Friday, July 12, 2019

Go! Fest: the 9th edition is near!!!

Hey brutalbangers,
on 21st September 2019, there will be the new edition of the Go! Fest, the "Italian fastest festival"!

If the previous edition was truly amazing also thanks to well-known International bands of the calibre of Riistetyt and Reproach, this 9th edition will be maybe even more spectacular! This time, there are 13 bands into the line-up ranging from bestial black/death metal to d-beat, from crust punk to grindcore. And the line-up features even some historic acts from Sweden such as Avskum and Asocial (GULP!), the true pioneers of the grindcore genre with their debut EP "How Could Hardcore Be Any Worse?" (1982).
Specifically, the complete line-up, in alphabetical order, is the following:

Asocial (crust punk/grindcore, Sweden);
Avskum (crust punk, Sweden);
Coffin Birth (death metal, Italy/Malta);
Double Me (power violence, Italy);
Drömspell (d-beat/crust punk, Italy);
Gewoon Fucking Raggen (power violence, The Netherlands);
Horsebastard (grindcore, UK);
Inglorious Basterds (brutal death metal/grindcore, Italy);
Ira (hardcore punk, Italy);
MooM (power violence, Israel);
Repulsione (power violence/grindcore, Italy):
The Seeker (power violence, Italy);
Thecodontion (bestial black/death metal, Italy)

As usual, also this new edition will be at CSOA Spartaco in Rome, and it's fuckin' sure as the same death that there will be a lot of moshing throughout the entire fest!
So, you must come here in Rome to join us in order to mosh all the time! See ya there, brutalbangers!!!

For other infos:

Meanwhile, enjoy these live photos (taken by me) of some of the bands involved in this fest:




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