Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Hyle - "Weapons I've Earned" (DIY Co-production, 2020)

Title: Weapons I've Earned
Genre: Crust Punk/Death Metal
Release date: 22nd May 2020
Time: 19.09 min
Vote: 90/100

Once upon a time there was a fantastic hardcore punk festival in Rome called Marci su Roma, whose two editions were held in 2018 and 2019. The latter (live report here) had a very interesting bill full not only of some legendary British bands like Oi Polloi but also of some promising acts like these Hyle, an (almost) all-female crust punk band. Unfortunately, they couldn't took part of the fest due to various issues. After something like two years, Hyle are back on these pages because Francesco reviewed their third production since 2016, the album "Weapons I've Earned", that, mixed and mastered by Fabio Banfio from Rake-Off and Taste the Floor, was released in a DIY co-production involving realities such as Calimocho DIY, Bright Future, Fresh Outbreak Records, Scull Crashers and Shove Records.
And now let's go to read the review by Francesco!

Hi, brutalbangers, it’s time for you and for your extreme metal sound wasted ears to know a crust/death metal Italian band directly from Bologna: the Hyle. Almost completely feminine group, the core formed by girls that are sailed veterans of this music genre, grown with bread and hc, used to fight, shaped by anarco-feminist ideology, first line rioters and daughters of the Italian underground movements, always the real forge of ideas and cultural revolution. They beat up very strong and with furious anger! I love their sound because it remembers me the beginning of one of my favorite bands, the mighty Bolt Thrower! So, how is their album? Though, heavy, subversive, with dosed wickedness.
Let’s start with the title “Weapons I’ve Earned”, which is the name of one of the tracks, and its meaning: I arm myself after a trauma, ready for not being hit another time. It’s a clear message and a good declaration of intent. Returning to the tracks ,”Holding My Breath” starts with an energetic growing that leads to a caustic explosion singing with growl equally caustic. “No Other Choiche” is an instrumental war song that can induce immediately to a frenzied headbanging like also “Ancestors”. “Numb” is the shortest but most violent track, one of those who can teleport you in the middle of a chaotic mosh pit! Then “I’m a Slob” and “Visions” are made to take out an high level of primordial rage.

So, in conclusion, I think that this work is a great surprise, and I recommend to listen to this album if you need an heavy amount of adrenaline!


1 - No Other Choice
2 - Weapons I've Earned
3 - Numb
4 - Holding My Breath
5 - I'm a Slob
6 - Visions
7 - Ancestors
8 - Flesh

Line up:

Olli – voice
Pilvia - guitars
Matteo – bass
Gina – drums

FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/hylepunx
BandCamp: https://hylepunx.bandcamp.com/

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