giovedì 17 agosto 2017

Barbaric Horde - "Tainted Impurity" (War Arts Productions, 2017)

Band: Barbaric Horde
Title: Tainted Impurity
Genre: Bestial Black/Death Metal
Year: 4th August 2017
Time: 17 min circa
Rating: 72/100

I don't know why Portugal is producing now a myriad of totally raw and sick black metal bands but I have to say that I like a lot this scene. A perfect example of the Portuguese black metal essence is given, for me, by Barbaric Horde, a duo of two no names bestial war metal maniacs that took their moniker from the song with the same title of the mighty Bestial Warlust. So, Barbaric Horde released in 2016 via War Arts Productions their debut demo "Gasmark Perpetrators", which impressed me for its incredible and insane primitivism characterized by a martial and obsessive drumming very particular for the black/death metal genre. Now, Barbaric Horde, supported as always by the Portuguese War Arts, are back with their sophomore demotape "Tainted Impurity" changing a little bit the game to create a more devastating assault.

domenica 13 agosto 2017

Acedia Mundi - "Speculum Humanae Salvationis" (Throats Productions, 2017)

Band: Acedia Mundi
Title: Speculum Humanae Salvationis
Genre: Black Metal
Year: 2nd May 2017
Time: 38 min
Rating: 57/100

As you know, the French black/death metal is well supported by this 'zine. In fact, I follow with great interest the French extreme metal scene starting from the infamous LLN (Vlad Tepes, Belketre etc...) to young monsters like Skelethal, Ritualization, Venefixion and others. So, this time it's the turn of a Parisian quartet called Acedia Mundi that have released its debut album "Speculum Humanae Salvationis" (also if this was recorded even in 2015) through the Mexican label Throats Productions, yet known on these brutal pages in occasion of my review about the excellent "Nightscapes" by the Italians Black Faith. But, enthusiasm about the aforementioned young French bands isn't the same for the debut album of Acedia Mundi. Now let us see why...

giovedì 3 agosto 2017

The story of Proto-Speed/Thrash metal - PART I (1980)

I don't know what you think but I am one of those ballbreaking metalheads that are used to consider the so-called speed metal and thrash metal as two different genres. Despite this, there are no real differences between them for many other persons with the result that they uses the term "speed metal" as synonim of the thrash metal. But the question was more confusing during the mighty '80s when, to mention a notable example, Metallica were described as a speed metal band if not even a power metal band, just because they titled "Power Metal" an obscure demo of their early days thanks to an idea of their bassist Ron McGovney. Therefore, speed metal is considered by many not a real metal genre but a definition born and dead in the '80s.

In general, speed metal is to be considered like a kind of sped up pure heavy metal that's more linear and less violent if compared to thrash metal, that, instead, is a lethal combination between the pure heavy metal and punk/HC, so the style created by bands like Slayer or Metallica is more nervous and ferocius than in the speed metal way. To name two examples so to understand better all these differences, speed metal is represented by "Heavy Metal Maniac" of the Canadians Exciter while thrash by "Kill 'Em All" of Metallica, both albums released in 1983 and both expressions of a very fast metal, just played in two different ways: in fact, the first one is more epic and metallic while the latter one is more scrapping and punkish. And still, Metallica and Slayer (so, the entire thrash metal movement) reached the worldwide reputation (and a bunch of money!) in very few years while Exciter and Impaler (ergo, the speed metal) became cult bands adored by the most metal fundamentalists.

The far origins of both speed and thrash metal were into the '80s, in particular due to the fast "Exciter" (1978) of Judas Priest. This is a song elegant but brutal (granted, for the standards of those times!) to be included also as one of the very first examples of the use of the double kick drum bass in rock music. But, for the truth, the '70s were a good time for single songs able to challenge the listeners in terms of speed and aggressiveness, even by the most unthinkable bands. For example and going beyond the usual suspects Deep Purple ("Speed King", "Fireball", "Hard Lovin' Man"...), comes to my mind numbers as "Frustration" of Jerusalem (their first and last 1972 album was produced by nothing else than Ian Gillan!), the schizophrenic and hyper-aggressive "Plastic Shotgun" of the Germans Night Sun (1972), the proto-motörheadian street metal of "Damned Flame" of the Belgians Blast (1973) or, finally, the very hard "Stone Cold Crazy" even by Queen (1974)!

But all these aforementioned examples were only isolated episodes made by bands that experimented new killing tempos without creating a movement focused on fast songs and neither proposing a systematical codification of the speed/thrash metal, destined to starting from 1983 also if preceded 3 years before thanks especially to "Ace of Spades" of Motörhead.

So, here you are a short story about the proto-speed/thrash metal from 1980 to 1983, and we will focused especially on the bands that believed so much in the speed that this one became (more or less) their belief.

mercoledì 26 luglio 2017

Inferno - "Gnosis Kardias (Of Transcension and Involution)" (World Terror Committee, 2017)

Band: Inferno
Title: Gnosis Kardias (Of Transcension and Involution)
Genre: Black Metal
Year: 4th April 2017
Time: 45 min circa
Rating: 82/100

I think I read everything about the last album of Inferno also because it looks to me that there are no half-measures for it. In fact, some exalted it to the maximum while others blame Inferno to abandoning their original sound so to play the "fashioned" religious black metal à la Deathspell Omega, as if every band have to play in the same way throughout its musical career without experimenting new and maybe more stimulating solutions. But I say that Inferno, that recently was in South Italy for the Evil Fest, have the absolute right to experiment new solutions because they are a veteran Czech band formed even in 1996 that, guided since their early days by the singer Adramalech and passing through many line-up changes, shows now an interminable discography consisted, for example, of 16 splits, 5 live albums and 7 studio albums, included this "Gnosis Kardias (Of Transcension and Involution)", released by World Terror Committee, a label which love to support the so-called religious black metal of bands like Ascension, Fides Inversa, Acherontas and others. So, let's start this trip through an album full of occult-esoteric mysteries, and all this by a band once known for its feral and pagan black metal completely sung in Czech language.

martedì 25 luglio 2017


Hi men,
this is the first interview to a punk/HC band to be published into the ultra-metallic pages of Timpani allo Spiedo 'zine but, along with this record, it is also the second interview in a single month to be appeared here after years.
Few bullshits, Timpani allo Spiedo 'zine presents to you the Italians The Nutries through the words of their singer Alex to talk about especially their new album "Nuova Vita" ("New Life" in Italian) and other delirious stuff!

domenica 23 luglio 2017

Draghkar - "World Unraveled" (Self-released; Witchhammer Prod/Blood Harvest, 2017)

Band: Draghkar
Title: World Unraveled
Genre: Death Metal
Year: 3rd February 2017
Time: 9 min
Rating: 70/100

