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Hey brutal headbangers,
there were no interviews on these demented pages since 3 months ago circa, so it's with great pleasure that today I am going to present to you this chat with Neutron Cannon on all things Kremlin, from their debut album to the special lyrical themes faced by them. You can agree or disagree with some of their ideas (like the theory of the flat earth) but, anyway, the Canadian war machine Kremlin have every right to fuck your ears again and again through their decimating death metal!


Hail guys! How are you? Let’s start this interview with a usual question: why and when did you found Kremlin? Do you remember your first rehearsal with this new band?

Why? Because Nuclear Grinder and myself want it to do some brutal music and I had lot to say!! We formed the band in September 2014.

Your moniker, Kremlin, is curious enough. What is its meaning and who is the main responsible to giving this moniker to the band?

I'm responsible for that! I wanted to call it Fortress but the name has been already taken, so Kremlin came to mind and it means the same thing!

Usually, the old-school bands like you are used to release some minor productions before to publish the debut album. Instead, you released this last one without recording before, at least, an official demo. Why?

Why Not!! We were confident enough to release it right away! We did a semi-demo for ourselves to listen too before getting in studio.

Do you want to tell us about the lyrics of “Decimation of the Elites”? Is it correct the analysis about them that I written on my review?

You're pretty much there! I did the lyrics and for some DetonExecutionner (bass) helped me out. I wanna wake up people about what's going on with the world under their own eyes! This realm dictated by 13 families who thinks they're Royal Blood all the shit going on, here I want them to know that's not right!

Lyrically speaking, “Flat Earth” is very special. Why do you believe in the flat earth? Is there scientific evidence able to prove the flat form of the Earth? And what’s the point of making believe the people that the Earth is spherical?

Well, for the last part, it's obvious: it's for POWER and CONTROL because the laws of the Elites are based on lies and deception. The spherical earth and their laws would fall within a day if people knew that!

Why do you prefer to deal with similar themes (flat earth, conspiracy theories, the 13 families…) instead of more usual ones for the extreme metal music like Satan, zombies and so on?

This is been done so many times, so why not talking about the real stuff that's going on in our lives and wake up people?

In according to you, what is the design of the elites? And what are the right ways to fight them?

Returning to the source, don't let them step on your toes! I know it can be scary but we are more than they are! Their design is to control us and it's been going on for thousands of years! That's enough!

How long was the composition process of the album? What is the oldest song of “Decimation of the Elites”? And what’s about the newest one?

The compositon of the album was pretty quick. In fact, we formed in September while in March we had the album done! The first song written was "Kremlin"! Instead, the last one was "Devilution"! We're presently working on the next album and we have 5 of them outta 9!

Did you record for the album all your own songs that you had before to enter the recording studio?

We did a pre-demo for ourselves to make sure that everything was good!

What is your favorite song of the album and why?

Well, I've got a couple one but my favorite is "Exterminate the Shapeshifters"! Instead, the favorite track of Nuclear Grinder is "Under Hypnosis".

Your music is basically a war death metal that combines the bulldozing approach of Bolt Thrower with the thrashy tunes of the early Swedish death metal à la Entombed/Dismember, and some bestial hints à la Blasphemy are added into this formula. Are you agree with me? What are your main influences?

Ya! I perfectly agree with you! For myself, I'm a big Aussie and Canadian metal fan but I also like old Sodom, Poison (GER) and some other German bands!

How did you get in touch with the excellent Polish label Godz ov War Productions?

Well, we were looking for a while we got turn down by a few big one not to mention but Nuclear Grinder found G.O.W.P., so we exchanged a couple of emails with the label and that was it!

Neutron Cannon, you are known for your past militancy into Domini Inferi along with a name now very respected in the bestial black/death metal scene, Ryan Forster. Unfortunately, Domini Inferi existed for only two years with the milestone of a demo released in 1994. So, what do you remember about those years and what were the reasons that brought Domini Inferi to end their blasphemic life? How’s about the recordings of “Awaken (Beast Most Foul)” and why was it re-released in 2006 as part of a split with Warhate?

Let's start by the recording, we went to a fairly big studio back then. The engineer Corey was starting his own business, so we kinda got a deal on it! We had 6 or 7 songs but Ryan didn't really like them, so we just did the one! For the rupture of the band, Ryan, J. Read and myself were living together and rehearsing in the same Jam space. One day Ryan announced to me that he was moving with James in Victoria B.C., so that was it when on to formed Conqueror!

Blasphemy, Revenge, Necroholocaust, Nuclearhammer, Conqueror, Antichrist and many others: all these ones are examples of a typical Canadian sound characterized by an extreme brutality and fury and, for this, plenty of maniacs (included me) literally adores the war metal style forged by the bands coming from your country. But why is Canada so incredibly violent in terms of extreme metal? Are there particular reasons behind this special sound?

Well, in our country there are so many metal bands to get influences, from Razor to Voivod, Sacrifice and so on. In some ways we have a little bit of those influencial bands in our music, mixed with the Aussie scene. That's what you get anyway for my part!

Tell me about your next live gigs. Will the European bangers have some chances, soon or later, to see you on stage? And how’s about shows in Italy?

I would love to play in Europe everyday if somebody is ready to invite us, and so I will be glad. For Italy, you said in the review I would gladly play in the Vatican's courtyard haha!!

Other news? For example, you said that you are preparing a new album in these last times.

Ya! Like I said before, we're composing right now to go in studio this fall. 9 songs again and a lot to say hahha! More brutal too I think!

Okay, the interview is over. I hope you enjoyed it! Now end it as you want. See ya and thanks for replying to these questions!

Well, thanks a lot for this and I enjoyed it as always. Hopefully we'll see all of you in a Euro tour! Cheers to you and everyone who reads this! Metalheads one Nation!

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