Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Vomitile - "Pure Eternal Hate" (Satanath Records/Hecatombe Records, 2018)

Band: Vomitile
Title: Pure Eternal Hate
Genre: Death Metal
Time: 36.46 min
Release Date: 18th April 2018
Rating: 77/100

After a black metal break with the French band Geisterfels, today there's new room for some death metal onslaught! Specifically, this is the review about the third album of a quartet coming from Cyprus, a nation surely not famous for its metal bands. If I remember well, these Vomitile are just the first band from Cyprus ever reviewed by me! And, as a first time into the realm of the so-called Cy metal, I must say I started very well since "Pure Eternal Hate" strikes as it should be. What labels released it? The Spanish Hecatombe Records along with Satanath Records, that now is a regular presence on these demented pages since the "far" December 2017.

The first notable thing about "Pure Eternal Hate" is that it starts already at a breakneck speed in order to assault the listeners without proposing any stupid intros. And the second notable thing is that we're talking about an album in which there is an old-school death metal that offers some vaguely thrash metal influences as well few moments closer to brutal death metal, a wise balancement between massive mid-tempos and faster passages (blast-beats included) and merciless war themes. These last ones are recited with immense malice by the classic growls à la Ross Dolan of the bassplayer Khatch Yildizian (that is the twin brother of the guitarist George Yildizian...but it's incredibile that they looks like a friend of mine!).
The approach choosen by Vomitile is predictable enough, so, at the contrary of other Satanath Death metal bands like Wrathrone, these 4 Cypriot headbangers don't offers particular surprises throughout the 10 songs of the album. But, fortunately, the sound is intense and malicious in the right way, especially in the favorite songs of mine such as "Pestilation", "Labeled Dead" (Gorguts' "Considered Dead", anyone?), "To Deflesh" and "Nothing but Pain" (that contains an interesting guitar solos which is stranger than the usual). In addition, in the list you'll find even songs focused on slower tempos called "HateField" and "Executioner of Strenght", that shows the good abilities of Vomitile to create heavier tracks without any fast moments.
That's all, folks! "Pure Eternal Hate" is fit for every maniac in pure eternal love with the US death metal and Bolt Thrower. So, if you like these last ones but even beasts such as Deicide, Malevolent Creation, Cannibal Corpse and the likes, then don't break my balls anymore and buy "Pure Eternal Hate", or otherwise you are a FUKKEN POSER! And now, I would like a lot to have a chat, for a possible interview, with Vomitile also in order to know better the obscure Cyprus metal scene and its conditions totally unknown to me.


1 - Mass Extermination
2 - Pestilation
3 - Labeled Dead
4 - HateField
5 - Glorify the Insane
6 - Executioner of Strenght
7 - To Deflesh
8 - Nothing but Pain
9 - Soulskinner
10 - Carnal Surgery


Khatch Yildizian - vocals/bass
George Yildizian - guitars
Panos Larkou - guitars
Hugo Olivos - drums

FaceBook: http://www.facebook.com/vomitile
Satanath Records: http://www.satanath.com/
Hecatombe Records: https://www.facebook.com/hecatombe-records-171144762973227/

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