I have to say that, thanks to my article about "Primordial Malignity" of the Canadians Tomb Mold, I received many review submissions. In fact, bands like Gravewards (GRE), Acedia Mundi (FRA) or these Draghkar contacted me after that review. Today I'll talk you about these ones, that are a very enthusiast duo from California heavily influenced by the same Finnish death metal adored by Tomb Mold. Draghkar is a surprising band because their first demo "World Unraveled", initially self-released in digital way and recorded in January 2017 with the mixing and the mastering made by Derek Orthner of the Canadians Begrime Exemious, before was reprinted on demotape by the Thai label Witchhammer Productions and, then, has drawn attention to the fantastic Blood Harvest Records with the result that Draghkar are now into its roster just as Tomb Mold. In brief, BW and AK, helped during the recordings by the session bassplayer Todd Bilsborough of the one-man black metal band Idomeneo, looks to be very ambitious...and with a good reason because their "World Unraveled" is Amazing!

giovedì 20 luglio 2017

Goatmoon - "Stella Polaris" (Werewolf Records, 2017)

Band: Goatmoon
Title: Stella Polaris
Genre: Folk/Black Metal
Year: 24th February 2017
Time: 35 min
Rating: 80/100

After Barathrum, 2017 marks the return with a new album of another great Finnish band: Goatmoon. Born in 2002, this band is, in practice, the solo-project of BlackGoat Gravedesecrator that was included by the Italians Davide Maspero and Max Ribaric into their "Wolves Among Sheep", the excellent and monumental essay about NSBM released in 2013. Well, Goatmoon have become now a more mature and, in a certain sense, refined entity if compared with their very raw early works, and this 5th album called "Stella Polaris" is examplary of what I say. It was released, as always since the debut album of Goatmoon "Death Before Dishonour", by Werewolf Records, which is, as you know, the label of Werwolf of Satanic Warmaster whose productions were now distributed even by the very known Hells Headbangers Records.

martedì 18 luglio 2017

Blood Feast - "The Future State of Wicked" (Hells Headbangers, 2017)

Band: Blood Feast
Title: The Future State of Wicked
Genre: Thrash Metal
Year: 31th March 2017
Time: 43 min
Rating: 83/100

Now you could say that Hells Headbangers is specialized at releasing reunion's albums of bands that, in some cases, had no chances to realize their long-held debut album during their ole good days. And I have to say that these reunions supported by Hells Headbangers gave often to life true masterpieces like the debut "Sights of Suffering" (2014) of the Chileans Atomic Aggressor or the deadly "Emanations from the Crypt" (2016) of the US Embalmer but I cannot say the same thing about, for example, the comeback "Heaven Bled" (2016) of the Aussie thrash metal cult Hobbs' Angel of Death, that I found too black metal to be an album of theirs. And you think that "Descent Into Hell", the long-desired debut album of Death Yell, a band of pure cult like few others, will be released next month. But, instead, today we are talking about Blood Feast, a sanguinary quintet born in 1985 as Blood Lust that released two seminal albums between 1987 and 1989, especially the ultra-wild debut "Kill for Pleasure". Now, I think that you know all but Blood Feast were reunited in 2007 with two original members as the drummer Kevin Kuzma (but he is out from the band since 2014) and the guitarist Adam Tranquilli, the main songwriter of Blood Feast since their very early days. So, it is with an incredible old-school spirit that he composed "The Future State of Wicked", that looks completely to be a thrash album from the '80s also because its cover artwork see the return of that abominable and screaming blue creature that belongs to the aesthetics of the band since "Kill for Pleasure".

giovedì 13 luglio 2017

Necroblood - "Collapse of the Human Race" (Amor Fati Productions/Iron Bonehead Productions, 2017)

Band: Necroblood
Title: Collapse of the Human Race
Genre: Bestial Black/Death Metal
Year: 31st March 2017
Time: 45 min
Rating: 80/100

After Ritualization, here you are another band coming from the dark and morbid side of Paris: Necroblood. They are one of those bands able to be into the ranks for over a long period before realizing their long-held debut album, and this because Necroblood were born even in 2006 as Evynkar but they have their current moniker only since 2010. From that moment, Necroblood released with a good periodicity a series of minor productions included the 2012 "The Rite of Evil" compilation and a split in 2015 titled "Jesus Fucking Wept vol. 1" along with war machines like the Danes Ogdru Jahad, the Canadians Necroholocaust, the US Weregoat and the Aussie Impure Worship, a firing squad perfect for every diehard fan of the bestial black/death metal like me. So, it is with great pleasure I review the long anticipated first album of Necroblood "Collapse of the Human Race", released on CD by the German Amor Fati Productions and on vinyl by Iron Bonehead. Let the collapse begin!

martedì 11 luglio 2017

BARATHRUM - "FANATIKO" (Saturnal Records, 2017)

Band: Barathrum
Title: Fanatiko
Genre: Black/Doom Metal
Year: 28th April 2017
Time: 36 min circa
Rating: 79/100

It took even 12 long years to hear a new album of Barathrum, a band that, guided since its early days in 1990 (when they were called initially Darkfeast) by the multi-instrumentalist singer Demonos Sova, was known in the underground for its incredible prolificity. In fact, you have to think that Barathrum were able to realize 8 full-lenght albums between 1995 and 2005, and they were already noted as one of the main black metal bands from Finland but also as one of the most particular entities of the entire black metal scene because, for example, of their curious line-up composed of 6 elements (but they were even in 7 for their 2000 "Okkult"!), included two bassplayers as the Greek band Necromantia. Hence, it's strange that Barathrum released nothing new between 2010 and 2017 (in fact, the 2014 "Warmetal" EP was recorded in 1993!), so some thought that the band ceased to exist. Fortunately, nothing could be further from the truth also because the new album "Fanatiko" was preceded two months before its release by the "Hellspawn" single, and so here we are to talk about the resurrected Barathrum, now supported by Saturnal Records, a Finnish label completely specialized in the Finnish black metal.

sabato 8 luglio 2017


Hey dudes,
Timpani allo Spiedo presents you a very nice interview to the Serbian thrashcore bulldozer Nadimaĉ through the words of their singer Danilo "Dača" Trbojević. You have to expect an incredibly passionate interview full of serious thoughts, socio-political themes about Serbia, stop with the introductions and read it from start to finish!

giovedì 6 luglio 2017

Morbid Messiah - "In the Name of True Death Metal" (Self-released, 2016; Godz ov War Prod, 2017)

Band: Morbid Messiah
Title: In the Name of True Death Metal
Genre: Death Metal
Year: 6th October 2016 (Self-release); 16th April 2017 (Godz ov War Prod)
Time: 21 min
Rating: 75/100

"In the Name of True Death Metal": this is a fuckin' great title! Especially because this debut EP of Morbid Messiah, self-released in 2016 but reprinted on demotape by the Polish label Godz ov War Prod, is truly fuckin' amazing! But we are talking about a very young band because born in 2015 and that, at the time of the recordings of this EP and in according to Metal-Archives, was a trio composed by the singer José Rivas, the guitarist Roberto Trejo and the female drummer Anubis Sandoval, 3 hyper-angry Mexicans influenced mainly by bands like Sadistic Intent, Possessed and Maim and that are now a quartet thanks to the addition of the bassplayer Guillermo Lopez. But now we have to see what is the "True Death Metal" made by Morbid Messiah!

