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Tibia+Dawn Ray'd+Unyielding Love+Seventh Genocide (Rome, 11th July 2018)

Bands: Tibia/Dawn Ray'd/Unyielding Love/Seventh Genocide
Date: 11th July 2018
Location: Trecentosessanta Gradi, Rome

On 11th July 2018 there was a very special night at 360 Club in Rome! In fact, Metal Against Shit, a sort of DIY live gig agency with a strong anti-fascist attitude and ran, among others, by Hulderich of Verano's Dogs, organized an anti-NSBM black metal night with 4 bands, whose two ones came from abroad: Unyielding Love from Belfast, Northern Ireland, and Dawn Ray'd from Liverpool, England. There was no real main act since every band had the same amount of time to play but, despite this, there were notable expectations about Dawn Ray'd, an anarcho-black metal band that is going to do a European tour (started in 7th July in UK and will end on 19th July in Germany) along with Unyielding Love, reaching countries like France, Austria, Croatia or Italy (the Roman date has been the only one in my country). But what's about the other two bands? Both coming from Rome, they are called Seventh Genocide and Tibia.

As usual for me in these last times, I unfortunately went late to the club, so I saw only the last 10 minutes circa of Seventh Genocide, the first band in the bill. Born in 2006, they have two full-length albums into their discography and are very appreciated not only by the Roman metal scene thanks to their post-black metal with psych tunes very close to the Deafheaven's sound but also by the HC scene because of their anti-fascist, anti-capitalist and anarchist ideologies. Of their setlist, I listened entirely only the closing song "Last Fall Before the Impact", a long and slow instrumental characterized by a very good interaction between the two guitars, even though I think they could end their show with a better intensity through a faster song but that's it.

Completely different sound and kind of impact for the second band Unyielding Love. I have to admit that I knew nothing about them before this night...and I have to say that they impressed me a lot!

With only a demo and an EP in the career, these 4 Northern Irishmen maniacs literally destroyed our ears with a dynamic and abominable noise/grindcore full of deafening moments worthy of the most killing harsh noise since the effects generated by the same singer, in a way that reminds me a fuckin' lot of bands like Full of HellHatred Surge, Extreme Smoke 57 and similar acts. In fact, their music (or "campaign for musical destruction"?) has been so deafening that you could see some attendants with the hands on their ears...and without forgetting that some of them left the showroom because there was too noise! Strangely, the singer, very notable with his spastic and inhuman screams, sang almost all the time by showing the shoulders to the audience in a distance very close to the attendants, utilizing some devices to create the aforementioned effects. Only during the last song, he was on the stage in front of us. Very occasionally, there have been also some moshing moments between 3 very young punkers but nothing really relevant.

And now it's the turn of the RABM band Dawn Ray'd! They released their acclaimed debut album "The Unlawful Assembly" via Prosthetic Records in 2017.
Their line-up is a little bit curious because they consist of three members with no bassplayer while their singer plays even the violin. The result of this is that we enjoyed a band on fire with their atmospheric and old-school black metal characterized by anarchist themes, folk violin passages, remarkable doses of blasting furya good melodic taste ...and a guitarist with gnashing teeth for the entire show (as you can see through a pic on this article)! A great moment has been when the singer Simon B., at the end of their show, did a short speech against the fukken fascist and conservative forces, included the hated CasaPound (a neofascist Italian political party unfortunately active since 2003)! The RABM, considered in the sense of a movement as well as a black metal sub-genre, isn't still so strong as its counterpart NSBM but, surely, it's going to grow up a lot in these last years also thanks to the contributions of great bands like Dawn Ray'd.

The night ended through a salutary moshpit with Tibia, a band that now is a permanent fixture on this 'zine (in fact, please read this live report and also this one). The nice thing is that Tibia, accompanied by a session drummer in short replacement of their current one, this time had no technical issues with the mic, guitars or anything else, so they did finally a regular show by playing their own songs with furious intensity, included that slow and sludgy number whose I don't know the title but I know it's going to become one of my favorite tracks of this band. A nicer thing has been that these 5 blackened hardcore maniacs were greatly supported by, at least, 10 moshing bangers that unleashed all their fury after 3 bands during which moshpit seemed to be almost a taboo!
Actually, few problems were given by a "slightly" heated young punker that was fuckin' moshing in dangerous ways with the consequence that some people had arguments with him!! Anyway, to make you understand the levels of intensity that you could live that night if you would be part of the moshpit, you have to know that, at the end, I left the place with two visible little wounds, comprising an absurd sort of nail scratches on the lower arm near the armpit (WTF? HAHA!)!

So, I enjoyed very much this anti-fascist black metal gig with 4 really different bands. I had a lot of fun especially with Tibia, that increased the intensity of the night by provoking a devastating insane moshpit, as if the organizers wanted to end the hostilities at the maximum violence!

Okay brutal bangers, I think I said everything about this gig. Now, it's really possible that I'll be at 360 Club for the HC night scheduled on 20th July featuring bands like Tempest, Short Fuse and Closed Speech, so, in case, see you soon and LET'S MOOOSH!!!





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