Saturday, March 6, 2021

Malichor - "Sirens of Innsmouth" (Self-released, 2020)

Title: Sirens of Innsmouth
Genre: Black/Thrash Metal
Time: 7.01 min
Release date: 17th October 2020
Vote: 75/100

After something like 3 years, the Australian quintet Malichor comes back on these pages with a 2-track single entitled "Sirens of Innsmouth". Released only in a digital format through BandCamp, it is a sort of concept-single "telling the tale of the fiendish inhabitants from the bordello "Sirens" in the derelict town of Innsmouth", that are the seducing but deadly creatures mentioned in the title.

Musically, this production doesn't show any particular variations in the very traditional sound offered by Malichor. In fact, both the songs are in the sign of a hyperspeed and well played black/thrash metal, also if, to say the entire truth, the riffing is thrasher than black. Of the tracks, "Sirens of Innsmouth" usually goes at a more typical pace for the thrash metal standards. Instead, "Lorelei" (named after the Siren Queen) is, at the same time, more dynamic and more violent due to a stronger presence of the blast-beats. Very good are the guitar solos, featured in both the songs.
As a conclusion for this fast'n'furious review, I say that "Sirens of Innsmouth" delivers remarkable doses of intensity, as usual for this band. Only shame for the fact that it is simply a 2-track release, so I can't wait for a more consistent production by these 5 demons. Meanwhile, I suggest you not only to listen to this single but also to enjoy the animated video that the band made for "Sentinels", a track taken from their debut album "Nightmares and Abominations", that I featured in "Come on, burn my ears! #13".


1 - Sirens of Innsmouth
2 - Lorelei


D. Defiler - vocals
A. Abominatus - guitars
B. Exhumus - guitars
I. Murdoroth - bass
R. Morturus - drums

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