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Insanity Alert+Taste the Floor+Underball+Movement (Rome, 22nd June 2018)

Bands: Insanity Alert/Taste the Floor/Underball/Movement
Date: 22nd June 2018
Location: Trecentosessanta Gradi, Rome

As I promised some days ago, this is finally the live report about the demented night with Insanity Alert! The Roman date at 360 Club has been the last one of their short "Italia Total Spritz Trip" tour through Insanity Alert, starting from 15th June, reached also cities like Ferrara, Lecco and La Spezia with their new bassplayer Giant-T. I was very curious to see on stage these 4 Austrian total maniacs because some people told me that their live gigs are really unpredictable and funny, so I had absolutely to be in front of them to mosh like a possessed man! Actually, even the 3 supporting bands Movement, Underball and Taste the Floor (all coming from Rome Caput Mundi) provoked a lot of moshpit, hence expect to read plenty of crazy things on this article!

Unfortunately, I have to say I lost a big part about the opening band Movement since I saw only the last 3 minutes circa of their show. Just arrived to see them, I saw a moshing head that fought through...kung-fu moves like in the '90s tradition of the NYHC while the band was on fire with its angry and fast hardcore punk in the vein of Woptime and similar acts. If I am not mistaken, Movement is a young quartet born in 2016 and leaded by the singer Alessandro Teschio, a veteran of the Roman HC scene known for his Grand Theft Age (that split-up in 2016) as well for his Rotten Inc, by which he is used to organize hardcore punk gigs since 4 years ago.

Now, the second band in the bill created a lot of panic under the stage! I am talking about Underball, that loves to dub their music as "porno-thrash metal" and, in the name and in the essence, they are really PORNO! Horny punkish metalheads (or metal punkers?) that wears flashy clothes, tight pants and...a sort of armours made of cardboard (one of the two guitarists), Underball shocked us with an irreverent show, playing a crossover thrash metal full of breakdowns and porno themes thanks to songs such as "Squirt on My Face", "Mother" or "Modern Woman". In particular, I appreciated a lot the performances of the singer El Bandito Maldito and the bassplayer with a perennial smile in the face Motoreddu. Some shocking actions from them? To name a few, Motoreddu (or was he someone else? I don't remember very well...), at a certain point, "put" the hilt of his bass "into" the naked...ass of the singer while this last one made wet the same Motoreddu through a shower of good beer! But this is nothing if you think that, from time to time, that perverted bassplayer undressed completely himself by dropping his own animal print pants...for the joy of the girls present there!

Also moshing has been a really crazy experience! But this simply because the ground was so "slighty" slippery due to the beer launched by El Bandito Maldito on the audience (on me, too!) that falling down was very fukken easy! In fact, I remember I failed on the ground for two times throughout the entire night!

Instead, the show by Taste the Floor (named in this way after the Razor's song?) was more concrete and decisively less theatrical than Underball. This quartet contains members from Rake-Off and Verano's Dogs and plays furiously since 2003 with the honour to sharing the stage throughout the years with names such as Municipal Waste, Vitamin XPayback and many others, even though they are recently back into the scene after an hiatus of some years.

Said these bio informations, they destroyed the stage with a load of fastcore full of blast-beats clearly influenced by bands like Scholastic Deth, Vitamin X and Bones Brigade, playing old and new songs like "The Scene and the Support", "Freedom Through Consciousness" and "Less Bullshit"...and also a cover but I have got no fukken ideas about the band that written it!

And now it's the turn of the act that everyone of us were waiting for: INSANITY ALERT! Truly on fire, they totally kept my expectations through a performance in which everything was possible to happen!
For example, I have absolutely to mention the breaks among the songs during which their crazy and chatty singer Heavy Kevy did some...rapping! Or when two girls were invited on the stage by the same band to hold a signboard with the chorus of the fantastic song "Metal Punx" above it! Or when, among the plenty of props also ready to be destroyed, Heavy Kevy pulled out even some confetti, as if we were celebrating a sort of absurd carnival! And it was memorable also when, during the infamous "Run to the Pit" (absolutely the best Iron Maiden's "Run to the Hills" cover of all times!), Heavy Kevy let to the fans to scream the chorus of the song...and I remember I took alone the mic to scream "MOSH FOR YOUR LIFE" in a totally out of tune-mode! As you can see, a lot of funny jokes happened that night, also because the moshpit during Insanity Alert, thanks to their thrashcore that reminds me a lot of Cryptic Slaughter and Wehrmacht, was really insane!

So, is there anything else to say about this night? I enjoyed a lot especially the shows of Underball and (obviously!) Insanity Alert as well the work of the sound engineers since the music of every band has been perfectly understandable. I hope I'll able to see a complete performance by Movement as soon as possible and I understood from the FB page of Taste the Floor that they have ended to record their new 7'', so expect some news about these ones. And, as last thing, I have to see again Insanity Alert because, really, they are ones of the funniest bands that I've ever seen in my entire life!





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