lunedì 3 luglio 2017

Rebel Souls - "The Forces of Darkness" (Art Gates Records, 2017)

Band: Rebel Souls
Title: The Forces of Darkness
Genre: Death Metal
Year: 24th February 2017
Time: 28 min circa
Rating: 74/100

The story of Rebel Souls is very tormented. In fact, they were born in 2000 by the will of two 17-years old diehard metalheads from Turingia (Germany) named Thomas Pliewna and Stefan Hielscher, and their intensions were to play an impetuous and brutal death metal in the wake of bands like Vader, Vomitory and Krisiun. But these intentions were realized only in some demos because Rebel Souls ceased to exist very soon in 2003, also because one of the two guys moved to Spain, so it became impossible to continue together their project. Surprisingly, Thomas and Stefan, after their experience into the death metal band Dead Entities' Realm with which they released an album in 2009, raised Rebel Souls in 2014 while, two years ago, they started to record the songs for their long-held debut album that was preceded in December 2016 by the "Descent" single, released by the Spanish label Art Gates Records. And incredibly, do you know who recorded the drum parts of "The Forces of Darkness"? But by James Stewart, the current English drummer of Vader!  So, Thomas and Stefan realized finally those intentions and dreams born in the now far 2000, and this is to show you that the perseverance must have its rewards.

venerdì 30 giugno 2017

Profound Grave/Occult Pantheon - "Immortal Chaos Ascends" (Ex Nihilo Music, 2017)

Bands: Profound Grave/Occult Pantheon
Title: Immortal Chaos Ascends
Genre: Black Metal/Occult Death Metal
Year: 24th March 2017
Time: 33 min
Rating: 61

After a looooong time, the Chilean extreme metal, adored by me, is back on these pages! All the credit of this goes to Ex Nihilo Music, a very young label proudly Chilean but located in Toronto, Canada that contacted me 3 months ago to review it first production, released, curiously, in the same birthday of mine! This first production is titled “Immortal Chaos Ascends” and is a split between two Chilean (obviously!) bands very different called Profound Grave and Occult Pantheon, and each of them run wild with 5 songs.

mercoledì 28 giugno 2017

Lubricant - "Swallow This" (Svart Records, 2017)

Band: Lubricant
Title: Swallow This
Genre: Death'n'Roll
Year: 10th March 2017
Time: 41 min
Rating: 74/100

I wonder why many early Finnish death metal bands were never able to realize their long-held debut album releasing, at most, an EP of big success among the tape traders. An example of this is given by Abhorrence, a band now considered even fundamental by the death metal fans despite they lived only for one year in which they released a demo and an EP. But, in addition of them, there are also Lubricant, another relevant Finnish band that chose their current moniker in 1990 after 2 years as O.V.D. and that are reunited recently. Precisely, Lubricant reunited in 2015 with EVERY original member. And, as usually happens in cases such as this, a compilation with the better works of Lubricant was released during these times by the Finnish label Svart Records. More specifically, "Swallow This", that yet it is noted for one of the most absurd cover artworks in the death metal history, is composed of the "Swallow the Symmetric Swab" demo (1992) and the "Nookleptia" EP (1993), two very different productions that were remastered here in according to the original intentions of the band.

domenica 25 giugno 2017

Evil Cosby - "Ridursi al Niente" (Slaughterhouse Records, 2017)

Band: Evil Cosby
Title: Ridursi al Niente
Genre: Sludge/HC Punk
Year: 13th April 2017
Time: 16 min
Rating: 73/100

When Evil Cosby contacted me one month ago to review their new EP "Ridursi al niente" ("reduce yourself to nothing"), their moniker sounded strange for me because I thought already it cited the known US comic actor Bill Cosby. This impression of mine was confirmed immediately by the funny intro of the EP in which there is even a sketch taken from an episode of the TV sitcom "The Cosby Show", known in Italy as "I Robinson" (Italian for "The Robinsons" because the original surname "Huxtable" was considered unpronounceable for the Italian market). But if this isn't enough, the mascotte of the band is an hallucinated Bill Cosby that wear a makeup worthy of a Black Witchery's member! All this is very funny and parodistic but Evil Cosby, a duo from Milan (Lombardy) that released only the demo "Belzecult" and a split with the Mexicans Bala Fria (both in 2016) before to publish "Ridursi al Niente", has nothing in common with the parody as regards the music and lyrics, as you will soon.

giovedì 22 giugno 2017

Ascended Dead - "Abhorrent Manifestation" (Dark Descent Records/Invictus Productions, 2017)

Band: Ascended Dead
Title: Abhorrent Manifestation
Genre: Death Metal
Year: 17th March 2017
Time: 37 min circa
Rating: 92/100

The debut album of Ascended Dead has finally arrived! "Abhorrent Manifestation" has come after 6 years into the ranks during which Ascended Dead released a demo in 2012 and the very acclaimed "Arcane Malevolence" EP in 2014. Especially this one, released by the Swedish label Blood Harvest, made Ascended Dead an underground cult pushed also by a certain Gene Palubicki of Angelcorpse fame because he foresaw that this band from San Diego, California, formed by 4 musicians very involved in other many projects, could've accomplished great things in the near future. After that EP, the discography of the band was filled by not one but even two compilations, and the last of them, the interminable "Ritus Mortuus", was released in 2016 by the same Ascended Dead. So, the hype for their long-awaited debut album was incredible into the most extreme sewers of the metal underground in a way very similar to "Hero" of Bölzer or "Primordial Malignity" of Tomb Mold. And the nice thing is that "Abhorrent Manifestation", released in North America by the strong label Dark Descent Records and in Europe by the Irish Invictus Productions, has completely respected the expectations of the fans through 10 strongly killer and memorable songs. But now, how justified is all this big enthusiasm about an album yet considered by many as a death metal classic?

domenica 18 giugno 2017

Ruin - "Drown in Blood" (Memento Mori, 2017)

Band: Ruin
Title: Drown in Blood
Genre: Death/Doom Metal
Year: 24th April 2017
Time: 36 min
Rating: 72/100

There are very young bands like the Canadians Tomb Mold that are able to become a true cult into the underground after only two demos. And there are bands like the Californians Ruin that managed to release a demo in the early '90s (in 1991, precisely) only to end their experience after that until to literally resurrect from the ashes in these last years (in 2015, precisely). But the story of Ruin is truly particular: in fact, they are considered by their label Memento Mori as a very mysterious band because, in according to it, the members of Ruin were involved in a some kind of cult but there is no way to knowing something about this cult. But this isn't enough: it seem also that the band existed in a period so short (from 1990 to 1991) because some its members were incarcerated while other ones were even instituzionalized! The fact is that the 2015 marked the return of Ruin under the shape of a trio guided by the only survived member of the original band that is Mihail Jason Satan, a singer/guitarist masked and armed with a rifle or a pickaxe as a serial killer from a slasher movie, and this is surely a strange look for every classic death metal band. They shown a good prolificity since their return into the scene considering that they have released even 3 splits from 2016 to 2017. And now, after many many efforts, they realized finally the milestone of their debut album with "Drown in Blood", recorded, anyway, with a line-up of only two elements without (if I am not mistaken) a bassplayer. Other bio infos about Ruin are unknown also because they haven't a FB page but simply instead to having a BandCamp profile and nothing more. On the other hand, their music will talk to us for them.

