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Abigorum - "Exaltatus Mechanism" (Satanath Records, 2019)

Band: Abigorum
Title: Exaltatus Mechanism
Genre: Black/Doom Metal
Time: 45.31 min
Release date: 14th June 2019
Vote: 65/100

Maybe it's too late to talk about "Exaltatus Mechanism" but I must say the truth: I listened to it only in these last days after receiving it one year ago circa directly from Satanath Records, the Russian label that released this debut album by Abigorum.

Now, Abigorum was founded in 2012 as one-man band guided by Alexey Koryolov, the same owner of Satanath Rec. In 2019, Abigorum became a three-piece with the addition of the bassplayer Sandra Batsch aka Pesthexe and the singer/guitarist Tino "Fluch" Thiele, both from Germany. With this formation, the band recorded and released "Exaltatus Mechanism", with which they almost completely abandoned the use of the English for the German language.

"Exaltatus Mechanism" consists of 9 songs in which there is essentially a sinister, nightmarish and ritualistic black/doom metal played at an (ultra-)slow pace and with some dark ambient hints while the vocals are generally raven-like in a classic black metal tradition. This stuff is surely good but I am not into it because you know that I don't like so much the slow metal and, besides this, there is need to say that, throughout the album, the variations are few. So, I suggest these Abigorum to everyone into Xasthur, Leviathan and the likes.

Said all this shit, Abigorum are now a duo without Sandra. With this new incarnation, they are releasing just this April the second album "Vergessene Stille" through a co-production between Duplicate Rec, Satanath Rec and Black Blood Rec. It seems that this upcoming work will be even heavier than the first one, if you consider that the song used to promote it lasts the beauty of 11 anguishing minutes.


1 - Grau und Schwarz
2 - Maskenball
3 - Jetzt
4 - Für die Ewigkeit
5 - Königreich Dunkelheit
6 - Der ängstliche Mensch
7 - Krieg
8 - Über Dich
9 - Das Kloster


Tino "Fluch" Thiele - vocals/guitars
Sandra "Pesthexe" Batsch - bass
Aleksey "Satanath" Koryolov - drums/keyboards

Satanath Records:

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