domenica 24 giugno 2018

Hanormale: a Twin Peaks cover!!!

Hey brutalbangers,
the Italian avant-black metal band Hanormale recently did a very crazy thing: in fact, they coverized the Laura Palmer's theme of Twin Peaks in a song called "It Is Happening Again", that will be featured into their upcoming new album "Reborn in Butterfly", scheduled to be released on autumn 2018.
And, if this wasn't enough, Hanormale shot also a video for this cover, that's available to be watched below:
The following are the words of Arcanus Incubus, mastermind of this absurd band:
It was several years that I had in mind to cover this magnificent song, I love Angelo Badalamenti and, of course, David Lynch. I always thought that Twin Peaks had the right mood to be interpreted in a Black Metal way! However, there will be many new features on the new album, this is just a taste...
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