mercoledì 14 giugno 2017

Tomb Mold - "Primordial Malignity" (Blood Harvest, 2017)

Band: Tomb Mold
Title: Primordial Malignity
Genre: Death Metal
Year: 3rd February 2017
Time: 32 min
Rating: 88/100

Tomb Mold is an incredible band! As said by them, the initial goal of Tomb Mold was only to release some demotapes and nothing more. But, after the success found by their two 2016 demos (especially "The Bottomless Perdition"), their label Blood Harvest asked to them if they were ready for a debut album. So, these two Canadians guys from Toronto realized some months ago that debut album naming it "Primordial Malignity". The result of all these efforts is a crushing album able to show again the excellent qualities shown in the recent past by Tomb Mold for a very promising future.

domenica 11 giugno 2017


Hey guys,
this is the second interview to Black Faith on these pages! But this time I wanted to do something different because I preferred to do a phone interview to them through the words of Snarl, their singer/guitarist that I heard finally after many reviews on these pages about the productions of his band. It came up a very funny and interesting interview, also because, after it, I talked so very much with Snarl about the recent conditions of the Italian (black) metal scene that the conversation lasted even the beauty of 79 minutes!
But this interview, conducted one week ago and exactly 4th June, gave to me also my very first opportunity to translate an entire interview from Italian to English, so I hope that I well translated it with my a bit Broken English.
A last consideration: some comments between round brackets during the answers of Snarl are mine but you can simply recognize them because they aren't in bold.

mercoledì 7 giugno 2017

Midnight - "Shox of Violence" (Hells Headbangers Records, 2017)

Band: Midnight
Title: Shox of Violence
Genre: Black/Speed Metal
Year: 20th February 2017
Time: 71 min
Rating: 65/100

The sleaziest metal (one-man) band from Cleveland, Ohio, is back with its 4th compilation, the second one released by the infamous Hells Headbangers Records! The new compilation of Midnight, the creature founded by the multi-instrumentalist Athenar in 2003, is titled "Shox of Violence" and has the same name of the EP released in the end of 2016. It comprises even 25 tracks per 71 minutes where you will find not only the entire "Shox of Violence" EP but also a bunch of old stuff yet edited in the past years. More specifically, you will be crushed, for example, by the demo versions of old songs by Midnight then appeared in their debut album "Satanic Royalty" (2011), live tracks and an incredible quantity of covers also unthinkable that you will discover very soon. Thanks to them, it's possible to understand the various influences that have brought Athenar to create the unique sound of his creature. Curiously, I have to say that Hells Headbangers Records is recently releasing compilations of some its bands, as in the case of "Metal Massacre 31" of October 31 (reviewed on these pages some months ago) and the interminable "Cadaver Traditions" of Deceased.

domenica 4 giugno 2017

Nadimaĉ - "Besnilo" (Xtreem Music, 2017)

Band: Nadimaĉ
Title: Besnilo
Genre: Thrashcore
Year: 3rd July 2017
Time: 34 min
Rating: 87/100

My series about thrashcore started some days ago with the fantastic "Grave Danger" of the Finns Foreseen ends with the fireworks thanks to the new album of the Serbians Nadimaĉ titled "Besnilo" ("indignation" in Serbian Language). For this album, Nadimaĉ, a quartet born in 2003, are now into the roster of the excellent Spanish label Xtreem Music. "Besnilo" represents not only the 5th album of these angry Serbians but also another their demonstration of force since their interminable discography made especially of splits, showing a prolificity and a constant quality truly enviable. But this album show again also a will never dimmed to face the reality through serious socio-political messages between seas of beers and...retarded attempts to skate (please, see the videoclip of an old song of the band, "Retarded for Skate"). In this sense, the cover artwork of "Besnilo" is very illustrative because it is incredibly explicit for their mentions to various famous multinationals, and we don't forget that it marks the return  of that character created by Nadimaĉ, a hard thrasher with a killer face clown present since the first album of the band but absent, I wonder why, into the cover artwork of the their 4th album released in 2015. Ergo, the titles of the songs will be here translated in English to let you know in a better way the content of the lyrical themes. So, let's start with another THRASHCORE OVERDOSE!

lunedì 29 maggio 2017

Indemnity - "Bloody Minded Bullet Headed" (Art Gates Records, 2017)

Band: Indemnity
Title: Bloody Minded Bullet Headed
Genre: Thrashcore
Year: 28th April 2017
Time: 21 min
Rating: 72/100

As you some of you knows, sometimes I have fun to do series of reviews focused, for example, on a specific genre. In this way, I can understand the differences between two or more bands, and just this happens today with the Belgian quintet Indemnity, very different from the previous band I reviewed, the Finns Foreseen, despite both plays the same genre, the thrashcore. But I need to write this review also because it is the first time, after some years, that I'll tell you again about an album released by the Spanish label Art Gates Records, once a regular fixture on these pages (please click on the tag relating to this label, if you want to know more). But the strange thing is that, despite Indemnity were born on 2005, they are a band so very little prolific that even they joked about this posting a self-deprecating meme on their FB page! In fact, before their now very fresh "Bloody Minded Bullet Headed", they have realized only two demos and a debut album in 2013 but considered by Metal-Archives as a third demo. But now stop with these bullshits and see what Indemnity have to offers to us this time!

venerdì 26 maggio 2017

Foreseen - "Grave Danger" (20 Buck Spin/Svart Records, 2017)

Band: Foreseen
Title: Grave Danger
Genre: Thrashcore
Year: 21st April 2017 (20 Buck Spin)/24th April 2017 (Svart Records)
Time: 28 min
Rating: 86/100

Today I'll tell you about a Finnish band that was recently even in the United States for a tour started in 21st April and ended 7th May along with a support band like the young crossover thrashers Red Dead, from Washington, D.C.. I am talking about Foreseen, a fantastic quintet born on 2010 at Helsinki that did the aforementioned tour to promote their very fresh second album "Grave Danger", released by the American 20 Buck Spin in collaboration with the Finnish Svart Records in order to cover also the European market. So, here you are an album seriously exciting that lasts only 28 minutes per 8 ultra-intense tracks!

martedì 23 maggio 2017


Ultimately exalted by the debut album of this Panamanian cult named Abatuar, some days ago I contacted via FaceBook its mastermind Cadaver for a very good interview. He is a very enthusiastic person and metalhead also because he runs a little label called PUS Records specialized in the extreme metal from Central American countries like El Salvador and Panama, as you will see reading this interview.
It's a shame that the extreme scene from these lands is almost unknown for the metalheads from the rest of the world considering it is perfect for every fanatic of the most violent, raw and chaotic forms of metal but, fortunately, bands of this kind like Abatuar are supported even by a European label as Dunkelheit Produktionen.
But now no other bullshits, and let Cadaver do the talking!

