Friday, March 12, 2021

Sarcastic Burn Victim - "Blood & Stomach Pills" (Cruel Nature Records, 2021)

Sarcastic Burn Victim
Title: Blood & Stomach Pills
Genre: Jazzcore
Release date: 29th January 2021
Time: 26.21 min
Vote: 90/100

Hi, extreme metal rogues! Passing almost unscathed through the annual italian music festival named “SanRemo”, just a little vomit, increased blood pressure and diarrhoea caused by “artists” like Fedez and Achille Lauro [but, incredibly, there is need to say that, after a lot of time, the festival has been won this year by a rock band! - Flavio], then I have to take some “Blood & Stomach Pills”!

This is the name of the new album by Sarcastic Burn Victim, an English jazzcore band. For those who don't know what is jazzcore, let me tell a story about a saxophonist named John Zorn. This man is one of the most strange characters I have seen , an eclectic musician that has produced great works of contemporary music but also has created a supergroup known as Painkiller, in which calibers like Bill Laswell and Mick Harris played, melting jazz and grindcore.

Sarcastic Burn Victim continues along the path of this unusual genre, giving us an unique and extreme experience, a mind-blowing trip along chaos and discrepancy, showing a music with multiple personalities, each one full of secrets, perversions, wizardries, mutations, incomparable madness! Thirty minutes of merciless attack beginning with the first track "Deep Pan Magna Charta" in which are mixed saxophone's yelling and singer's screaming giving us an acoustic brutal devastation. In "Bladders" a doom-like sound meets saxophone another time, and it sounds like claws over a blackboard. After this, we have a series of very short tracks like "Wolf Goat", "Goat Wolf", "Goat" and "Banzai Kablooley and the Cockatoo Banana House" representing a minimal sharpened splinters, and other grindcore addicted pieces like "Please Note the Pterodactyl is Also a Ninja" or "Cabbage and Eyeliner". We have also space for performances of distorted free jazz improvisations as in "Obscure Cayman Islands Offshore Holding Representatives". Mention of honor also to "Natural Born Testicles", a simil white noise armed trap and "Michaeldouglasplazt" that reaches the top of the wildness, ending this crazy ride through an hallucinated landscape.

"Blood & Stomach Pills" is not for all, but if you have a good dose of bravery and your mind is at odds with mainstream musical works, probably you'll be satisfied like an elder bloody god after a human flesh banquet!


1 - Deep Pan Magna Carta
2 - Bladders
3 - Wolf Goat
4 - Goat Wolf
5 - Please Note the Pterodactyl is Also a Ninja
6 - Hash, Weed, Pills, Sauerkraut
7 - Goat
8 - Enter the Church of the Apocalyptic Burnchild
9 - Banzai Kablooey and the Cockatoo Banana House
10 - Obscure Cayman Islands Offshore Holding Representatives
11 - Wolf 2
12 - Natural Born Testicles
13 - Cabbage and Eyeliner
14 - He Uses his Filthy Madras Stained String Vest to Catch Special Ops in Guatemala
15 - We're Eating Lieutenant Dropping's Friends
16 - Michaeldouglasplatz


Zara Skumshot – vocals
Dr. Age – noise
Rupel – noise
Jason Cineration – guitars
Monad – drums
Sax Pest - saxophone

Cruel Nature Records:

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