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after reviewing their excellent new album "Nemesis", I thought well to interview the Italian death/thrash metal band Last Rites. Dave, their singer/guitarist and leader, shown a great availability, so he replied to my call. Below you can read the result of this chat, so don't waste your time and...


Hail guys! How you doing? Let’s get to the point: “Nemesis” represent the album that celebrate your 20th anniversary. So, when you started in the now far 1997, could you have imagined a career so long for your band?

Hi! We survive, man! Honestly, we never thought about it, but I guess not...

Do you remember your first live gig? When happened that gig and how did you manage to organize it? Were you super-excited before tooking the stage?

Yes! 26th December 1998 at Italo Calvino, Loano, near Savona, our city! It was amazing! The live was organized by a band of friends, we were very excited but ready to show what we were able to do, also because the headliners were Projecto, a huge power metal band that originally inspired us.

What do you remember about your first room rehearsal? Did you have already some little ideas for some songs?

Like many others, we started to play cover, but it wasn't long before we started to improvise on something original.

When you started, how much was big the metal scene of your city? Were there sometimes famous bands that went to play in Savona?

Savona has never been rich in clubs, so the important lives are very rare but, back then, the city was rich in good bands.

Instead, today how is the metal situation in Savona? What are the local places in which one can see good live gigs?

There are no more locals, only the Raindogs House, but it is mainly oriented on other genres. The metal evenings are few.

How much is connected the Savona’s metal scene with the other scenes of your region, Liguria? If I say correctly, Genoa, between the ‘80s and ‘90s, had one of the most important scenes of our country, also thanks to bands like Necrodeath!

Unfortunately, as we know, the collaboration between the bands is very rare.

As I said before, you founded Last Rites in 1997 but, in according to Metal-Archives, you released your first album only 12 years later. What were the reasons about this long period of time?

Actually, our first album is from 2003 and is titled “Mind Prison”!

Speaking again about “Nemesis”, how much lasted its composition stage? Who composed the various tracks?

It was a very fast job in which we were all involved. Most of the material is mine but a song was written by Fens and another one by Bomber.

How much lasted and were happened the recording sessions? What was the most challenging song during the recordings?

“Nemesis” was recorded at the Blackvawe Studio in Genoa under the direction of Fabio Palombi. We found no particular difficulties because we were prepared and we had made a demo of the tracks before entering the studio.

Even though I didn’t write it on my review, I realized that, for “Nemesis”, you re-recorded three songs of your old repertoire: “26.04.1986”, “Human Extinction” and “Realm of Illusions”. What were the main reasons that pushed you to re-record them? And how did you change them in comparison with their original versions?

Mainly the reason was a production factor, the sound, while “Realm…” was also speeded up. We arranged some weak points.

How would you describe the music in “Nemesis”? For me, it’s a versatile death/thrash metal with wicked vocals that reminds me a lot of the Mille Petrozza of the “good old days". But, effectively, is Kreator one of your main influences?

Exactly! We play thrash/death metal! Our main influences are the ‘80 thrash metal and death metal bands like Death, Cannibal Corpse, Revocation, Atheist, Vader but also the Swedish metal. And yes, Kreator was one of my main influences, especially for the vocals!

Please, tell us about the lyrics of the songs. I must say that the lyrics are very different, since they range from the Chernobyl’s disaster to the misanthropy, and to the philosophical tribute to the late Vic Mazzoni.

“Nemesis” speaks of anguish, sorrow, oppression, but also of the role that man covers within the universe, of the struggle between positive and negative impulses, good and evil, light and darkness, in search of a superior mental, physical and spiritual state, to the limits of human capacities.

“Fallen Brother” is dedicated to Vic. It's a song that we composed together before his departure.

Speaking about Vic (pic in your right), who was he and how did he contribute to the development of the Savona’s metal scene? What was the most beautiful moment that you lived with him?

He was a great guitarist, and his band were Projecto but he collaborated with many bands, especially in studio (Wonderland, Skylark, Oracle Sun, Shadows of Steel...).
He was my guitar teacher and a great friend. I was lucky enough to be able to play with him lately for a project that unfortunately hadn’t any chances to become reality... apart from “Fallen Brother” where you can hear his guitar parts taken from the demos of the song.

“Fallen Brother” is surely the most special song of the album. Why did you invite to play it some musicians that are very far from your musical style? Anyway, when different styles collide, the result can be really interesting, like in this case!

We invited Fabio Zunino and Luca Grosso because they were Vic's companions in Projecto. Plus, they are great friends and talented musicians, we esteem them very much.

What do you tell me about your collaboration with Mattia Casabona? It seem that he play in no metal bands, so do you want to introduce him to us?

Mattia is my scream teacher! We worked together in the preparation of the vocals for a long time and it was natural to call him as a guest.
He is the vocalist of Dead White Rose from Turin, he is also a vocal coach and a very prepared guy!

On the booklet, you give thanks to the Savona Hardcore. This because are you used to play with HC bands? Are there some bands of this genre coming from Savona that you can suggest to us? For you, is fundamental the unity between the metal and HC scenes?

Fens is part of the hardcore scene, and he has a band: La Sintesi. The link between metal and hardcore has always been very strong. Honestly I could not mention a band in particular...you should ask to him.

I knew that you have been the first band to sign for the very young label MASD Records. So, how was born your collaboration with this label?

Before becoming a real label, MASD was doing the press office for us, so it was a natural passage.

Throughout the years, how much is changed your approach to your own music? Surely, you still manage to beat a lot as if the youthful enthusiasm never abandoned you!

Heavy metal is firstly a great passion! Surely, we are matured over the years, especially regarding the technical level but the desire to make a mess has not changed! We thrash like maniacs!

How many gigs a year you play? What is your next live gig?

An average of 4 or 5 usually. Soon we will be in Prato, Florence, at club Exenzia on November 23rd (gig flyer on your right - ed).

Did you ever come to play here in Rome? I would like a lot to mosh as a damned in front of you haha!

If there was a chance, we are available, why not?

What are your next projects?

We are at work on new material. Soon news!

A curiosity: how did you know Timpani allo Spiedo ‘zine?

Casually on the Internet, looking for bands.

Thanking you to replying to this barrage of questions, now you are free, so you can say what you want. But try to play for other 20 years, ok?

Thanks for the availability, we invite everyone to listen and follow us live if possible. You can find us on Facebook, YouTube and Bandcamp!
Belin Metal Rules!

FaceBook: http://www.facebook.com/lastrites0
BandCamp: http://lastrites0.bandcamp.com/
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/lastrites0

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