lunedì 22 maggio 2017

Black Faith - "Nightscapes" (Throats Productions, 2017)

Band: Black Faith
Title: Nightscapes
Genre: Black Metal
Year: 21st January 2017
Time: 67 min
Rating: 87/100

After 4 years since their excellent debut album "Jubilate Diabolo", the Italians Black Faith are back with their second effort "Nightscapes", preceded by the curious single "La Preda" (2014), containing the cover of a song with the same title of the historic Italian rock band Litfiba, surely a strange way to celebrate the 10th anniversary of a black metal band! But don't worry because Black Faith remains "black" by name and by music also because with "Nightscapes", released by the Mexican label Throats Productions, they have a lot of hardship inviting numerous and even distinguished guests coming from the Italian black metal scene. The result of all these efforts is an album so traditionalist in the sound to be very ambitious also because "Nightscapes" is a journey that lasts 67 minutes per 11 various songs.

giovedì 18 maggio 2017

Death Worship - "Extermination Mass" (Nuclear War Now! Productions, 2017)

Band: Death Worship
Title: Extermination Mass
Genre: Bestial Black/Death Metal
Year: 4th November 2017(first edition)/20th February 2017 (second edition)
Time: 19 min
Rating: 75/100

It's incredible but the almighty Blasphemy, also if they are alive and always on the warpath, don't realize something new since their long-awaited reunion happened in 1999, when this legendary band became a quintet due to the addition as a stable member of Ryan Förster of Conqueror fame, now known with the moniker Deathlörd of Abomination and War Apocalypse. Just he gave birth in 2013 to his no compromise creature named Death Worship. After 3 years of gestation, the usual Nuclear War Now! Prod has released in the previous year, reissueing it recently with a new cover artwork, the debut EP of Death Worship titled "Extermination Mass", a new manifest devoted completely to the verb of Blasphemy. This is due also because their same singer, Nocturnal Grave Desecrator and Black Winds, helped Ryan with some vocals and effects while you can find as a session drummer nothing else than James Read of Conqueror/Revenge fame. At this point, you could say that Conqueror, formed in fact by the duo Förster/Read, are back with Death Worship. But this is a total new adventure, and, with 3 artists of this kind involved in it, "Extermination Mass" is a carpet bombardment like few others!

lunedì 15 maggio 2017

Abatuar - Perversiones de muerte putrefacta" (Dunkelheit Produktionen, 2017)

Band: Abatuar
Title: Perversiones de Muerte Putrefacta
Genre: Black/Death Metal with Grindcore/Noise elements
Year: 1st April 2017
Time: 30 min
Rating: 80/100

Extreme metal from Panama? Oh yeah!!! Panama, evidently, has it own extreme metal scene and, in a certain sense, it has been recently discovered by Dunkelheit Produktionen, a German label known into the underground for its support to ultra-extreme and rotten metal bands coming often from exotic countries like Malaysia, Sri Lanka and, indeed, Panama. So, it's needles to say but "rotten" is a term very perfect to describe the debut album titled "Perversiones de Muerte Putrefacta" by Abatuar ("slaughterhouse" in Spanish). This is the solo-project, born in 2013, of Cadaver, a singer/drummer helped for this production (preceded by a compilation edited in 2015 by Dunkelheit where there are the two previous demos of the band) by two session musicians; Tony Freire (rhythmic guitar/bass) and Jr. Sucre (lead guitar), spewing forth one of the most heinous and crazy albums of this 2017...nay, of all times!

mercoledì 10 maggio 2017

Holocausto - "War Metal Massacre" (Nuclear War Now! Productions, 2017)

Band: Holocausto
Title: War Metal Massacre
Genre: Black/Thrash Metal
Time: 23 min
Year: 5th March 2017
Rating: 70/100

The Brazilians Holocausto, one of the very first true progenitors of the so-called "war metal", are back with a very very special mini-album! Recorded with the same identical line-up of their seminal "Campo de Exterminio" (Cogumelo Records, 1987), "War Metal Massacre" represents for Holocausto a decisive return to the raw style with which they are now very known and respected into the underground before they abandoned it to embrace various styles ranging from a more standard thrash metal to thrashcore through unrecognizable experimentations like "Negatives". To emphasize this welcome return to the roots, Holocausto have even re-recorded 3 their very old songs: "Massacre" taken directly from their 1985 demo with the same name (!), and "Destruição Nuclear" and "Escarro Napalm" from the fundamental "Warfare Noise Vol.1" compilation edited by Cogumelo in 1986 (!!). Now, if the first part of "War Metal Massacre" is composed of the aforementioned numbers, its second one consists completely of new songs. I have already to say that, among the innumerable returns of more or less old glories from the past happened in these last years, "War Metal Massacre" is surely one of the most surprising ones!

lunedì 8 maggio 2017

Nekro Drunkz - "Lavatory Carnage" (Moribund Records, 2016)

Band: Nekro Drunkz
Title: Lavatory Carnage
Genre: Death/Grindcore with Thrashy elements
Year: 26th August 2016
Time: 23 min
Rating: 74/100

Here you are another grindcore band and another album reviewed a bit out of time since the day of release of "Lavatory Carnage", third studio album by Nekro Drunkz, two total madmen coming from the most nauseating sewers of Oregon. I follow their abominable gestures since the excellent sophomore album titled "Absolute Filth" (Moribund Records, 2015), containing even 33 tracks included a cover of the infamous The Mentors, with which Nekro Drunkz have released recently a split for Hells Headbangers Records. Well, these self-proclaimed "Tyrants of the Toilet Music" are back in 2016 with "Lavatory Carnage", another good album also if it is comprised of only 18 songs.

venerdì 5 maggio 2017

Agathocles - "Commence to Mince" (Selfmadegod Records, 2016)

Band: Agathocles
Title: Commence to Mince
Genre: Anarcho-Grindcore
Year: 15th September 2016
Time: 34 min
Rating: 73/100

When I talk with my friends about Agathocles, the conversation becomes a total delirium. In fact, it's incredible the ability of this legendary Belgian trio to spew forth many releases every fuckin' year, remaining also very faithful to their kind of music since the early '90s but, at the same time, losing nothing about the fury, the impact and the strong anarchist militancy of their early days. If it wasn't enough, this is confirmed again by the 13th album titled "Commence to Mince", the new "Mincecore" manifest released by a Polish label like Selfmadegod Records, totally fit to support the "campaign for musical destruction" made by Agathocles.

martedì 2 maggio 2017

Ritualization - "Sacraments to the Sons of the Abyss" (Iron Bonehead Productions, 2017)

Band: Ritualization
Album: Sacraments to the Sons of the Abyss
Genre: Death Metal with Black Metal elements
Year: 13th February 2017
Time: 43 min
Rating: 89/100

