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Children of Technology - "Written Destiny" (Hells Headbangers Records, 2020)

Children of Technology
Title: Written Destiny
Genre: Punkish Speed Metal
Release date: 18th December 2020
Time: 33.42 min
Vote: 86/100

6 years ago I reviewed on "Future Decay", the second album of an Italian group called Children of Technology. From that time, very much is changed in the world but also in this band of 4 maniacs, that, during that period, in 2014, was a half-female quartet while now it is an all-male trio, leaded, as always, by the vocalist DeathLörd Astwülf, accompanied since 2010 by the guitarist Borys Crossburn, a guy involved in other some bands like Barbarian and even owner of labels such as Agipunk. Instead, the new entry is the drummer Dee Dee Altar, that isn't a freshman because of his militancy, for example, in notable acts like Bunker 66. With this line-up including a Borys Crossburn also in the role of bassplayer, Children of Technology have spewed recently forth, through the infamous Hells Headbangers Records, a new album: "Written Destiny".

Now, the formation is different from the previous years but nothing is changed in the basic sound of Children of Technology. In fact, we are talking about 8 tracks devoted to a roaring speed metalpunk with post-apocalyptic themes, in an approach not so far from similar bands like Overcharge. So, here the speed reigns over all, even though, sometimes, there are quieter and atmospheric moments, as in the ballad-like intro of "Desert City". There is also need to say that every song is an anthem, as taught by the '80s, and each of them is sung with big energy by a DeathLörd Astwülf in great shape. He offers a nice vocal variety since he ranges from hysterical falsettos to raucous grunts à la Lemmy, and without forgetting to spew forth some "ignorant" growls. In addition, in "The Days of Future Past" there are even evocative vocals that are very close to the same Barbarian.
Is there need to add something else? Well, Children of Technology, with this album, remain a strong point of reference for those who eat bread and metalpunk every day. Plus, I think that "Written Destiny" is better than "Future Decay", not entirely convincing because of a production a bit too clean for my tastes. Said also about a wonderful cover artwork courtesy of the Italian artist Velio Josto (we already knew him on these pages through Aggressive Perfector), "Written Destiny" is full of songs perfect to be performed on a stage so to provoke a notable moshpit... hoping that this fuckin' Covid will finally die very soon!


1 - Soundtrack of No Future
2 - Creation Through Destruction
3 - Written Destiny
4 - The New Barbarians
5 - Desert City
6 - Warpainted Nightcreatures
7 - The Days of Future Past
8 - Wasteland Cratediggers


DeathLörd Astwülf - vocals
Borys Crossburn - guitars/bass
Dee Dee Altar - drums

Hells Headbangers Records:

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