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Hatevömit/Nunslaughter - "Hatevömit/Nunslaughter" (GrimmDistribution/Metal ör Die Records, 2019)

Bands: Hatevömit/Nunslaughter
Title: Hatevömit/Nunslaughter
Genre: Black/Death/Thrash Metal
Time: 11.05 min
Release date: 12th June 2019
Vote: 66/100

It was strange that a cult band of the calibre of Nunslaughter still had no places of their own on these putrid pages. So, today I thought well to review their split released in the now dead 2019 and shared with the Turkish/German horde Hatevömit. Each of them is presented through 2 tracks, so the total songs are 4. And, as usual for the Satanath Records and for its sublabels, also this split is a co-production of GrimmDistribution, this time along with the Hungarian label Metal ör Die Records.
Now, the split starts with Hatevömit, a trio that recorded their two songs in a timeline between 2015 and 2018. The first song, "Possessed Nightmare", is a bit strange because it's not fast but it shows mostly a slow and haunting black metal with growling vocals. The following, "Necro Future", combines that occult black metal à la Beherit with some blasting and more death metal-oriented parts that are worthy of a war metal band,(it isn't a case if some of the main influences of the band are demons such as Black Witchery or Archgoat!) with the addition of a sort of disturbing guitar solo in the middle.
A totally different sound for the Pittsburgh-based band Nunslaughter. Leaded with a rare passion by Don of the Dead since the very far 1987 and known for their endless discography in a similar way to Agathocles, Nunslaughter recorded instead their tracks into the split in a cursed day of 2017. Both "Fuck the Bastard" and "Satanic Slut" are great songs presenting a raw and violent death/thrashing madness very rooted in the '80s, in according to a style now played with big conviction by younger bands such as Hexecutor, Thulsa Doom or Venefixion. And it's incredible how much fury Don of the Dead, with his wicked laughters, is able to spew forth after all these years, as if he still were young and wild! No doubts, he's a real death metal maniac like few others!

In brief, this split, that is available in various formats also through Blasphemous Art Rec and Total Darkness Propaganda, shows two truly different bands, whose Nunslaughter (vote: 70) thanks to their relentless and straight-to-the-point intensity, is better than Hatevömit (vote: 62) These last ones, that are now working on a new EP, are surely good but without being totally engaging, also because of an opening song that, for me, could be faster and more impactful. But since today you can finally find here not only Hatevömit but also those US legends called Nunslaughter!


1 - Possessed Nightmare
2 - Necro Future
3 - Fuck the Bastard
4 - Satanic Slut

Hatevömit's line-up:

Damnare - vocals
Unholy Nuklear Terrorist - guitars/bass
H. - drums

Nunslaughter's line-up:

Don of the Dead - vocals
Tormentor - guitars
The Mangler - bass
Wrath - drums

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Nunslaughter's FaceBook:

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