Thursday, September 27, 2018

Immense Decay - "Combat Thrash" (Defense Records, 2018)

Band: Immense Decay
Title: Combat Thrash
Genre: Thrash Metal
Time: 29:01 min
Year: 9th May 2018
Rating: 75/100

The Polish thrash squad Immense Decay have managed many years to release their "Combat Thrash". In fact, you have to think that it was recorded between May 2012 and December 2015 mostly in the band's private studio, but it seen the light of the day only some months ago through Defense Records. I would like to know the reasons about this delay but, for the moment, you must know that, even though this album isn't absolutely a masterpiece, we are in presence of thrashers that knows what they are doing.

Born in 2005 as Sudden Death, the band changed three years later its moniker in Immense Decay because, I imagine, IronMan and co. realized that there wee already too bands named in that way (also from Italy). "Combat Thrash" is their third album and it represent a fist in the face in the sign of a direct and aggressive thrash metal with slight death metal influences and with lyrics specialized on sanguinary war themes, as you can already understand from the simple but amazing cover artwork of the album. So, don't expect particular surprises nor touches of genius, only a total assault exemplified at its best by songs like "Fuck the Peace Inside" and the scrapping "Altar's Fire" (that last only 90 second circa ended through a totally abrupt end, and it has also some blast-beats), which are my favorite ones. Incredibly, the band is able to offer more melodic tunes in a track like "Allow Me to Kill" while "Darkness Our Veil" present some vaguely goomy vibes. At the end of all this, there is the same titletrack, which close definitely all the hostilities by playing an unstoppable thrash metal anthem full of proud verses as "strongest will survive so metal will not die/we are the metalheads/thrash metal is our pride".
As I said before, "Combat Thrash" isn't a masterpiece due to not so inspired guitar solos and to a predictable approach but, as you seen, the levels of aggression are right and some riffs are really killer (for example, in "Totalitarisator"). Hence, this stuff is perfect for the thrash metal maniacs that loves to be bombarded again and again by bands like Slayer and Sodom. And if you want to be bombarded directly from the band in face to face mode, then you have to know that Immense Decay is now playing in Poland for a 6-live gig tour, and the next show will be on 29th September in Chojnice. So, THRASH 'TIL DEATH...and INCREASE THE AGGRESSION!!!

P.S.: 2 days ago I finished to review the Godz ov War Productions' pack, so, with Immense Decay, I started the physical CDs mega-pack that I received some months ago from Marcin of Mythrone Promotion. Do you know how many CDs I found in that pack? 9 CDs! And they range from the pure thrash metal to grindcore, so expect a bunch of good and killing reviews about them in the next days to come!


1 - Transmiter Receiver  (intro)
2 - Totalitarisator
3 - Fuck The Peace Inside
4 - Paint In Black
5 - Unholy Hymn Of Decay
6 - Altar's Fire
7 - Allow Me To Kill
8 - Darkness Our Veil
9 - Combat Thrash


IronMan - vocals/guitars
Saygon - bass
Kozak - drums

Defense Records:
Mythrone Promotion:

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