Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Kruna: sophomore album released + official video for the song "Strenght Child"!

Hey brutalbangers,
I have recently received from the Italian agency Music-Alive a news about the release of the second album by Kruna, a melodic death metal band from Pordenone (Italy).

Titled "Divina Madre" (Italian for "Divine Mother") and released on 11th June 2018 through Bakerteam Records, this sophomore album, in according to the words of the presse release, see a sound more tough and massive if compared with their debut "Last Century". Lyrically speaking, Kruna try to give voice to all the angst of our Earth, in order to express the conflict between man and nature by using the death metal musical genre.

Here is the official video of "Strenght Child", third track of the album:
For other infos:

Bakerteam Records:

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