VIVE LA FRANCE! France is living today a death metal explosion with a bunch of fantastic bands but I said this some months ago in occasion of my review about Venefixion. These Ritualization are a fundamental part of this explosion also because, in a certain sense, they have anticipated it being formed even in 2006. Despite this and after changing their logo (now their logo is truly amazing!), they released only recenlty their debut album, besides through the German Iron Bonehead Prod with the cover artwork made with the sulphur by Chris Moyen aka Thorncross. And do you know what I think? That these 11 long years into the ranks were very useful to Ritualization to create slowly their own sound and their own loyal following for an incredible ballsy album! If all the bands could have this kind of mentality instead than recording the debut album after only 6 months of existence, I think this world would be a better place to live haha!

venerdì 28 aprile 2017

PRAY U PREY - "Figure the 8" (Selfmadegod Records, 2017)

Title: Figure the 8
Genre: Death Metal/Crust Punk with Thrash Metal influences
Year: 20th January 2017
Time: 42 min
Rating: 75/100

It's been a very long time I reviewed a release of the Polish label Selfmadegod Records, and I think PRAY U PREY are perfect to break this looong silence thanks to their debut album "Figure the 8", preceded by the "Black Light of Time" EP (2015). But now it needs a clarification: we are talking about an emerging band but it is composed of true veterans of the extreme British scene considering that Shrew and Shrub played together in Prophecy of Doom (a crust/grindcore band of the early '90s) but now are into Alehammer while Simon and Colin comes from the crossover/thrashers Suicide Watch.

mercoledì 26 aprile 2017

Shaarimoth - "Temple of the Adversarial Fire" (World Terror Committee, 2017)

Band: Shaarimoth
Title: Temple of the Adversarial Fire
Genre: Black/Death Metal
Year: 13th January 2017
Time: 48 min
Rating: 90/100

Shaarimoth is a very strange band! Firstly, they belongs to the roster of World Terror Committee but they don't plays that religious black metal loved and supported systematically by the aforementioned label, despite their very occult themes spotted even into their tendency to release albums characterised always by 11 songs (it seems that the number 11 has a strong esoteric meaning) . Secondly, Shaarimoth aren't a prolific band considering they realized since their foundation (2004) only two productions, both full-lenght albums. The last of these ones is the here reviewed "Temple of the Adversarial Fire", released recently. But what isn't strange is that this album, as it happens for many productions of W.T.C., deserve the whole attention of the extreme metalheads. And don't forget that Shaarimoth (that contains ex-Disiplin members) comes from Norway, that was the promised land of black metal in the '90s while now it's full of the wilder death/thrash metal bands of the entire world like Deathhammer, Reptilian and others.

lunedì 24 aprile 2017

Acrimonious - "Eleven Dragons" (World Terror Committee, 2017)

Band: Acrimonious
Title: Eleven Dragons
Genre: Black Metal
Year: 20th March 2017
Time: 66 min
Rating: 88/100

For me, the Greek black metal is always an uninterrupted and fascinating discovery, also because its bands are able every time to amaze me. These Acrimonious aren't an exception, a great trio (but a quartet 5 years ago with the Swedish vocalist ar-Ra'd al-Iblis), born in 2002, guided since the early days by the singer/guitarist Cain Letifer and composed also, since the 2012 full-lenght titled "Sunyata", of the drummer C. Docre (Thy Darkened Shade's live member) and the guitarist/bassist Semjaza 218 (the mastermind of the same Thy Darkened Shade).Together, they released recently a fantastic third album named "Eleven Dragons", underlining curiously with this title one of the features typical of the albums edited by the German label World Terror Committee considering that many of them contains, in fact, eleven songs.

domenica 23 aprile 2017

Bestial Warlust - "Storming Bestial Legions - Live '96" (Hells Headbangers Records, 2017)

Band: Bestial Warlust
Title: Storming Bestial Legions . Live '96
Genre: Bestial Black/Death Metal
Year: 17th February 2017
Time: 36 min
Rating: 86/100

To summarize: the last my two reviews were about the debut EP of the Danes Vomit Angel and the split album between the Chileans Black Ceremonial Kult and the US duo Genocide Beast, and all these are 3 very young bestial black/death metal bands also if the first ones are composed of (ex)-Sadomator/Sadogoat members. Now, this new review is about a band that has made seriously the story of the bestial black/death metal genre: Bestial Warlust. Born in 1990 as a death metal band named Corpse Molestation, Bestial Warlust released in 1994 and in 1995 two very influential full-lenght albums before splitting-up in 1997. Now, their moniker is back because Hells Headbangers Records has unearthed an old gig of these Aussie maniacs, recorded in its entirety during in 1996. So, here you are "Storming Bestial Legions - Live '96", a live album able to show definitively to the entire world all the ferocity and hate on stage of Bestial Warlust.

venerdì 14 aprile 2017


For this small 'zine, the interview to a very important band isn't an everyday event. So, it's a true honor for me interviewing the cult Finnish death metal band Abhorrence through the very interesting words of their singer Jukka Kolehmainen!
No other bullshits, read the interview and enjoy it!

giovedì 13 aprile 2017

Black Ceremonial Kult/Genocide Beast - "Demo XXIV/Demo XXV" (Old Temple, 2016)

Bands: Black Ceremonial Kult/Genocide Beast
Title: Demo XXIV/Demo XXV
Genre: Bestial Black/Death Metal
Year: 11th November 2016
Time: 35 min
Rating: 60/100

I remember when, 10 years ago (I was 18 years old!), the bestial black/death metal bands were relatively few and many of them had still do to release their debut album despite a discography yet full of demos and splits (in this sense, I think to Necroholocaust or Goat Semen). Instead, the bestial black/death metal genre is now enough popular in the underground, so new bands see the (black) light almost every day to clone Blasphemy or, maybe, to extremize, if possible, their incorruptible verb. In fact, this day it's the turn of two new bands devoted to Blasphemy since the Polish label Old Temple has wanted to gather the very first demo of Black Ceremonial Kult and Genocide Beast into a sole split CD released the previous year. For the record, it's Marcin of Mythrone Promotion that has sent to me, through that list of promo kits composed also of the yet reviewed "Eight Cardinal Sins" of Hellias, this split titled "Demo XXIV/Demo XXV".

domenica 9 aprile 2017

Vomit Angel - "Sadomatic Evil" (Headsplit Records, 2016; Iron Bonehead Productions, 2017)

Band: Vomit Angel
Title: Sadomatic Evil
Genre: Bestial Black/Death Metal
Year: 9th October 2016 (Headsplit Records)/10th March 2017 (Iron Bonehead Productions)
Time: 18 min
Rating: 70/100

I think that the bestial black/death metal genre, now enough popular, is the realm of the purest metal orthodoxy. This is shown by many bestial bands like Blasphemy (obviously!), Black Witchery or James Read, all people so faithful to the exterminating fury of their genre of reference to play it for years WITHOUT true variations to their unwavering formula! Among all these heroes devoted to this kind of orthodoxy with few rivals, there are also the three Danish demons known as Sadomator, once named as Sadogoat from 1998 to 2005 and authors of 3 full-lenght albums adored by their fans. Now, their singer/guitarist Seventh Blasphemer (renamed this time as NecroDevil), along with the old Sadogoat's drummer Lord Titan, has founded in 2014 Vomit Angel, a kind of continuation of the original project responsible, for the moment, of the "Sadomatic Evil" EP, initially conceived in October 2016 on cassette format by the US label Headsplit Records but recently reissued on vinyl by Iron Bonehead Productions. Good fuckin' move! I am sure that "Sadomatic Evil" will be a true collector's item for every bestial/war metal cultist!

