Thursday, January 16, 2020

Educated Scum - "Corrupt" (GrimmDistribution/More Hate Productions, 2019)

Band: Educated Scum
Title: Corrupt
Genre: Death Metal/Grindcore
Time: 30.01 min
Release date: 23rd June 2019
Vote: 82/100

What a surprise these Educated Scum! After even 8 years from their debut album "React", these 5 Moscow-based maniacs active since 2000, along with the session drummer Dmitriy "Fin" Fiskin (Ashen Light), released a new album called "Corrupt" under the auspices of a co-production between GrimmDistribution and More Hate Productions.

With this still fresh opus, Educated Scum spewed forth a sort of death/grindcore that is incredibly creative and unpredictable throughout its 8 official tracks, mixing the old-school with more modernist solutions. In fact, it includes not only the "regular" (for the genre) hardcore punk tunes but also some thrash metal influences (very strong in a song like "Downfall of Morality"), spoken samples here and there, engaging groovy passages (just starting from the intro "March of the Discontent"), inventive guitars with also some effects, incredibly virtuosistic guitar solos that, thanks to their somehow proggy flavour, creates an interesting contrast with the general brutality of the music, power ballad moments with acoustic guitars able even to move emotionally the listeners (OH YEAH!)... and two hidden tracks without title that are very absurd, especially the first one. So, that's why before I said "8 official tracks" since, for the truth, they are 10.
Maybe the so-called hidden songs are a bit useless if you consider that the last official (double) number "The Birth of Conflict/The Death of Peace", that is also the most dynamic in the list, is so good which could end the album with the fireworks. But, fuck this consideration because "Corrupt" deserves your attention! Now, I am wondering if Educated Scum are playing some gigs because, through their rarely updated FB page, they don't play live on a stage since a lot of time. It's a shame considering the intense music they play, isn't it?


1 - March of the Discontented
2 - Stupid and Blind (Red Utopia Part I)
3 - Cold Civil War
4 - Downfall of Morality
5 - Corruption
6 - No Way Out But Down (Extinction Mode)
7 - Chameleon
8 - The Birth of Conflict/The Death of Peace
9 - Hidden Track I
10 - Hidden Track II


Eugene "Jack Vegas" Tkachev - vocals
Dmitriy "Dimebag" Dasov - backing vocals
Mikhail "MishGun" Kuznetsov - guitars/vocals
Konstantin Rudenko - bass (tracks 1-3, 6)
Andrey "Abadon" Shmorgoon - bass (tracks 4, 5, 7, 9)
Dmitriy "Fin" Fiskin (session) - drums


Kirill NEMolyaev - vocals (track 9)
Oleg Izotov - guitars (track 3)
Konstantin Seleznev - guitars (track 6)
Alexey Karpov - guitars (track 7)
Vladimir Blesnov - guitars (track 7)

Satanath Records:
More Hate Productions:

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