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Last Resistance - "A World Painted Grey" (Self-released, 2017)

Band: Last Resistance
Title: A World Painted Grey
Genre: Melodic Metalcore with some Alternative Metal influences
Time: 19 min
Year: 9th November 2017
Rating: 72/100

Do you remember the period, between 2004 and 2007 circa, in which the metal magazines were literally invaded by an endless storm of so-called metalcore bands? They were the glorious years of Killswitch Engage, Shadows Fall, Unearth, Caliban and others, all bands that, said generally, rediscovered the Swedish melodic death metal ala At the Gates to add into it a (often) slight touch of hardcore punk. And these Last Resistance, a young Italian band from Brindisi (South Italy) founded in 2013, is just mostly influenced by that kind of bands, as you can hear through their self-released EP "A World Painted Grey", that the Italian agency called Synth sent me some months ago in physical CD format.

Composed of 4 tracks, "A World Painted Grey" brings completely you in that period by presenting a melodic metalcore ala Killswitch Engagé/As I Lay Dying but with some alternative metal influences coming from bands such as Drowning Pool and Disturbed (not the typical stuff that you can read on these pages, isn't it?). So, the metalcore approach choosen by Last Resistance isn't so violent also because the songs have few fast passages in order to prefer a pace more focused on vivacious mid-tempos. In addition, many songs, especially "Karma Violence", have some moments with acoustic guiars, and the singer Vito Mingolla is able to alternate rough vocals (mainly growls with rare acid screams) with incredibly frequent cleaner and very melodic vocals that are often used for the choruses, in a way that reminds me a lot of In Flames.

As you can see, I am talking about a style that, considering it's really melodic and modern, doesn't belongs to the usual musical standards of this 'zine. It's also true that, on these pages, you can find bands with a similar approach full of catchy melodies and clean vocals like the Spaniards Juggernaut and the Italian progsters Discordant Hemispheres, so I am able to appreciate also styles that, usually, I'm not used to listen to. In fact, "A World Painted Grey" is notable during its second part thanks to the songs "Point of No Return" (that has a great guitar solo starting from an atmospheric sequence with arpeggios) and, especially, "Enslaved" (really intense and strong of passages very close to Gojira), that's my favorite one. Instead, the first part is lesser effective due to a too acoustic and long (6 minutes of lenght) opening song like "Karma Violence", so I think that the EP might be opened better by a more intense and faster track.
Speaking about the lyrics, they are very interesting. As written on the infos in my possession, "the EP invite us to do a sort of awareness towards the harmful behaviors" (like the pride, in "Point of No Return"), that inevitably leads the human beings (and, so, the entire world in general), into a ruined fate, also in according to the laws of karma ("Karma Violence").

So, Last Resistance play surely a music that isn't in my usual tastes but, without doubts, there is need to admit that they are very good to create great songs like "Point of No Return" and "Enslaved". I would like if they will extremize a bit their sonic formula through more fast tempos and less ultra-melodic clean vocals but these suggestions comes always from a deprived maniac of the most extreme metal. Anyway, these 5 angry guys, in the recent past, shared the stage with well known Italian bands like Adimiron, Shores of Null (from my city, Rome!) and nothing else than Necrodeath (please read this linked live report about a gig of them!), so I am sure that, by still gaining experiences of this kind, they will produce notable releases in the future days to come...with more extreme skills, I hope!

P.S.: soon you'll read also the review about "Alamut", the debut EP of the Italian sludge metal band Tannoiser, whose CD was sent to me always by the same Synth Agency-


1 - Karma Violence
2 - Misfortune
3 - Point of No Return
4 - Enslaved


Vito Mingolla - vocals
Lorenzo Valentino - guitars
Luca Greco - guitars
Andrea Caiulo - bass
Cosimo Mingolla - drums

Synth Agency:

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