venerdì 7 aprile 2017

Abhorrence - "Totally Vulgar: Live at Tuska Open Air 2013" (Svart Records, 2017)

Band: Abhorrence
Title: Totally Vulgar: Live at Tuska Open Air 2013
Genre: Death Metal
Year: 10th February 2017
Time: 34 min
Rating: 75/100

The history of the (extreme) metal is literally full of bands existed only for 6 months but some of them, despite their very short existence, belongs now to the legends of this music maybe after realizing one only demo. For example, this is the case of Abhorrence, a death metal band from the Land of a Thousand Lakes born in 1989 to die in 1990 after the release, during the same 1990, of the "Vulgar Necrolatry" demo and the "Abhorrence" EP, both very acclaimed into the underground scene so to become soon true collector's items but without forgetting the never officialy released "Macabre Masquerade" demo (recorded in May 1990) and the 1991 posthumous split by Seraphic Decay Records. Fortunately, the end of Abhorrence led, also thanks to their guitarist Tomi Koivusaari, to the foundation of the very known mainstream band Amorphis. Now, as you know, Abhorrence, pushed by the success of their "Completely Vulgar" compilation released by Svart Records, were reborn in 2012 with every original member (excluded the drummer). The result of the comeback of this very cult band was the reunion show in occasion of the 2013 edition of the Tuska Open Air, immortalized forever for posterity only recently by Svart Records with the live album titled "Totally Vulgar: Live at Tuska Open Air 2013".

mercoledì 5 aprile 2017

Hellias - "Eight Cardinal Sins" (Thrashing Madness Productions, 2017)

Band: Hellias
Title: Eight Cardinal Sins
Genre: Thrash Metal with many Modern/Experimental Metal elements
Year: 10th February 2017
Time: 55 min circa
Rating: 77/100

I have to admit that I knew nothing about the Polish band Hellias but two months ago Marcin from Mythrone Promotion sent to me their last album "Eight Cardinal Sins", released through their compatriot label Thrashing Madness Productions. In fact, Hellias is a true veteran band born even in the now far 1987 realizing its very first album "Closed in the Fate Coffin" in 1991, when thrash metal, the genre of reference of Hellias, was practically dead because supplanted at time by the prevailing death metal. I think that this delay into the thrash metal scene influenced decisively the international recognition of Hellias. It's also true that many veteran Eastern Europe metal bands, also in the case of a rich discography, are very respectable into their national borders but often very unknown to the rest of the metal world. Despite this, you know that especially Poland has become, at least during these last 15 years, an excellent breeding ground for (extreme) metal, and, surely, Hellias continue this tradition through their 5th album "Eight Cardinal Sins".

lunedì 3 aprile 2017

Panikk - "Discarded Existence" (Xtreem Music, 2017)

Band: Panikk
Title: Discarded Existence
Genre: Thrash Metal
Time: 40 min
Year: 15th March 2017
Rating: 70/100

Panikk are back! I knew this Slovenian thrash metal band at the time of its first album titled "Unbearable Conditions" released in 2013, when these 4 angry guys were still into the roster of the now defunct compatriot label Metal Tank Records, which sent to me the aforementioned album to review it. Now, the things are a bit changed for Panikk: in fact, they have a new drummer (Ĉrt Valentić) and a new lead guitarist (Jaka Ĉrešnar) while, after many efforts, they have also a good international reputation especially since they played at the Slovenian 2015 MetalDays Festival to open for a band like Behemoth. Hence, now strong of a deal with the powerful Spanish label Xtreem Music (which reissued "Unbearable Conditions" on 2014), here you are Panikk with their sophomore album titled "Discarded Existence" with which they have added some new features to their sound.

martedì 28 marzo 2017

Holycide - "Annihilate...Then Ask!" (Xtreem Music, 2017)

Band: Holycide
Title: Annihilate...Then Ask!
Genre: Thrash Metal
Year: 1st February 2017
Time: 42 min
Rating: 86/100

The story of the Spanish thrash metal band Holycide seems to be a novel! In fact, Holycide were born even in 2004 when Dave Rotten from Avulsed and the guitarist Vicente Paya decided to create together a very violent thrash metal project in a period where the horrible metalcore dominated the scene while the aggressive return of the thrash metal seemed to be a chimera. But unfortunately, Vicente wasn't the right person to realize the aforementioned thrash metal dreams due to his lack of commitment, so Dave stayed alone. From here, a very tormented story started also because Dave found the first stable members for his project only in 2012-2013 thanks to the guitarist Miguel Bárez and the bassist Dani Fernández, and both were very fundamental for the first official demo of Holycide titled "No Escape", a raw effort also due to the use of a drum-machine (and I HATE the drum-machine!) while these 3 guys dubbed their music as "Motherfucking Thrash Metal". But, during a nice day and since the desired return of the true thrash metal into the scene, Miguel launched the idea to change Holycide from a studio project to a real band with the result that they became in 2014 a classic quintet with the addition of the guitarist Salva Esteban and the (totally human!) drummer Jorge Utrera. Hence, here you are, after an endless story, the Holycide's debut album titled "Annihilate...Then Ask!", released via Xtreem Music (which is, as you know, the label of the same Dave Rotten) with a fantastic cover artwork made by the known Belarusian artist Andrei Bouzikov with his now very recognizable trademark.

domenica 26 marzo 2017

Cryptic Brood - "Brain Eater" (Xtreem Music, 2017)

Band: Cryptic Brood
Title: Brain Eater
Genre: Death/Doom Metal
Year: 1st March 2017
Time: 35 min
Rating: 78/100

Cryptic Brood, 3 putrid fanatics from Wolfsburg (Germany), are a very promising death metal band born in 2013 and discovered in 2015 by the known Spanish label Xtreem Music (managed by none other can Dave Rotten from Avulsed!) after a demo and a split in collaboration with Graveyard Ghoul. The first seed of this alliance of Cryptic Brood with the aforementioned label was the 2015 "Wormhead" EP, useful to these 3 guys to take their very first European tour playing also in Italy. Now, Cryptic Brood have wanted to capitalize all their efforts into their fantastic debut album "Brain Eater", released recently obviously via Xtreem Music with its mastering made by the same Dave Rotten while its splendidly blood-soaked cover artwork was given to the wise hands of the US artist Joe "Ravager" Romero. And let me say that "Brain Eater" keep completely what that it promises through its cover artwork and title!

giovedì 23 marzo 2017

Medico Peste - "Herzogian Darkness" (World Terror Committee, 2017)

Band: Medico Peste
Title: Herzogian Darkness
Genre: Black Metal
Year: 30th March 2017
Time: 25 min
Rating: 72/100

