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Necroheresy - "Asylum" (Symbol of Domination/Wings of Destruction/Darknagar Records, 2017)

Band: Necroheresy
Title: Asylum
Genre: Death/Thrash Metal
Year: 16th June 2017
Time: 30 min
Rating: 83/100

Let's start again to review the releases that Aleksey of Satanath Rec sent to me some months ago. In fact, today it's the turn of "Asylym", the smashing debut album of Necroheresy, 5 pissed-off Slovakian demons very active in their local scene, also because some of them plays together in other bands like Aeon Winds (black metal/dark ambient). "Asylum" saw the (black) light through Symbol of Domination, the Belarussian parent label of Satanath, but in co-release with Wings of Destruction and Darknagar Rec, both small labels from Russia. But now, enter the asylum, full of Satanic lunatics and other killer strange people, of Necroheresy to see up close their virulent madness!

First of all, I have to say that this album starts in a very bad way. Why? Because of its endless "Intro" that lasts almost 4 minutes and in which you hear a preacher that repeats more or less the same things all the time. And the stranger detail is that this intro is the second lenghtier track after the closing song "Portent" (4:40! Fortunately, after that this false start, expect a massacre another one that will like surely to the most brutal headbangers!

In fact, the music of Necroheresy is a satanic death/thrash metal played with a lot wickedness and many ultra-demented fast tempos, in a lethal mixture between Slayer and Deicide. All this is expressed through short (average lenght: 2 minutes and 30 seconds circa) and straight-in-your-fukken-face songs, but these guys know always how to vary their massacre showing a good creativity. This means that, into the album, you will find some melodies like in "Mortal Addiction" (its guitar solo that ends it is awesome!) and also some arpeggios in the following song "Blind Monk" while the titletrack is nothing else than an instrumental acoustic number with an excellent taste for the melodies. And, as you read before, the closing song is "Portent", the most structured one of the entire album.
Anyway, don't forget that Necroheresy love to destroy until total annihilation the listeners, as shown perfectly by a song called "Satan My Master" (a title, a manifest), that's also my favorite one. This because it shows an incredibly wild intensity with some riffs characterized by a more black metal vibe and without forgetting some headbanging drum tempos more typical of classic thrash metal standards, listenable also in another amazing number named as "Consecration". In addition, the gigantic fury that embraces "Asylum" in its entirety is completed not only by the sometimes totally frantic vocal performances of Kazatel, supported here and there by the guitarist Witcher (that recorded, mastered and mixed the same album) but also by a fantastic guitar sound!

That's all, folks! I must confess that, after the first session, I learned to listen to "Asylym" by skipping the frustrating "Intro" in order to appreciate better the album. In this way, I discovered a little gem where there is a malign and demented death/thrash metal played by a fuckin' ballsy band! So, I recommend to you "Asylum" without any fuckin' doubts and, if you have them, Satanath Rec, as usual, has made available the entire album on its YouTube channel. So, you have no stupid excuses to not be smashed by Necroheresy!


1 - Intro
2 - Silence Before the Storm
3 - Four Rooms of Sanatorium
4 - Consecration
5 - Battle of Sokolovo
6 - Mortal Addiction
7 - Blind Monk
8 - Satan My Master
9 - Asylum
10 - Portent


Kazatel - vocals
Witcher - guitars/vocals
Agressor - guitars
Sadist - bass
Askold - drums

Symbol of Domination:
Wings of Destruction:
Darknagar Records:

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