Live Reports

Mayhem/Dragged into Sunlight/Naudiz (Ciampino, Italy, 17th October 2017) (in English)
Impiety/Necrowretch/Gort/Nefastoreth (Rome, Italy, 1st December 2017) (in English)
Hierophant/Onryo (Rome, Italy, 28th December 2017) (in English)
Sodomized Cadaver/Sudden Death/A Taste of Fear (Rome, Italy, 18th March 2018) (in English)
Necrodeath/Whiskey and Funeral/Lapida (Rome, Italy, 14th April 2018) (in English)
Tibia/Extreme Smoke 57/One Day in Fukushima/yButteroy/Fuoco/Closed Speech (Rome, Italy, 22nd April 2018) (in English)
Incantation/Suicidal Causticity/Dr. Gore/Neid (Rome, Italy, 16th May 2018) (in English)
Raw Power/Rake-Off/Motosega/No More Lies (Rome, Italy, 26th May 2018) (in English)
Verano's Dogs+Tibia (Rome, Italy, 23rd June 2018) (in English)
Insanity Alert/Taste the Floor/Underball/Movement (Rome, Italy, 22nd June 2018) (in English)
Tibia/Dawn Ray'd/Unyielding Love/Seventh Genocide (Rome, Italy, 11th July 2018) (in English)
Cripple Bastards/Sudden Death/Enemynside/One Day in Fukushima (Rome, 7th September 2018) (in English)
Go! Fest #8 (Rome, 29th September 2018) (in English)
Abysmal Grief/Night Gaunt/Suum (Rome, 2nd November 2018) (in English)
Marci su Roma Fest (Rome, 3rd November 2018) (in English)
Grind Galà vol. 1 (Rome, 7th December 2018) (in Italian)
Sepolcro/Verano's Dogs/Bedsore/Thecodontion (Rome, 13th December 2018) (in Italian)
Questa E' Roma (Rome, 12th January 2019) (in Italian)
Antropofagus/Nihilo/Gravestone/Thecodontion (Dragona, 8th February 2019) (in English)
Injury Broadcast/Mefitica/Cocks in the Hole/Galera (Rome, 16th February 2019) (in Italian)
Short Fuse/Show of Force/Pressa/Fuoco/Not Sober at All (Rome, 23rd February 2019) (in Italian)
Verano's Dogs/Beelzebeat/xCaracox/Greve (Rome, 22nd March 2019) (in Italian)
Teleport/Assumption/Ekpyrosis/Ferum/Bedsore (Rome, 5th April 2019) (in English)
Fingernails/Lapida/Sumera/Chtulu (Rome, 4th May 2019) (in Italian)
Onryo+Endless Swarm+Nothing Clean+Inglorious Basterds+Mind/Knot (Rome, 29th April 2019) (in English)
LaFuria!+Napoli Violenta+Scheletro+yButteroy (Rome, 12th July 2019) (in Italian)
Circle One+Ira+Fronte della Spirale+The Ammonoids (Rome, 6th September 2019) (in English)
Go! Fest #9 (Rome, 21st September 2019) (in English)
One Way System+Obscene Revenge+Tacita+Choke Wire (Rome, 5th October 2019) (in English)
Stige+Verano's Dogs+Krangs+Sbocco Nichilista (Rome, 25th October 2019) (in Italian)
Marci su Roma 2 Fest (Rome, 2nd November 2019) (in English)
Sepolcro+Thulsa Doom+Morbus Grave (Rome, 7th November 2019) (in Italian)
Blasphemy+Necromorbid+Barbarian Swords (Rome, 5th December 2019) (in English)
Questa E' Roma 2020 (Rome, 18th January 2020) (in English)
Punk is not dead: la scène punk à Marseille (1976/2016) (Marseille, 11th January 2020) (in English)
Sect Mark+Siege Stompers+Closed Speech+Mind/Knot+Causeffect (Rome, 15th February 2020) (in Italian)
Fuck Covid-19 Edition (streaming on YouTube, 30th May 2020) (in Italian)
Shockproof+Gigantomachia (Rome, 23th July 2020) (in Italian)
I Maiali+Sleazy Bar (Rome, 31st July 2020) (in Italian)
Verano's Dogs+I Maiali+Voidwatcher (Rome, 19th September 2020) (in Italian)
Shankaty (Rome, 13th March 2021) (in Italian)

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