enormous inequalities between people". More actual than this! Highly recommended for those who want to headbang ‘till death and also for those who want to listen to good metal music!


1 - Respect
2 - Idiocracy Layers
3 - Face It
4 - Felt the Treason
5 - Evil Eight
6 - Bring Me Down


Ricardo Santos - vocals/bass
Jorge Matos - guitars
Paulo Soares - drums

Firecum Records:

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