Angel Witch: short Italian tour between 22nd and 24th February 2018 (in English)
Lilyum: the final hour! (in English)
Moribund Records: somber news from Italy + scheduled re-release of the Profezia's third album! (in English)
Hybridized: waiting for their debut EP + promotional video for "House of Nightmares" (in English)
Colonnelli: the second album is out! (in English)
Trallery: European tour with Skeletal Remains to support Angelus Apatrida! (in English)
Gravestone: video made for "Proud to be Dead"! (in English)
Discordant Hemispheres: upcoming release of the third single! (in English)
Terrordome/Deathreat: let's start to the Boiling Aggression Tour! (in English)
Hanormale: a violin player into the band + third album on arrival! (in English)
Hanormale: a Twin Peaks cover! (in English)
Kruna: sophomore album released + official video for the song "Strenght Child" (in English)
Nova Era Booking: the birth of a new Italian booking agency + two bands sign with it! (in English)
Grind Galà vol. 1: ready for the death metal/grindcore massacre? (in Italian)
Black metal news: split da tutta Italia in uscita a febbraio! (in Italian)
Acciaio Italiano Fest: il 20 aprile la nona edizione! (in Italian)
Nel Segno del Marchio Nero: un'anteprima inedita dell'ebook! (in Italian)
Chtulu: release of the "Frankenstein" single! (in English)
Hellucination: ladri hanno rubato la loro strumentazione! (in Italian)
E.G.O.C.I.D.E.: some very good news for them! (in English)
Go! Fest: the 9th edition is near!!! (in English)
Last Rites: new EP and promotional video for the track "Jukai"! (in English)
Spectral: added a second guitarist into the line-up! (in English)
MuD: pronti per il 15esimo anniversario! (in Italian)
Sumera: new single is out after many years! (in English)
Definite: new video for "In This Place"! (in English)
Nifrost: new single from their upcoming second album! (in English)
Anifernyen: new single/lyric video unleashed! (in English)
Shockproof: live video for "Human Breed"! (in English)
No More Lies: videoclip for "Amici non ne ho"! (in English)
Night Gaunt: very first line-up changes since the foundation! (in English)
Psychoneurosis: crowdfunding for Sonia! (in English)
Flavio Adducci: intervista radiofonica in arrivo su MetalWave On-Air! (in Italian)
Systemik Viølence: new singer in the band! (in English)
Short Fuse: new promotional video! (in English)
Final Cut: the end! (in English)
For Different Ways: a little preview for something that will be! (in English)
Necrofili: promotional video for "Infaithcted"! (in English)
No Look City: a new Roman HC band is born! (in English)
Black Faith: Hyàkrisht left the band! (in English)
xQuarantenaxDeliriumx: a new HC punk project in the time of Coronavirus... (in English)
Defechate: released a single very fit for these hard times! (in English)
xSenselessxPositivityx: a little preview for this one-man noisegrind band! (in English)
Till Death: in arrivo una diretta acustica su YouTube! (in Italian)
Glacial Fear: release of a new single! (in English)
Se beccamo ner pit!: the mega-compilation about the LazioHC is finally out! (in English)

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