Here you are one of the very rare productions that I can miracolously to review before its release. "Herzogian Darkness", released by the excellent German label World Terror Committee, is the new effort of the Polish band Medico Peste after a long silence since their last production (the debut album titled "א: Tremendum et Fascinatio") was released even on 2012. Now a quartet due to the departure of the bassist The Priest, Medico Peste (two of them plays also in the live line-up of Mgla - specifically, I am talking about the bassist/drummer ShellShocked and the guitarist E.V.T.), strong of the participation at the guest vocals into a song of Mark of the Devil from Cultes de Ghoules, are back with this new 4 songs' EP which renews their curious way to intend the black metal genre.

domenica 19 marzo 2017

The Nutries - "Nuova Vita" (Self-released, 2016)

Band: The Nutries
Title: Nuova Vita
Genre: Metallic Hardcore Punk
Time: 15 min
Year: 7th December 2016
Rating: 74/100

After Rejekts, here you are also the return on these blasphemous pages of The Nutries, 5 guys from Vicenza (Italy) yet reviewed by me 4 years ago in occasion of their first EP with the same name. This time we'll talk about "Nuova Vita" ("New Life" in Italian), the new EP of The Nutries preceded by a split in collaboration with the Argentinian fastcore band Talacactus released on September 2016. I have given a bunch of space to the "core" bands during this month (Rotten UK, Perikato, Rejekts and Força Macabra) and this series continues, indeed, with The Nutries, which dubs their music as "dirty hardcore punx". But, as you'll see very soon, this is just a definition.

venerdì 17 marzo 2017

Força Macabra - "25 Anos Na Estrada Mas por Favor Não Feche o Tùmulo Ainda" (Svart Records, 2016)

Band: Força Macabra
Title: 25 Anos Na Estrada Mas por Favor Não Feche o Tùmulo Ainda
Genre: Thrashcore
Time: 57 min
Year: 9th December 2016
Rating: 82/100

Once upon a time, few years ago, a Japanese punk/HC band named Isterismo that used to sing in...or better, pretended to sing in Italian with the terrible result to create involuntary non-sense lyrics, but this was only a tribute to seminal Italian bands like Wretched. A band with a similar attitude are the Finnish Força Macabra ("Macabre Force" in Portuguese), real veterans that were formed even in 1991 to honor the long tradition of the Brazilian crossover/thrash metal (also known as "thrashcore") in the vein of Ratos de Porão, Lobotomia, Armagedom and the likes, so Força Macabra sings (very well, I think) in Portuguese since their very early days realizing 3 full-lenght albums until now. But considering that they didn't release something new even since the 2008 album, these 4 guys have recently wanted to re-record many their old songs for a 57 minutes' compilation that represent a true sum of their long career with the addition of two new songs. In fact, "25 Anos Na Estrada Mas por Favor Não Feche o Tùmulo Ainda" (translatable as "25 years on the road but please don't still close the tomb"), originally conceived in 2011 to celebrate the first 20 years of the band, is comprised of old songs of Força Macabra, re-recorded for this occasion also to give to them a better production, even coming from their very first 1991 demo. Hence, here you are this good compilation released by the Finnish label Svart Records!

domenica 12 marzo 2017

Rejekts - "Triratna" (Slaughterhouse Records, 2016)

Band: Rejekts
Title: Triratna
Genre: Grindcore/Black Metal with Post-Metal elements
Year: 6th December 2016
Time: 14 min circa
Rating: 76/100

It's been a while that Rejekts weren't present on these pages. In fact, they didn't released something new even since 2013, when they finally realized their debut album "UNO-" after many years into the ranks. This is strange because this band was very prolific between 2010 and 2013 and, systematically, every almost their production was reviewed by this 'zine with the result that Timpani allo Spiedo was cited into the booklet of "UNO-"! So, many things are changed after that first album, included the drummer of Rejekts because this role belongs now to the new entry Sdru. But, surely, the fidelity of Rejekts to the Underground cause of Timpani allo Spiedo hasn't changed since Black, their singer and leader, has recently send to me their new EP "Triratna", released by the young Italian label Slaughterhouse Records (not to be confound with the US label with the same name). And yet I have to say that this long silence of this band (from Milan, Italy) has not been in vain.

giovedì 9 marzo 2017


As a big fan of the South American extreme metal, one month ago I haven't hesitated to contact via FB the Chilean black/death metallers Siaskel for an interview useful also to satisfy my many curiosities about the people of Selk'nam, the now defunct indigenous Patagonian tribe explored into the albums of the band. This explains why the interview, at a certain point, becomes almost an hystory lesson, and I think that the Selk'nam are worthy to be further deepened by everyone is interested to this kind of themes. So, enjoy this very long and good interview!

martedì 7 marzo 2017

October 31 - "Metal Massacre 31" (Hells Headbangers Records, 2016)

Band: October 31
Title: Metal Massacre 31
Genre: Heavy Metal
Year: 25th November 2016
Time: 36 min
Rating: 70/100

You can read my review (in Italian) about "Bury the Hatchet" through the following link:

After two articles about punk/HC bands, the only way to bring back this 'zine to an heavy metal direction was the review of a celebration, edited by Hells Headbangers Records, of the pure heavy metal of the '80s! In fact, the 5th album of October 31 is a bit strange: it's a covers album with no new songs. But what are these cover tracks? Yesss, this is a very fundamental question because we aren't talking about "normal" cover tracks! Specifically, October 31, guided since the early days by the singer King Fowley (also leader of the old-school Death metallers Deceased), this time have wanted to homage the fundamental series of Metal Massacre compilations edited by Metal Blade so to coverize tracks taken from the first 7 Metal Massacre volumes released between 1982 and 1986. That's why the album is titled "Metal Massacre 31"! As you know, the aforementioned 7 volumes were a very important showcase for the then emerging North American heavy metal scene destined to remove the decadent NWOBHM from his metal throne launching, towards the pantheon of the metal gods, young bands like Metallica and Slayer or foreigners ones like the Swiss Hellhammer but producing also many cult bands often never able to realize an album throughout their short and unlucky life. Just these last ones are the bands privileged by October 31 for this anthology comprised of little classics of the heavy metal music, and the most important of them are, surely, Omen, Hallow's Eve and Aloha (with a very young future-Megadeth member Marty Friedman before Aloha changed their moniker into the very absurd Hawaii in 1983).

lunedì 6 marzo 2017

Perikato - "Kuka hyötyy?" (Svart Records, 2016)

Band: Perikato
Title: Kuka hyötyy?
Genre: Brutal and noisy punk/HC
Year: 25th November 2016
Time: 14 min circa
Rating: 70/100

Perikato is Finnish for "ruin" or for "destruction" (if I am not mistaken). This is a moniker very fit to describe the ultra-extreme punk/HC of this Finnish quartet in official activity since 2011 with their first demo "Varman tuhom merkit". Now they have launched, through their compatriot label Svart Records, a very inexorable attack with "Kuka hyötyy?" ("who benefits?" if you want to translate it in English), an EP consisting of 18 socio-political songs that, surely, will leave you an atomic impression. 100% guaranteed!