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Profane Order - "Slave Morality" (Sentient Ruin Laboratories/Krucyator Productions/Les Fleurs du Mal Productions, 2019)

Band: Profane Order
Title: Slave Morality
Genre: Bestial Black/Death Metal
Time: 33.47 min
Release date: 30th September 2019
Vote: 91/100

Profane Order are the living demonstration of force that the war metal still naturally belongs to Canada, and you can do anything about this fact! But they don't comes from the infamous Ross Bay but exactly from that particular region called Québec, that is ultimately better known for its black metal of the various Forteresse, Neige et Noirceur, etc. Despite this recent tradition, Profane Order shows also that Québec is even amazing at spewing forth tons of quality war metal, as perfectly exemplified by the here reviewed "Slave Morality", that has been released on various formats so to satisfy every kind of fan. This means that it is available on vinyl as well as digitally by Sentient Ruin Laboratories, on CD by Krucyator Productions, and on tape by Les Fleurs du Mal Productions.

After a disturbing intro entitled "A Barren and Everlasting Isolation" lasting 2 minutes and an half that promises the worst atrocities, these last ones become reality thanks to a form of very orthodox bestial black/death metal that the fans like me can only love without any fukken doubts. In fact, Profane Order, throughout the 8 songs (+ intro) composing their second album "Slave Morality", play with incredible cruelty and intensity, and spewing forth moments of total chaos (for example, listen to the first hallucinated seconds of "Ancient Blood"), as it should be for this special genre. So, expect to be bombarded again and again by riffs combining amazingly black and death metal solutions, noisy solos in which the guitars are substantially raped, blasting drums able to reach absurd, supersonic speeds, and without forgetting to mention a unhuman vocal department made more monstrous by an echo effect but also by some howling vocals (as already shown by the same intro). All this makes Profane Order as the perfect prototype of war metal band, also thanks to very classic songtitles like "Black Vomit Desecration" and "Antichrist Abomination".

But, to say the truth, this duo leaded with iron fist by the multi-instrumentalist Illusory since 2015 (now they are a trio with two new members), is also something more than what I described before, so to show a good variety throughout the album. For example, Profane Order don't always play at a fast(er) pace but also, at times, in a slow manner, like in "Ancient Blood", a song in which the speeds are less demented than the usual. There is need to say that some mid/slow tempos are characterized by a sort of occult atmosphere, as in the closing "Entranced (by the Morning Star)", which is the longest track of the album because of its 5 minutes of lenght. And, finally, here aren't only raping guitar solos since the guitars are also able to play layered riffs/guitar solos more based on the atmosphere ("Perverse Demoniac" is a good example of this), so to remind me a lot of a band like Necroblood.
All in all, Profane Order are a "perfect prototype of war metal band", in a vein very close to Diocletian and to the early Heresiarch, but with some interesting features useful to create more variety. But, most importantly, they know how writing well structured songs with memorable moments and riffs, and this means I found no real flaws during my listening sessions (at most, I don't like so much a drums' sound not so engaging but it's a trifle). So, I strongly think that "Slave Morality" is surely one of the best war metal albums released in 2019, along for example with the debut album of Human Agony (they are Canadians, too!). At this point, I thought well to put Profane Order in the Timpani allo Spiedo's second playlist because their sonic holocaust has really few competitors out there!


1 - A Barren and Everlasting Isolation (intro)
2 - Righteous Spawn (of the Plague Child)
3 - Black Vomit Desecration
4 - War (Upon the Modern World)
5 - Perverse Demoniac
6 - Ancient Blood
7 - Antichrist Abomination
8 - Hexed (Defiling God's Child)
9 - Entranced (by the Morning Star)


Illusory - vocals/guitars/bass/drums
TG - guitars

Sentient Ruin Laboratories:
Krucyator Productions:
Les Fleurs du Mal Productions:

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