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Supremative - "Servitude of the Impurity" (2013)

Demo (Bestial Desecration Records, 2013)

Line – up:     Instigator of the Seven Demons and Inexorable Necromancer – vocals/guitars/drums;
                     Disciple of Eternal Damnation and Captor of Pure Souls – bass.

Location:      Spain.

Better song of the demo:

“Campaign of Execution”.

Better feature of the band:

its great ability to balance the cacophony of the rhythmic guitar with a bunch of effective features.
 Supremative - Servitude of the Impurity
When I knew for the first time the Supremative through my FaceBook group named “Bestial Black/Death metal”, I confused them like a Proclamation – clone due to the cover artwork of “Servitude of the Impurity”, that reminds to me the demonic boneheads of the Proclamation’s albums. In fact, on Metal – Archives there’s written to not confuse the two bands, that have nothing to do between them, except the genre and the nationality. But the Supremative don’t really plays like the Proclamation, also if either the bands have the tendency to homage some legendary acts into their songs, as you see soon.

“Servitude of the Impurity” is the very first sonic assault of the Supremative, and it consists of 4 tracks per 13 minutes full of blasphemies and chaos. But the first thing that catches your ears is the cacophonic production, since the rhythmic guitar is so dark and distorted to be less audible, it’s a very difficult enterprise distinguishing the riffs between them. In that case, you have the only chance to follow the music through the various drum patterns and the line vocals, that are very audible. Hence, despite the difficulty to understand the riffs, the music is really effective, having many points of interest.

One of them comes from the soloist guitar, that is presented in every song shooting always a solo at least, except in “Servitude of the Impure Messiah”, where there are 2 solos. The soloist guitar is very audible and destroys your ears through solos that are sometimes longer and less noisy than the usual.

Instead, the vocals are a continuous homage to the Von for two reasons: 1) they are raw growls with the plus of (occasional) pig – like vocals; 2) they are characterized by a perennial and atmospheric echo. In addition, some line vocals are fantastic and – how can I say? – well-cantabile, and this a rare feature into the genre of bestial black/death metal.

Then, the songs’ structure is unforeseeable enough and don’t follows a particular and fixed scheme. The tempo shifts, also if never exaggerating, are well frequent, all the more so because that the Supremative vomits sometimes some mid/slow tempos that homages “Ritual” of the incorruptible Blasphemy (like in the aforementioned “Servitude of the Impure Messiah”). Obviously, the band prefers the fast tempos, in this case both the blast – beats and unbridled tupa – tupas, differentiating sufficiently the various patterns. Besides all this, there is another excellent feature, since the Supremative reinforces their songs also through devastating restarts, as it happens in “Campaign of Execution”.

In brief, the Supremative have made a miracle because they hid their problems about the riffs (that are audible only during the slow parts) with a series of interesting and effective features, so to be better than other similar bands like the Satanik Goat Ritual. Hence, I recommend this demo to who wants rottenness ad libitum. But, if you still don’t trust in my enthusiasm, the band has posted on YouTube its entire demo with the plus of its email contact. In this way, you have no excuses!

Vote: 72

Flavio “Claustrofobia” Adducci


1 – Intro/Embrace the Endless War/ 2 – Altars of Sodomy/ 3 – Campaign of Execution/ 4 – Servitude of the Impure Messiah


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